Forever Living Products Review – An Unbiased Look At This MLM Company

forever living products reviews

You have probably noticed that I've been writing multiple reviews of various MLM companies. The reason I'm doing this is to provide everyone with accurate and up to date information so they can make wise decisions on starting their own home based network marketing business.

Maybe someone has approached you about joining their Forever Living Products team or you are considering using the products.

Let's chat about Forever Living products and how they came to be.

Next, we'll take a look at the founder and leadership managing Forever Living Products.

Then we'll get into the various products Forever Living offers.

By the end you'll be able to understand how the Forever Living compensation plan works.

And last but not least, I'll tell you the pro and cons of Forever Living Products coming straight from the lips of customers and representatives.

My goal in this post is to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not this might be the right business for you.

Forever Living Products Review: Forever Living Products History

Forever Living Products was founded back in 1978 in Tempe, Arizona.forever living products

It seems Rex Maughan, who founded the company had been enticed by the miraculous healing power of the Aloe Vera plant. Knowing that relying on 3rd party vendors to supply the ingredients needed to manufacture the Forever Living Products was risky, Rex made moves to purchase farmlands to grow the plant.

In the 1980’s Rex expanded the company by going into the resort business by adding Forever Resorts.

And, in the 1990’s, Forever Living Products acquired Aloe Vera of America adding its assets to their portfolio.

They gained substantial growth and in 1993 was Arizona’s 2nd largest private company.

Overall, the company has continued to grow internationally even though some legal issues have been lodged against the company.

Forever Living Products continues to hold strong financial status and the company is in great shape.

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Forever Living Products Review: The Forever Living Products Leadership Team

The fact is, a company like Forever Living Products does not stay in business as long as they have without high quality leadership.

I would have to say it all starts with the founder.

Let’s look at the Forever Living Products leadership.

Founder and CEO – Rex Maughan

Mr. Maughan first attended Brigham Young University where he met his wife Ruth. They then moved to Arizona and Rex attended Arizona State University where he received a B.S. in accounting.

Rex began buying land and worked as an accountant. He joined Del Webb Construction Company and rose to Vice President, all the while he was also investing in land.

It is Rex who has made Forever Living Products the strong MLM company it is. The other leaders I am listing were or are still being mentored by this wise man.

President – Gregg Maughan

Gregg has been involved with the business since early in life. He has learned what it takes to manage every department in Forever Living Products and will continue to keep the company on the proper path.

Executive Senior Vice President – Rjay Lloyd

Rjay is both a lawyer and a CPA. He has been with Forever Living Products from the beginning and has been an integral part of the company’s success. Rjay has held the positions of:

  • Vice Chairman
  • CFO
  • and Secretary of the Forever Family of Companies

Executive Vice President And Secretary – Navaz Ghaswala

Navaz has also been with Forever Living Products since day 1 too.

She has been an amazing force in leading the company with hard work and values that have been a guiding force for Forever Living Products.

Executive Vice President of the Americas – Garin Breinholt

Garin started with Forever Living Products in 1993. His fluency in Spanish and Portuguese has played a huge part in Forever Living Products and their expansion worldwide.

Executive Vice President Asia and Europe – Aidan O’Hare

Aidan was born in England and joined Forever Living UK in 1996. He moved to Arizona to help grow the company.

As you can see, Forever Living Products has a great leadership team that continues to focus on growth.

Forever Living Products Review – The Forever Living Product Line

Forever Living Products has an outstanding product line. Many products are either based with Aloe Vera or Bee derived ingredients.

There are various combo packs available too.

Let’s look at the product categories:

Bee Derivedforever living bee products

Forever Living Products has 4 bee derived products:

  • Bee Honey
  • and, Forever Royal Jelly
  • Forever Bee Pollen
  • as well as Forever Bee Propolis

Flawless By Sonya

These are various make ups that are extremely high quality.


Forever Living Products manufactures and sells various drinks and drink mixes. Most of them are based with the Aloe Vera plant. These are those drinks:

  • Joost in 2 different flavors
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • and Forever Aloe Berry Nectar
  • Forever Aloe Bits ‘n’ Peaches
  • Forever Freedom
  • plus Forever Pomesteen Power
  • Forever Aloe2Go
  • and Forever Freedom2Go


Forever Living Products has a huge range of various nutritional supplements designed to provide the nutritional balance our bodies require.

Personal Care

Also, Forever Living Products has a variety of great personal care products. There is shave gel, toothpaste, soaps and a whole lot more.

Skin Care

All based with Aloe Vera, the skin care line is highly sought and loved by many.

Weight Management

Lastly, Forever Living Products makes a line of weight management products. They include:

  • Garcinia Plus
  • Forever Lean
  • and Forever Therm
  • the Forever Lite Ultra in vanilla or chocolate
  • Forever Pro X2 in cinnamon or chocolate
  • and Forever Fastbreak

As you can see, Forever Living Products has a healthy range of products and from my understanding, prices are fair.

The Forever Living Compensation Plan

From what I hear, independent representatives are quite happy with the comp plan from Forever Living Products.

There are multiple ways to earn money:

  • Retail profits
  • Personal bonuses
  • Volume bonuses
  • Leadership bonuses
  • Gem bonuses
  • Car bonus
  • Profit sharing
  • and other incentives

You can learn more about the Forever Living Products compensation plan by downloading this PDF.

Forever Living Products Review – Top Earners

I took a look at some of the top earners from Forever Living products. All of these are making over $1,000,000 per year:

  • Marco & Milagro Dubon
  • Rolf Kipp
  • Roberto Ruiz
  • Kim Madsen

So a person can earn big money at Forever Living Products but it does take hard work, passion and determination.

Forever Living Products Review – Pros And Cons

So now we will take a look at what other people have to say about Forever Living Products. This will give you a look at pros and cons. Now keep in mind that you should not just go by other people's views. Look down in your gut to decide what is right for you.


I would like to share that using Forever Living Products is a pleasure. I am in love with Sonya Skin Care Collection. And, I have been using it since 2009 and I will not go back to any other cosmetics that I’ve ever tried before.

Their Aloe Mineral Makeup #308 (natural) gives me a fresh, natural look everyday. After applying it I don’t feel a fake mask on my face that I feel when I use other brands.

Sonya Aloe Mineral Makeup gives me a very nice facial color. I also highly recommend – for women 30 and over – Aloe Fleur de Jouvence. It is an aloe facial mask, but very, very strong. If someone needs to decrease some unwanted lines on their face and/or neck they should use it definitely.


The benefits, bonuses, and raises are some of the worst in the industry. This company is about 5 years behind in just about everything, which makes it incredibly hard to stay competitive. Employee needs are neglected as the company consistently puts the needs of purchasers first.


Talking about Forever is just talking about quality: Quality Products! Quality Service! Quality Training! The company that is trading in over 158 countries around the world with its amazing aloe-based products to give its customer a sensation of Look Better, Feel Better is just awesome! I'm just loving it! Loving its products, the opportunity and the experience I had with Forever in the past four and a half years!


First, the products can be more expensive than similar herbal products sold in the market. The value is based on the quality and efficacy, not discount pricing.

Second, it takes time to build a successful network because most people won’t want to do this as a business. It also takes time to train people and you need to develop leadership skills to retain their commitment to the group.

Third, there is no fee for being a distributor, but you need to pay $372 for the products in their ‘business pack’ and have a minimum purchase order to qualify for commissions. The Forever Living scam tag probably comes from the fact that this investment has to be made.


I have been trying some of the Forever products, and be honest I didn’t want to believe that they are really good, but after I tried them I can tell they are great!!!

So whoever has double thoughts you have got to try it first! My little kid, well maybe not that little anymore, but he was still swallowing the toothpaste while brushes the teeth. I was so worried about him eating fluoride, and then I found that awesome toothpaste from Forever without the fluoride at all.

Also, I like Forever heat lotion, Aloe Vera Gel (peach is my favorite), minerals – they are for hair and nails, hand and face soap.

And, I have lots of friends who tried the C9-clean9, they were very happy from the results.

Overall awesome products, you have to try to find out on your own!


When we look at the complete picture of this Forever Living Products review, it is evident that this MLM company has been well-managed and is going to be in business for many more years.

Yes, Forever Living Products has faced heavy scrutiny and some legal actions in a few locations. Much of that has come as the result of representatives making medical claims that have not been substantiated.

The key to keeping those things from happening is proper training. So take the time and ensure your downline team members are well-trained.

If you think Forever Living Products would be the right home based business for you, you may want to visit their website at:


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