Cold Market Recruiting Strategies That Work Even if You Suck on The Phone

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Let me just say this first thing before I delve into this important post:

Cold market recruiting is hands down your biggest money making task in your network marketing business.

We often talk about building our brand, finding leads and warm market prospecting. While those are all important subjects, the subject matter I am talking with you about today is at the top of the list. Because let's face it… Cold market recruiting is where the serious profits in your home based, your MLM business come from.

Some MLM companies and trainers will tell you to just rely on your warm market. That really isn't realistic in a business standpoint. Does a bakery rely on just friends and family to come in and buy cakes and donuts? The local grocery store isn't open just for the friends and family. MLM business owners cannot just rely on friends and family either… We absolutely Must market to the cold market.

At some point, most network marketers will run out of warm market prospects. Some sponsors argue that, but I am in complete agreement that you will run out. But, I will say that you should go through that warm market list several times to make sure you have approached everyone.

In this post though, we are going to take a close look at cold market recruiting and how you can have great success using the strategies I provide.

So I highly suggest you pay close attention all the way through today's post. I know it will help you extremely.

With that said before I start going into these strategies, I want to cover another aspect that the title of this post confronts…

So you think your suck on the phone?

I want to tell you something I discovered from a friend I know. I won't mention his name but I will tell you that he was at one time a telemarketing manager for one of the largest home improvement companies in the United States.

He told me that when he first started that job, he assumed it would just be a temporary thing until he could get what he thought was a “real job.” He even told the person who hired him that he sucked on the phone. The hiring manager looked at my friend and said, “Good; my best telemarketers suck on the telephone.”

My friend did not know what to think of that until he started cold calling people from a phone book trying to get people to look at windows, doors or siding. My friend just followed the script and made many mistakes… but people agreed and my friend was making huge commissions. More money than he had ever made in his life.

And he sucked on the phone

cold market recruiting blueprint

Wow, that guy sucks on the phone. Should we shoot him?

One day, there was a contest between the salespeople my friend would give leads to and the telemarketing department. It seems these salespeople thought they did not need the telemarketers so it was decided that the top sales rep would sit down next to my friend and they would have a contest and see who could get the most, and best leads in 2 hours.

The salesman was egotistical and used techniques he normally used face to face with people. My friend who sucked on the phone generated 18 leads in 2 hours and the salesman generated 8 leads. But that isn't the end of the story.

The sales force ran those leads and my friend had 7 sales from those 18 leads generating revenue of $130,000. The salesman had 1 sale from his leads and it was worth $940.

You see, a person cannot use the same strategies when calling on the phone that they use in face-to-face communications.

My point is…

Oh well, you suck on the phone. Guess what? That phone is just a tool and you are the person. The prospect doesn't care or even know you suck on the phone; they are willing to talk so just use the tool and go ahead and suck.

Heck, I suck with a hammer. There are many carpenters who can pound a nail faster and straighter than I can, but I am still able to swing the tool and get the nail in the wood. That is what matters; use the tools available to you to get the end result… Profits in your bank account.

Cold market recruiting may require you use the phone at times even though you suck

Let me ask you, you still talk to your family members and friends on the phone don't you?

But don't you suck on the phone?

I know I may be coming across as harsh, but when someone tells me they are worried about cold market recruiting because they suck on the phone, my first thought is…Isn't it ironic?

After all, aren't we more worried about impressing our friends and family more than we are total strangers? Actually, our friends and family will be able to tell that we suck on the phone, but a stranger who doesn't know you may think you are a telephone professional, because they do not know you.

Okay, now that I am done ranting about phone sucking and you realize you will have to use that phone, here are some great cold market recruiting strategies that work.

Now let me say that at some point, I believe the odds are good you will have to get on the phone with a prospect you are trying to recruit. It may just be for a brief conversation or a question they have. I doubt they will care if you suck on the phone… They just want the question answered.

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Cold Market Recruiting Strategy: Start A Blog/Website

There are some initial investment costs in starting a website or blog, but the benefits are amazing. I am not telling you to “plaster” your blog with your MLM opportunity. Instead, brand yourself as an expert in a niche that relates to your MLM business.

You will want a capture page and on each blog post, have a call to action that is linked to your capture page. Have the person sign up with their name, email and yes…their phone.

If you are “computer or website illiterate” feel free to contact me and I will either help you get a website or blog set up or I can lead you to someone who can.

From there you send them a presentation video and set up a time to either meet them in person or call them.

I know…You suck on the phone. Set up a 3 way call and have your sponsor handle the close.

Cold Market Recruiting Strategy: Build A List

This goes right along with that blog and also when you are out and about. Just start building a list of people and their emails. Have a subscription opt in on your website and every so often, you can send out a general email to all the list (you can use an auto-responder like Aweber).

Just write something like: “I have been in training on a great home based money making plan. I am paying it forward and am going to show some people how to make money from home too. Reply back if you would like to be one of those people.”

And again, the same:

  • Send a presentation video
  • 3 way call with your sponsor

There is a very old statement that says “The money is in the list.” It is true! Your financial freedom is probably sitting in that list you are building.

Cold Market Recruiting Strategy: Using Social Media

cold market recruiting tips

Use social media properly for cold market recruiting.

Many network marketers just destroy their cold market recruiting chances on social media channels. They vomit their MLM all over their wall ad to make it worse, they tag people.

It is easier to have people volunteering instead of shoving it down their virtual social media throat.

Use a similar line as in the strategy just before this one: “I have been in training on a great home based money making plan. I am paying it forward and am going to show some people how to make money from home too. PM me if you would like to be one of those people.”

It works and instead of you shoving the business down people's throats, they will come to you. It is Attraction Marketing at work.

Cold Market Recruiting Strategy: In Public Places

I would have to say that cold market recruiting in public places is the most important part of this article. After all, we are out in public often and we meet various people. But we do not want to come across like that used car salesperson or something like that. There are ways to approach people that work, and there are more ways that could get anger directed at you. I want to explain the proper way to approach people in public.

Have a professional business card

Your business card defines you. I suggest not having the name of your MLM company on the card; have the card brand you…not the company. It could read something like John Doe – Serial Entrepreneur – Helping people launch successful home businesses and build online enterprises. Cell: XXX-XXX-XXXX. Email:

Make sure it looks highly professional. Maybe a sharp logo or picture of you.

Now it costs money to have those cards, so just do not hand them out as if they will magically get you leads and recruits. There is a point when you give the card, and I will explain that further on.

Build rapport

I want to say that when you are out in public, do not just run from person to person acting like one of those workers in the middle of a mall. Use judgment! If you see a person who seems to “fit the mold” of a potential leader, just strike up a general conversation:

  • Married
  • Children
  • Work
  • Sports
  • Etc…

In the work mode, they will probably ask you the same. This is when you can say something similar as to what I put on the business card: I show people how to live stress free with their finances.

You should be able to read immediately by the response. If they ask further, tell them you would love to show them more, but you have a business appointment soon and you wouldn't be able to explain it with justice.

Ask for their phone and email, and give your business card in return. Be sure and follow up soon.

Cold Market Recruiting Strategies Conclusion

I really hope this helped you understand the proper approach to the cold market. I also hope you understand that it is okay to suck on the phone. One of the key factors in network marketing is confidence. Just believe you can, and you will!

I will be writing a post soon sharing some excellent cold market recruiting scripts, so be sure and keep checking in.

By the way, I have also discovered another method that just attracts cold market prospects to you and you do very little work. So if you believe you suck on the phone, this strategy takes that fear and apprehension away.

It's called the Elite Postcard System. The system mails the cards to leads for you and when they respond, the system does the closing for you… No phone calling and no hassle. What more could you ask for?

Check out the Elite Postcard System here.

Hey, thanks again for stopping by and please do me one…Share this on your social media pages for all those other people who think they suck on the phone. See you on the flip side.


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