Handling The Toughest Network Marketing Objections

objection handling in network marketing pdf

Hey, Jason Lee here.

We're going to cover how to handle network marketing objections. And we're going to call this part one because objections, believe it or not, are really the cracks of whether or not you're going to be able to move forward in your business and grow your down line or not. Because when you get on the phone with somebody at the end of the day and you want to collect a decision from them as to whether or not they're going to join your business, odds are highly likely that they're going to have questions for you.

Odds are very good that they may even have one or two objections for you as to why they can't or don't want to do it. Most of these objections, I will preface this with the fact that most objections are based on either the prospect's fears or their doubts in their own ability to do the deal. Objections typically don't come from a standpoint of this thing is scam, this thing won't work.

Even those objections when you get them, typically center around how the person feels about how they're going to be perceived, their status, the way other people are going to look at them. objection handling in network marketing pdf

Remember, this isn't about you. This isn't about you as a network marketing professional, this is about your prospect and the way they feel and the way the think with respect to what they've seen and what research they've done.

So you need to know how to handle objections and we'll get into that.

Network marketing objections, part one.

Let's start with a couple toughies. I'm going to start with what I believe to be the hardest network marketing objection or hardest network marketing question. This is a question, not an mlm objection because there is a difference between the two.

Questions are legitimateĀ things that a prospect needs to have an answer before they say yes. So questions are a good thing.

Network marketing objections are not necessarily a good thing because with objections you're actually trying to drag them back over the starting line to get them started because they're trying to run the other way. So basically, MLM questions are a good thing, MLM objections not so good.

But I'm going to start with the hardest MLM questions I believe most network marketers struggle with when they get it. And this is typically something you'll hear on a follow-up call, not an invite call.

Invite Call

So an invite call would be the first call you make to a lead and then once the lead watches your video presentation or goes through your PowerPoint or whatever it might be and you call them back, well now they're a prospect because they're armed with information.

So question number one is Jason or you, whatever your name is, “Jason,” if they're talking to me, “how much money are you making?”

Now, I'm going to tell you right now that there is other ways to ask this question but they're all the same thing. So if someone says,

  • “Jason, how much money are you making?”


  • “Jason, what rank are you?”


  • “Jason, how many people are in your organization?”


  • “Jason, how big is your team?”

Or prefaced by or followed by,

  • “Jason, how long have you been in the business?”

All of those questions, all five of those questions are the same exact thing.

Seeking Information

What they are looking for is information as to whether or not you are somebody that has seen success because for whatever silly reason they believe that your success or lack of success is going to translate to their success, which isn't true. But for whatever reason, they're feeling or thinking that.

Remember, we're in their shoes.

We're helping them get over their pitfalls, so it's not about you.

They're asking you the question because they think it's going to apply to them. So if you don't have success, they think they might not have success or it don't work. It might justify some thought process they have as to why this thing doesn't work. If you make a ton of money, then they might think or believe that, “Oh, that's a good sign that I'm going to make a ton of money because I'm going to get trained by somebody that's making a ton of money.”

The Answer To The MLM Question

What they fail to realize or what they fail to recognize whoever thought is the work ethic that goes into making money in this business. And that, does not translate.

So if I have a good work ethic but they don't, it doesn't matter how much I train them they're not going to make money.

So here is the way to answer this every single time.

If you answer it any other way, you're hurting your yourself and you're hurting your team. So here is how I would answer this.

And by the way, when I sponsored the last top earner into my previous company, they went to the top rank: Ariix Chairperson in 60 days. And I answered it this way with them and they respected it. Trust me, leaders in the field who you talk to if you ever talk to them, they'll respect you for answering this way too.

An Example

So if Jane was asking me the question, I would say, “Jane, I appreciate the question, but I cannot answer it because here is why the reason I cannot answer it deserves an answer, so I'm going to give you the answer. Jane, if I tell you I'm not making any money or if I tell you my team is small, or if I tell you,” insert the blank whatever it was they asked, “If I tell you my rank is peon or team lead or whatever it is, the first rank or not even that, it's going to hurt you because you're going to think that I can't help you, which is not the case.”

“If I've been through a rigorous training program and I've acquired all the skills and knowledge to do this, then I effectively can train you. Whether or not I put in the work is another question in itself. But I cannot tell you I'm not making money because it would only hurt you if I did, and that's why.”

Make Money

“I can't tell you I'm making a ton of money either because if I'm making a lot of money or I'm a top rank in this company, that's going to hurt you as well because if I answer it that way, you're going to think this is not duplicatable because you cannot answer it that way and that would be unfair to you.”

“And if you try to answer it that way, you would be lying through your teeth every single time. So that's why I can't tell you I'm making a lot of money. So either way if you can recognize this, that I answer the question hurts you.”

“Now, what I can do is I can put the ball of accountability back in your court and I can give you what's called an average earnings income disclosure statement, which tells you at every single rank what the average distributor makes, what each distributor at that rank makes on average and you can decide whether or not it's in your own capacity to reach that rank.”

“Does that sound fair?”

Their Belief

If they give at this point, if they give you anything other than yes then they have internal problem that revolves or is centered around belief, belief in their own ability. And I would just tell them at that point, I would speak belief into them if they say, “No, I don't like the answer because you should tell me whether or not you make money or not.” I would say, “Well, I can't, and I apologize that I can't but I just cannot.”

“And it would go against everything that we do in this business to do so because I need you to take responsibility and accountability for your business if you decide to start.”

Your Belief

And that's one of things that you need to be able to move past before you even get started it's whether or not you believe you can do it. So, I would speak belief into them and I would follow that up with, “But I believe you can. I've seen people that have come from nothing do this deal and be successful. I have seen people with five kids, divorced, single parent, broke start and become wealthy. So, there is really no excuse, I believe you can do it.

The questions is, do you believe you can do it? So what do you say? Would you like to get started or what other questions do you have or what other concerns do you have?”

Wherever you are at that point in your conversation. So that's how I answer that question, hope that helps. And share this, if you got value in this, share this. And write that down, take notes and learn how to speak it.

Get Feedback

Sit in front of somebody that you're in business with and have them ask you that and then you respond back and see what they think. Get feedback from them because feedback is a gift. And if you get the right feedback, you're going to be able to fix and improve the way you communicate over the phone or in person. And it's only going to help you grow your business.


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