How to Create a Network Marketing Planner That Keeps You on Track

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No matter what kind of business you own, be it traditional or network marketing (known as MLM or multilevel marketing), you MUST have a plan. There is a common saying that goes: Failing to plan is planning to fail. And the majority of people reading this blog are network marketers or are planning on becoming network marketers, so let me ask you, do you have a network marketing planner?

If you don't… You should!!

I am going to provide you with some basic tips on creating a network marketing planner that will keep you on track.

Map out your year

Before creating your network marketing planner, the first step needs to be a yearly map. Eric Worre preaches this that you need to look back on the previous year and take inventory. You need to see what mistakes you made and successes you had.

Now with that information, you need to make goals and objectives to reach those goals for the upcoming year.

  • What personal growth do you want to make?
  • What are you seeking in team goals?
  • How many new team members do you want to attain?
  • How many new customers do you want to get?

Write them all down and this will help you create a network marketing planner.

Your network marketing planner needs to have daily tasks

I suggest that you measure what your yearly goals are and determine just how many people you will have to talk with each day.

Let's just say that you have a goal of adding 20 new distributors to your down line this year, and you want to add 15 customers. Let's say that you have found the average comes to 10 people talked to attains you 1 distributor or 1 customer. Your total is 35, so you need to talk with 350 people.

Now all of this is hypothetical figures… You will want to just use this equation process to determine how many you will talk to.

I am using these figures as a bare minimum… Someone who is just doing it part time and at a bare minimum.

Essentially, this comes down to the person talking with 1 person daily. That should be simple to attain the goals they have set. I believe talking with 3 people daily is easy even for a person working a full time job.

How to find the people to talk with

It is called prospecting. You are looking for prospective team members or customers and this can be done in many ways. You may want to keep track of your various prospecting methods in your network marketing planner.

Personally, I suggest using various prospecting methods throughout each week.

Your warm market

Nearly all MLM companies teach new distributors to make a list of everyone and anyone they know. That is called your warm market. While I do agree that this method works, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach your warm market. I do delve into that in other blog posts here on this site. After all, you do not want to make enemies of the people you know.

I suggest that you make it a part of your network marketing planner to approach a set amount of your warm market weekly and do it with care. I suggest just explaining that it has helped you become financially independent and ask questions to see if they show any kind of interest. If they do, set up a time to present the opportunity.

The cold market

The cold market are strangers. People you do not know that fall within your target market. I suggest that you should have your network marketing planner scheduled to talk to at least double if not triple or more of the cold market in comparison to your warm market.


Because your warm market list will only be a certain length. At some point, the warm market list will be done and at that point, all contacting will be cold market only. Your goal is to attract those prospects to call you, but you need to set your network marketing planner up to perform various tasks to make this happen.

You may:

Blognetwork marketing planner

Blogging has been a great method to educate people and attract them to provide their contact information so you can follow up and set up a time to present the opportunity. Depending on the products your network marketing company carries, you can use a blog that educates the readers on various aspects that surround the products.

  • If your company sells nutritional supplements, you may blog about eating properly
  • If your company sells energy, you could blog about the energy costs and methods
  • etc…

And, you simply have a call to action at the end of each blog post where the reader can sign up to receive information on how they can save or make money.

Postcard marketing

Another great prospecting means is postcard marketing. People read their mail and you purchase leads of people who are within your target market. For the cost of a stamp, you are putting some information in their hands and giving them the means to contact you for more information.

This is another method you can add to your network marketing planner to attract people to either join your team or become a customer.

Cold calling

Some network marketers do pick up their phone with a simple phone script and prospect using cold calling. It does work if you “smile and dial.”

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There are many other ways too

There are so many ways of attracting people from the cold market. I have blogged about many of these methods before and I will again, but this post is simply about setting up your network marketing planner.

It is about having set methods daily and weekly so that you are following a prescribed course of action.

An example of how you may set up your network marketing planner

I just want to provide you with an example to give you an idea of how your typical week may look in your network marketing plan.

Network marketing planner example

I put this weekly suggestion for a person who has a full time job but wants to build their network marketing business by working it 1 ½ to 2 hours per day.

Monday – Call 1 person in the warm market (10 minutes). Write a blog post and publish (45 minutes). Call 1 team member and check if they need help (15 minutes). Call 2 cold market leads (20 minutes).

Tuesday – Do a presentation with up to 3 people (1 hour). Call 2 cold market leads.

Wednesday – Complete and send 5 postcards (½ hour). Write and publish a blog post (45 minutes). Straighten all records (½ hour)

Thursday – Call 1 warm market friend or family member (10 minutes). Call 4 cold market leads (45 minutes). Call and schedule presentations for Friday and the next Tuesday. (½ hour)

Friday – Presentation day… Do as many as possible and sign up team members and customers.

This is just and idea and you should develop your own based on your goals and objectives.

Your network marketing planner should have

You need to schedule what you will do daily, but you should also list the people you will call on each day. If you have these in your network marketing planner beforehand, you will not be taking time to determine them and waste time.

I suggest that you make a set time on Saturday or Sunday to fill out your network marketing planner for the next week.

You will also want to schedule events within your network marketing planner. These may be:

  • Training calls
  • Home parties if your MLM uses that method
  • Mastermind events
  • Large company events
  • etc…

Personal developmentmy pro planner

Something else that absolutely needs to be a part of your network marketing planner is personal development. It is important that you are always learning and you can do this in many ways.

Just reading this blog post right now is a part of your personal development. I suggest you schedule personal development time on a daily basis. Even if you only take ½ hour or 1 hour to read or watch a training video, you will grow in knowledge.

Schedule some time to read network marketing books. To read network marketing blogs. To watch network marketing training videos.

It will amaze you by the end of 1 year how much you learned if you schedule that learning.

Exercise and well being

Another part of your personal development is your physical well being. I suggest you schedule time to exercise in your network marketing planner. Make sure and eat right, sleep right, take supplements and take care of yourself.

The only way to run a business properly is if you are both physically and mentally prepared to do so.


This is another very important part of your network marketing planner. Your spouse and your family is the backbone of your network marketing business. You need to give them the time they deserve and that way, they will provide their full support in your business.

So make sure that you have family time scheduled in your network marketing planner.

Let's go back and review

I just need to tell you that my network marketing planner probably won't look like your planner, and your planner won't look like one of your team member's network marketing planner.

We are all individuals and we all have to come up with our own plan but the key is, make a plan! It is important to just look back over the past year to make a good map of the next year. Your map should all be in that network marketing planner.

I do have a suggestion that you use pencil so that if you discover that changes need to be made part way through that plan, you can simply erase and write in the changes.

In the back of your network marketing planner

This is just a suggestion, but I have found it helps me immensely, but I have found that all contacts I get whether they are cold or warm market, I write them in the back of my network marketing planner. As I speak with each contact, I write important information in my planner. Info such as:

  • Names of spouse and children
  • Birth dates (it is always great to give them a shout out then)
  • Follow up results
  • Dates of follow ups
  • etc…

By having this information, it will give you a good idea when to follow up again. Make sure and leave ample space so you can add notes as needed.

Network Marketing Planner Conclusion

I really hope that this post instilled the importance of having a plan and using a network marketing planner in your business. Trust me, it will make a huge difference in keeping on track with your network marketing goals.

I had mentioned several methods of prospecting in today's post. One of those was postcards. I have discovered that using the postcard marketing system is a great method of attracting people to contact you. I use the Elite Postcard System and I suggest you look into it too. You can learn more here.

Well, that is what I have for you today. If you have any questions or comments, please post them below and I will make sure and get you an answer.

Will you also do me a big favor and share this with your friends, family and team members? They may want this information too. Just hit the share buttons below and let them see.

Thank you.


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