TAN 008: Copywriting Tips and Tricks to Rocket Your Sales with Salvador Posada

In this show I have the ultimate privilege of interviewing a home business entrepreneur, dad, and family man by the name of Salvador Posada.

Salvador has spent years honing his craft of copywriting by studying the greats like Dan Kennedy, David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, and more.  In this interview he shares his secrets on how to use copywriting in your network marketing (or internet marketing) business to help you get more leads and drive more sales in your business.

Listen in for some of the best copywriting tips and tricks of 2015!

This Episode Will Cover

  • Salvador's professional thoughts on copywriting and its importance in any business today.
  • Salvador's thoughts on outsourcing your copywriting tasks and whether or not you should do it.
  • The most important aspects of copywriting and where to focus your efforts.
  • How the network marketing industry was changed forever by copywriting.
  • The best copywriting resources to follow to help you hone your writing skills and become a master sales tactician.

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