TAN 040: How Direct Response Marketing Can Explode Your MLM Business with Robert Blackman

In episode 40 I have the pleasure of interviewing direct mail direct response marketing expert Robert Blackman.

Robert has built a 7 figure business in the network marketing industry and shares with us some of his best stuff on utilizing direct mail to build a local network marketing organization.

This Episode Will Cover

  • How to utilize direct mail to communicate with and sponsor both a warm and cold market.
  • Where to find the addresses, names, and numbers of your prospective leads for your direct mail campaign.
  • What to do if you don't know a lick about copywriting and need your sales letters written.
  • The techniques Robert uses to get the best response from his direct mail prospects and sign them into his organization.
  • How to combine the internet with direct mail and use a Hybrid Network Marketing approach to your business.

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