TAN 006: How Solo Ads Can Supercharge Your Home Business with Igor Finkel

In this show I do a special internet marketing interview with Solo Ad Expert Igor Finkel.

Igor takes us for a wild ride on how he went from being a business owner making $300k plus per year to under $30k per year, including the physical challenges he faced during this rock bottom period.  In this episode he reveals the benefits of solo ads, and why he decided to become a provider and walk away from everything else he knew in the stereotypical business arena.

This Episode Will Cover

  • How Igor overcame immense physical challenges, including major neck surgery, to go full time in solo ads.  Great mindset tips!
  • What a solo ad is and how it can help you reach your customer, client, or prospect in your network marketing or generic home business.
  • Why Igor believes solo ads are the answer to everyone's email list problem.
  • Where to buy solo ads and what to look for in a provider, including why I believe Igor is the one worth buying from (most providers offer affiliate compensation, so it's way more than that!).

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A Note To The Reader

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Igor is an expert solo ad provider and coach, thanks again Igor for feeding Alpha Nation!

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