TAN 019: Web Development Tips for Your Network Marketing Blog or Website

In episode 19 Gabriel Ramos shares with us some of his best advice on web development when it comes to building out your network marketing blog or branded platform.

Learn the fundamental things to consider before you charge ahead into the unknown.  Pay attention to the tips in this episode to prevent yourself from falling into some of the common pit traps beginners face when building their online website.

This Episode Will Cover

  • The common piece of software to avoid to ensure your site is not exhiled from mobile responsiveness forever.
  • How to find a great logo for pennies on the dollar, as well as some things to consider when inserting images and gifs on your site.
  • Why your navigation menu must be structured correctly and the pitfalls of not adhering to these rules.
  • How to find all of the internet marketing skills you need without learning them all yourself.
  • A ton more!

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