Emulin Review: Should You Take It and Is It Safe?


Have you heard about the revolutionary discovery called Emulin. Well today, I am going to provide you with an Emulin review. I will tell you my opinion if you should take it and if it is safe. But before that, in this Emulin review, I will explain what Emulin is and the history behind it.

I know you may be wondering why-the-heck we're discussing a health-related product and not how to build your network marketing business.

The reason is because a good friend of ours launched a company that leverages the power of this compound to help people with diabetes. It's definitely a game-changer so it's something we wanted to cover for you if you're wandering around online looking for more information on the subject.

Emulin Review: What Is Emulin?

Simply put, Emulin is an all natural compound that was derived from extracts from various fruits such as grapefruit, berries and grapes. This compound has shown the ability to buffer the effects of glucose on the metabolic pathway in humans. Essentially, it may be a huge breakthrough in the battle against diabetes.

Emulin Review: The Diabetes Epidemic

Some would say it has reached plague proportions. Diabetes is a disease that is effecting an estimated 150,000,000 people worldwide and is expected to reach double that by 2025. diabetes is becoming a huge factor in people of all shapes, age and race. Diabetes does not discriminate.

Much of the diabetes issue comes in the foods and drinks we are ingesting. The high levels of refined sugars are swinging the human blood sugar levels to extreme heights.

Diabetes often leads to other serious health issues like:

  • Heart disease
  • Kidney problems
  • Loss of sight
  • Possible amputation of feet or legs because of poor circulation

Emulin Review: Using Emulin To Attack The Root

Before diabetes sets in, the precursor is Metabolic Syndrome. If you are showing signs of Metabolic Syndrome, diabetes may just be in your near future. Signs of Metabolic Syndrome include:

  • Obesity – Namely belly fat
  • High blood glucose levels during fasting
  • High blood pressure
  • And high triglycerides
  • Along with high cholesterol

Experts believe that if Emulin is given to humans who are showing signs of Metabolic Syndrome, they may just deter the set in of diabetes.

Emulin Review: How Emulin Was Discovered

Two scientists who work for ATM Metabolics were researching how people who drank high consumption's of processed sugar drinks like colas were getting diabetes. But people who drank high amounts of orange or other juice which also contains natural sugars were not getting diabetes.emulin reviews

The 2 scientists, Dr. Joseph Ahrens and Daryl Thompson deduced that there was something in the juices that was preventing the natural sugars from reacting in a way to cause diabetes in our systems. The two men studied oranges, grapefruit, pineapples and grapes and discovered that the reaction was similar using all these fruits.

So there had to be some property within these fruits that was keeping the sugars from driving blood sugar levels high.

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Emulin Review studies

Through breaking down the compounds in the fruits, the scientists discovered Emulin. The first studies were performed on rats. They then moved to testing human subjects. In pre-clinical trials, 50 people who are diabetic and not taking insulin along with 10 non diabetic people were put on trials.

In those people who were given placebos, their glucose levels rose. With the subjects given Emulin, glucose levels dropped 20+%.

In the rat testing which was done by an independent lab, diabetic rats that were given Emulin had average reductions of up to 27% in glucose levels.

Emulin Review clinical trials

Clinical trials were performed on 40 people who had Type 2 diabetes. In these tests, 10 subjects were given Emulin; 10 subjects were given a leading diabetes drug; 10 subjects were given a placebo and the other 10 subjects were given the diabetes drug and Emulin. The results were outstanding. This study was done for 2 weeks.

  • The subjects on the placebo had glucose levels rise more than 20%.
  • Subjects using the diabetes drug had a drop in glucose levels at about 12%.
  • Subjects on the Emulin had their glucose levels drop about 20%.
  • And subjects taking the drug and the Emulin had their levels drop well over 30%.

Emulin shows the best results and Doctors are admitting that fact.

Emulin Review: How Does Emulin Reduce Glycemic Impact On The Human System?

The evidence shows that Emulin will not only help erase diabetes but will also put a stranglehold on obesity. How Emulin will do that consists of:

  • A reduction in the amount of carbohydrates that are absorbed after eating meals.
  • In signal pathways, it will increase the sensitivity of insulin receptors.
  • It will reduce how much glucose is made by the liver.
  • It will mobilize carbohydrates from fat cells.
  • Speeds up the removal of excess glucose from our bloodstream.

According to Professor Dr. Ralph DeFronzo of the University of Texas Health Center: Emulin®, if consumed regularly, could not only have the acute effect of lowering the glycemic impact of foods, but chronically increase insulin production and sensitivity, lower background blood glucose levels of type 2 diabetics, and not only arrest, but reverse the development of diabetes in pre-diabetes individuals.”

Emulin Review: A Look At Emulin Versus The Competition In Changing Metabolic Pathways

The key to fighting both diabetes and obesity is changing metabolic pathways in the human system. The experts put Emulin up against competitors in metabolic pathway change. These changes consist of:

emulin review

Emulin clinical trial graph

  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Starch to sugar conversion
  • Insulin release
  • The absorption of glucose
  • Glucose homeostasis
  • Glucose tissue uptake
  • and fat formation

Emulin changes all of these in the metabolic pathway. The only competitors that comes anywhere near is Quick Trim Burn and Cleanse, Quick Trim Extreme Burn, Slimquick Extreme and Now Glucose Support. Each of those change only 4 of the pathway areas.

This is one of the most difficult and extreme research models to test with and I was very impressed with the outcome. I have never seen anything perform like this in this severe of a model, other than insulin itself. It may be regenerating Beta cells” Dr. Gary Grover – Professor of physiology and biophysics at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Emulin Review: The Future of Emulin

At this point of time, Emulin is being offered as a supplement that can be obtained through iGalen. But the scientists and experts at ATM Metabolics see a bigger future. It could benefit everyone if added to various beverages and even integrated into breads and pastas.

Emulin has no taste but many benefits.

So is Emulin safe to take?

There have been no side effects from all the tests run on Emulin. Besides, Emulin is an all natural compound that is in many plants and fruits.

Emulin works much differently than other anti-obesity supplements like fen-phen, synephrine and others. Those supplements increase the human metabolism. Emulin doesn't do that, it uses the natural mechanisms of our bodies to manage sugar levels.

Yes, it is safe and will benefit you immensely.

I hope that with this discovery, we can gain control over the ravaging effects of diabetes and obesity.

Emulin Review: What The Public Is Saying

Truly, the final word of any discoveries come from the public. What people say can make or break any new product or discovery. I took a look at what people are saying about Emulin and I will share them with you here:

Matt says:

“I have been taking Emulin for 5 months now and the results have been great. My FG is now under 130. My A1C dropped from 7.8 to 5.4. It controls my blood sugar with no side effects. Best of all it makes me feel great!”

Anonymous says:

“Looked into other blood glucose control supplements but Emulin is the only one that has been proven in clinical trials. This Emulin formula is even patented. I take it twice a day and it really has helped get my blood sugar numbers in line. I'm also feeling better and have more energy. Even noticing the weight is coming down a little each week.”

Dr Charles Capps:

“I am a Ph.D. scientist and am actively involved with glucose control. Emulin is another newly touted “cure.” It contains three flavenoids that purport to be effective. None of the claims by the company have been cited to the FDA or NIH. All the claims cite that emulin in conjunction with diet control and exercise and Metformin will cause a 27% decrease in blood glucose levels. As a scientist and diabetic, I am appalled that anyone with common sense would attach their beliefs to emulin.”

Update to the above negative comment

That was written nearly 5 years ago and one other person decided to research this Capps fellow. It was found that he is not a PhD and has only done some undergraduate work at the University of Missouri. So if he will lie about his experience, is his review worth the pen written with?

Dr. Joseph Ahrens:

“There are 3 active ingredients in Emulin. Each one has a long history of use with no known side effects, if used as indicated. Our formula and patent cover the unique blend of the 3 components. During the human clinical, conducted by Cetero Research, there were no indicated side effects. The components of Emulin were chosen partly because they are gut friendly.”

Emulin Review: Now My Opinion

Diabetes is a huge problem and we do need to discover ways to control the problem. Much of it comes from all the sugars we ingest daily and many are not actually our fault. Many of the foods and drinks we purchase have added sugars that are disguised on ingredient lists.

I believe this supplement called Emulin can really make a huge difference in our health and well-being.

No matter what, there will always be people who are skeptical to anything like this. But I believe if we don't give Emulin a chance to control our Metabolic Pathways and lower our glucose levels, we are on a path of diabetes and obesity destruction.

The scientists and experts over at ATM Metabolics are working towards a better future for all mankind. What I really love is the fact that they have openly shared their discovery of Emulin with anyone and everyone. Instead of keeping it to themselves, they have opened this fantastic discovery to all.

You can see more by visiting the ATM Metabolic website at: http://www.atmmetabolics.com/

Emulin Review Conclusion

I need to tell you that I am not affiliated with ATM Metabolics or any of the other ones mentioned here. I am not being reimbursed for the review. And, I am giving this in an unbiased way so you can be fully aware of all the benefits of this great find called Emulin.

I hope this helps you and if you are diabetic or are facing a possibility of becoming diabetic, I do recommend that you try Emulin. At this point in time, it is offered through iGalen.

Do you have any questions? Have you used or are currently using an Emulin supplement? We would love to hear how it is working for you. You can leave any and all comments and questions below.

Would you also do me a favor? Please share this with all of your friends and family through social media so they can help their possibilities of becoming diabetic.

Thank you for visiting and have a great day.


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