TAN 044: How to Generate A Flood of Free Website Traffic to Generate More Leads & Sales with Vince Reed

In episode 44 I interview the founder of My Internet Traffic System and website traffic expert, Vince Reed. Vince walks us through some of his strategies for creating a flood of free website traffic for his clients businesses.

Vince also covers some of the concepts required to be successful with paid website traffic.

This Episode Will Cover

  • Where to start if you're a total internet newbie interested in generating traffic.
  • The difference between controlled and uncontrolled traffic and why your focus should be on controlling as much traffic as possible. Listen to Vince SCHOOL me on this!
  • Some free and paid traffic sources Vince recommends.
  • Live Scenario: I ask Vince to break down what he would do if he had his hands on a product that solves joint pain! Vince walks through the steps he would take prior to generating traffic and what he'd do after traffic is coming in.

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