Cold Market Prospecting Scripts That Work Every Time

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I hear it quite often, “Jason, I am approaching strangers – my cold market – and they are not giving me the time of day.”

Do you feel like you are beating a dead horse? Don't feel bad; many of us have been in that situation.

Are you using any cold market prospecting scripts, or are you just “winging it?” You see, there are good and bad ways of approaching your cold market. You don't want to come off as a high pressure salesperson. And you surely do not want people thinking you may be the next mass killer that is plotting their death.

Over the years, I have studied some of the best of the best:

  • Ray Higdon
  • Eric Worre
  • Todd Falcone
  • and others

Putting all their cold market prospecting scripts together, I have developed my own that works every time.

Am I saying every single person agrees and joins? No, but it cuts to the chase immediately and I am able to keep moving.

So in today's post, I am going to share cold market prospecting scripts that work. To give a proper cold market script training though, it is important that you understand each of the steps of the script.

Understanding Sales Scripts

All sales scripts have a process. Cold market prospecting scripts are a type of sales script, so there is a process. If you were to go sell vacuum cleaners, magazines or siding door to door, you would be taught by a sales manager the sales script process. It would be something similar to this:

  1. Introduction – You would introduce yourself and the company.
  2. Opening – You would give a brief explanation as to why you showed up at their door and what you plan to do.
  3. Presentation – This is when you get down to the “nitty-gritty” and show all the value and benefits of your vacuum cleaner, magazines or lifetime siding.
  4. Pre-close – This is basically preparing the way when you slide the contract and pen to the potential customer. This is when you want to get all objections cleared up.
  5. Close – Just as it says, you are closing the customer and hopeful having them hand you money for the product you demonstrated.

Cold Market Prospecting Scripts Have More Steps

While cold market prospecting is a type of sales script, it is much different than the script you would use to sell a product. After all, you are not demonstrating a product per say. The main thing you are selling is an opportunity… You are selling an opportunity and you are selling yourself.

I am going to take you through the steps before I share some cold market prospecting scripts that work.

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Cold market prospecting scripts step #1: Your demeanor and the prospect's initial impressioncold market scripts

It is very important that you come off as either being in a hurry or being in the midst of an important business discussion. The prospect must have the impression that you believe they are important enough that you would take a moment from your business for them.

You can start with statements like:

  • I have a business meeting in a few moments but….
  • My office is buzzing me but I can get back to them in a couple of minutes….

The idea is to give the impression you are an extremely busy entrepreneur. This gives the prospect the impression they are talking with an important person… And they are, because you are important.

Cold market prospecting scripts step #2: Give the prospect a compliment

This step is of utmost importance and it must be sincere. Have you ever received a compliment from a person knowing they just wanted something from you? Don't be that person. I suggest you really look closely at the person and be real with whatever compliment you give them. Don't tell them their hair looks nice if it doesn't. Use truth in your compliment and it will come out as sincere.

Why the compliment? It will warm the prospect if it is sincere and they will gain some trust in you. They will be more open to what you are going to propose.

  • I bet you have no enemies with a smile like that….
  • Wow, I bet you could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo….
  • You tell your boss that I said you should get a raise because you provide outstanding service….

I believe you see the point.

Cold market prospecting scripts step #3: The invitation

Now that you have proceeded through the other 2 steps, here is where you are going to approach the prospect with an invitation. There are many ways you can go about this depending on the prospect, where you are and your own preference.

Now keep in mind that you just need to keep this simple and stay with that “hurried” demeanor you have from step #1. You can use:

A direct invitation approach

  • I have discovered something you really should look at…
  • If I told you a way to help your financial future without affecting your current career status, would you be interested?
  • Are you open to diversifying your income?
  • Or you could use the powerful way Randy Gage goes with this: With your talents, you could easily make $20,000 a month in the business I am starting….

Now watch the response which will give you a good idea of the person's desires and needs.

An indirect invitation approach

Generally, I recommend this approach with cold market prospecting scripts. But, I do suggest you experiment to find what works best for you.

  • Do you keep your career options open?
  • Do you know anyone that is looking for a strong business they can run from home in their spare time?
  • I work with a company that is expanding in this area. I am looking for sharp people looking to increase their income. Do you know anyone who fits the bill?

At this point, they will probably start questioning you for more information. This is when you remind them that you are rushed and move into the next step.

Cold market prospecting scripts step #4: Give something for a commitment

This is when your 3rd party tools come into play. More than likely, your MLM company has DVDs, CDs or some type of printed material to give to prospects.

But do not just hand the item to the prospect; you need a commitment.

  • If I give you (3rd party tool), will you watch, listen to or read it?

If you followed the other steps precisely, you will get a yes a huge percentage of the time. In some cases, the prospect will ask for more information and you just explain that everything is answered in the 3rd party tool.

If they say no, just thank them and move on to the next prospect. Do not debate or beg.

Cold market prospecting scripts step #5: Another commitment

Now if you hand a cold market prospect a 3rd party tool without a commitment from them, odds are it will get set on a counter or in the glove box of their car and will never be viewed, read or listened to. You need a commitment!

  • When do you think you can (watch, read or listen) to the (3rd party tool)?

Do not suggest and answer!

Wait for their response. If they are “wishy-washy,” just say something like: “I don't want to waste your time, so let's lock in a time when you can for sure view it.”

Make sure you are smiling the whole time!

Cold market prospecting scripts step #6: The confirmation

When they say they will watch, read or listen to the 3rd party tool, you simply respond with:

  • “Great! Since you will view it (or however the 3rd party tool is taken), by (date, time), I will call you ____ (make sure this is set soon after the person committed) okay!”

Now they have agreed this far…there is a dim chance they will back out now.

Cold market prospecting scripts step #7: Pull out your appointment book and pen

Remember… you cannot call someone if you don't have their phone number. They have said yes to everything this far and as long as you keep that smile on your face and the same attitude you have had this far, this is simple:

  • All I need now is the best number to reach you at and the best time to call.

Just wait for an answer, he/she will give it to you.

Cold market prospecting scripts step #8: Get moving

Here is where many young network marketers screw it up. This is no time to just hang out and talk about the program or sports or anything else.

Remember, you said at the beginning you were in a hurry, so just say something like:

  • “Wow, I have got to rush. I'll talk to you at (date and time). Have a great day!”

And leave or hang up the phone…whatever, just get moving.

It is really that simple!

Cold market prospecting scripts example

cold market prospecting tipsNow just to give you a run through of this in action, I am going to run you through an example. I will say that I just went into a health food store and the cashier is the lone person. I am going to cold market prospect the cashier.

Step #1

As I am looking for whatever I am looking for… Maybe that delicious protein shake they sell, I say out loud for the male cashier to hear, “Wow, what a busy day. Another meeting in 45 minutes with some more clients. Ahhh, business is good.”

All with a huge smile

Step #2

Looking for a name tag, I see his name is Dave

“Dave, you must be the owner huh?” (I wait for a reply which I know will be no) “I just assumed you were because of the way you handle yourself. You seem like a wise businessman.”

Step #3

Big sincere smile!

“Dave, do you keep your career options open? (no pause) Because I work with a company that is expanding here and I am looking for sharp, business savvy people.”

Step #4

“Dave, if I gave you a DVD, would you take a few minutes to watch it?”

I wait for the answer and he says sure.

Step #5

As I am reaching into my briefcase for the DVD, I ask Dave “When do you think you can watch it?”

Dave tells me he will watch it tonight when he gets off work.

Step #6

“Perfect Dave; since you will watch it tonight, I will just give you a call tomorrow and see if you have any questions…cool?”

If done the way I said, Dave will smile and say sure.

Step #7

I pull out the DVD, my address book and pen and say, “Dave, what's the best number to call you at and the best time so I don't interrupt anything?”

I make sure and enter that info in my book and I also make sure I call Dave at the exact time I said.

Step #8

With that huge smile I pay for my protein shake and say, “Okay Dave, I'll talk to you tomorrow. I got to hurry to meet up with these clients. Have a great day!”

And I leave.


Now that was just an example. You can use variances of it… But it does work!

Find the best words for you, but follow these steps in order and you will have great success in your cold market prospecting

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Go give this method a try and come back and tell me how well it works for you. I know you will be happy with the results.

Hey, will you do me a favor? Share this with your teammates on social media. You can do it with the buttons and they can have joy in their cold market prospecting too.

Thanks and may the profits rain upon you.


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