How to Get Momentum in Your MLM Downline

drag car mlm momentum

When I mention MLM momentum. We can look at it in one of two ways. I like to use the depiction of MLM momentum like 2 vehicles.

  1. A freight train
  2. A drag car

So which of these two would you want to base your MLM momentum with your downline on?

Hopefully you said a drag car.


MLM momentum using the freight train approach

Many network marketers use the freight train MLM momentum approach. The freight train starts very slow and builds speed. It often takes several miles of track before that train has built the momentum.

While this method does work with your MLM downline, you may find many people getting frustrated with the slow go and they will “leap off the train.”

MLM momentum using the drag car approach

If you have ever watched a drag race, you will know that when that light turns green and the clutch is released, that car is going well over 100 MPH within seconds.

I love this approach to MLM momentum with your downline because the whole team is amazed at the process and the fact that they are profiting quickly.

Which MLM momentum approach you use simply comes down to 1 main fact:

The speed of the leader is the speed of the team. Your downline is going to look at how fast you are going and they are going to mirror that speed. Your downline is going to do what you do; and isn't that what you really want? That is what is known as duplication.

You may have a team in place now and are in freight train MLM momentum mode or maybe you are just getting started and want to immediately become a drag car MLM momentum person. No matter where you are at now and no matter what type of compensation plan you have, I am going to give you some great tips and strategies to have MLM momentum that will be hard to stop.

So I suggest you start taking notes and use these to get that freight train rolling faster or that drag car “jumping” off the starting line.

MLM Momentum Tip #1: Be Their Partner; Not Their Boss

If you already have a downline, I suggest you contact each person 1 by 1 and tell them you are there as their partner. If you are just starting, immediately explain this to new team members that you are available to help.

I would then be honest and say you want to build momentum with them and suggest that you partner together to get 3 new members on their team. Set up times to start giving presentations to their warm market. If they are hesitant, supply them with one of your simple warm market scripts so they can feel comfortable doing so.

If you need high quality scripts, I have scripts that work here.

Have them agree that you will do the presentations together. This will show each team member that you really do want them to succeed and you are willing to take the time to ensure that.

MLM Momentum Tip #2: Doing The Same With Their New Downline Members

Now what you do is tell your team member that you will do the same thing with their 3 new members and it will be their responsibility to keep doing the same with further members.

Just keep using this process over and over and you will be amazed at the MLM momentum that will start.

Yes, there will be moments when some team members will not follow the momentum path and that is when we will veer into Tip #3.

MLM Momentum Tip #3: Light The Toes On Fire

If the momentum is moving, you will see the downline growing 30, 40, 50 or more levels deep quickly. But youmomentum in downline may see some leaders “sitting back.” The best way to really get the MLM momentum rolling again in that leg is to go to the lowest point; I call it the toes since in MLM we call it a leg. You may hear other MLM experts call it the basement instead of the toes.

But what we do is light a fire in the toes.

You just go to the lowest person and do the same as you were doing above. You help them sponsor 3 people. What this will do is get those above that person working hard to catch up to the person under them. It is a natural reaction.

Like I say, if you light the toes on fire, the leg will start moving fast.

If you follow those tips consistently, you can build a monstrous MLM business. You just keep following the same process over and over, but always schedule times to train people and follow-up with them.

Follow Your Leader For MLM Momentum

This is another very important aspect of keeping MLM momentum… You MUST be teachable yourself and follow the path of the leader before you. Show your downline that you attend company events and follow the path laid before you.

Your new downline members need to understand that the system works the way it does because the system works. That is why you use the system along with all your upline… Because it works!

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MLM Momentum Means You Are Always Learning

The best MLM leaders are always in the mode of learning. If you are consistent with self-education, your downline will be the same way. Get in the habit of sharing books you read, videos you watch and people you follow. This will create excitement among your downline and we know that excitement brings MLM momentum.

Never Stop Sponsoring

This is an area where many MLM leaders lose MLM momentum. They build a large downline and it seems like the drag car or freight train is at full speed. It seems wonderful and the leader decided to just sit back and let their downline keep doing what they were taught.

Guess what?

The downline decides that since the leader is sitting back, they can sit back too. The momentum has the brakes on, or in the case of the drag car, the parachute has been released.

Momentum will come to a stop.

Many top MLM leaders have committed this error; don't make the same mistake. Keep sponsoring to keep the MLM momentum running at full speed.

MLM Momentum Means Creating Independence

I needed to cover this area because when you help sponsor people for downline members, they can assume that you will always do that for them. It is important that you explain to each member that you are helping that your primary goal is to teach them to be completely independent of you. Just tell them you want to be able to do everything you are doing and more. That your goal is to train them to be even better than you are.

I suggest that during presentation meetings, you do one and allow them to watch and learn and then allow your downline member to do a presentation and afterwards, explain what they did right and what they could have done differently. Help them learn and grow.

Don't pamper them and do everything for them, or you will create dependency which you don't want.

Duplication – Not dependency!

But, Don't Abandon Your Downline Members

There is a fine line between creating independent downline members and abandoning those members. Maybe they are doing great and do not need your help, but you still need to check on them from time to time. They still need to hear your voice and know that you are there to help if need be. They need to have that “pat on the back” telling them how good a job they are doing.

Don't abandon them.

Get MLM Momentum By Working With Those Members Who Deserve The Help

It can be easy to get stuck into a thought pattern that we need to work with and hold the hands of team members who are essentially, doing nothing.

While we need to spend time with all team members, it is wiser to work with those members who actually have excitement and passion. Working with those members who are not at least trying will just cause stress and division. They will expect you to do everything for them and you just cannot allow that.

Get MLM Momentum With Honesty

Here is another area where MLM leaders can lose or not even get momentum with their multilevel marketing business. Making promises that you cannot guarantee will create animosity. Immediately when a person becomes a downline member, be completely honest with them:

  • This is not a get rich quick system.
  • You have to work hard to make money.
  • You will face some rejection.
  • Etc…

Get MLM Momentum By Training Your Downline To Approach Both Warm Market And Cold Market Prospects

I have heard some MLM leaders tell downline members that they should never run out of warm market prospects. They want them to just keep “bugging” their friends and family.

Please, don't be that leader!

Some people have a large warm market and can work it for quite some time; other people have small a small warm market and after 1 week they may be asking you “What now?” Telling them they should still have warm market prospects could be putting your downline member into defensive mode. It almost seems like you are saying they are lying.

Sure, they may have skipped some warm market people and the best thing is say, “Well, just really think if you have possibly forgot anyone, but let me show you how to approach people you do not know.” Show your team member how to cold market prospect.

By the way, the scripts I told you about earlier in this post have both cold and warm market scripts.

I suggest you go out with your downline member and do some cold market prospecting with them.

Get MLM Momentum Using Contests And Awards

While your MLM company probably rewards independent representatives in various ways, as a leader, you canmlm contests also create huge MLM momentum using simple contests and awards. You may offer to put a member under the team member who gains the most customers in 1 month. Or just print out simple certificates of accomplishment to give team members when they achieve certain goals.

Money is important but recognition can be a great motivational factor too. Just use your imagination. It is amazing how much momentum can be gained just by using contests and awards.

Keep MLM Momentum By Introducing Yourself

I have learned this approach from top MLM leaders who have a massive business structure.

No matter how large it is, when you have a new member join, even if it is 40 levels deep, email that person and introduce yourself and offer your assistance if they need it. Think about it, if you went to clean restrooms for Coca Cola corporation and the CEO came and personally introduced their self and made you feel that your job was just as important as the CIO, CFO or any C person, you would make sure those restrooms shined.

When we as leaders take the moment to do the same with new sign ups, they will be inspired and will feel a sense of importance. After all, the top person contacted them.


MLM momentum is easily attainable if you follow everything I told you in this post. For some, that momentum may be like the freight train and others the drag car. Either way, you just want to get it rolling and keep it rolling. Cut the brake lines and take the parachute out.

Don't stop!

I hope this helped you understand, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Momentum and success are right in front of you! Thank you for visiting and please share this with your team members on social media. Thank you.


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