TAN 058: A Home Business Daily Routine To Keep You On Track

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In episode 58 I'm going to walk us through my home business daily routine to help you structure your day to be more effective. Let's face it, if we don't plan accordingly our day pretty much turns into a mess of checking emails, surfing Facebook, text messaging, and house chores. Nothing could be more anti-productive to your business than allowing that to happen.

This Episode Will Cover

  • My ritual for right after I wake up in the morning to ensure the maximum productivity as I get started.
  • What to do if your time is limited during the day because you have a job.
  • Why making a list of to-do items the night before is crucial to your success the next day, and exactly what goes on my list in order.
  • What I do with my time when I have gaps in my schedule or my to-do items are complete.
  • How to ensure your spouse is on the same page as you so your business efforts aren't thwarted by one another. This is crucial in ensuring peace in the household.

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