TAN 015: Following Up and Handling Network Marketing Objections Like A Seasoned Pro (Part 2 of 4)

In episode 15 Gabriel Ramos and I get into the follow up piece of this business. We also do some roleplaying on objections handling from probably 99% of the objections you may ever hear in this business.

Besides walking through objections and how to handle them, we also discuss the power of inviting and how to use it to eliminate virtually half (if not all) of the objections you may possibly face in the follow up call!

This Episode Will Cover

  • How to do a rock solid follow up call.
  • How gauge someone's temperature and collect a decision from them.
  • A super simple way for handling objections and the best way to go about responding to them.
  • Why having, or creating a third party tool is instrumental in your success.

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A Note To The Reader

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