How to Build a Local MLM Network Marketing Team

how to build an explosive mlm team

While I am firmly pro building our MLM teams with people from all over the world, I will also state there are some huge advantages in building a massive local MLM team.

  • Face-to-face training
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Easier to help downline local MLM team members when they are prospecting and recruiting other local MLM team members
  • And much more

So it can help you a lot to build a strong local MLM team. And in today's post, I am going to provide some of my best tips and strategies to do so.

Does this mean you should back off building your MLM team internationally?

Don't even consider giving up that method! There is no reason you can't do both.

Start building your local MLM team now

You may look around and wonder why other people in your MLM company are not building locally. Does that mean you should follow their example? Why not be the person to start the process. Show others within your MLM company that building local CAN be done.

The flip side of the coin is: you look around and realize that many others have built locally. You may be starting to get that negative thought pattern that other representatives have already swamped the local area and anyone that may join has already joined.

That thought pattern is terrible and you need to delete it. I would bet that there are people who have not been approached, or they have been approached but not in the proper way. Or possibly they just moved into the local community.

Do not allow negative thought patterns to sink in.

Building a local MLM team gives you the perfect excuse to throw a party

There is nothing like using a creative touch to help you grow a massive local MLM team.

local network marketing team

Have a barbecue MLM party

Have a party for the kids and invite parents for a simple presentation. Have some sample products and you will gain MLM team members while the kids are playing Barbie, GI Joe or jumping on the trampoline.

You could also throw a barbecue. And while your guests are chowing on those wonderful hamburgers or hotdogs, you can share the MLM plan.

Yep, it is the perfect excuse to have a party and people will come. With the proper presentation, you will get new recruits and customers. And before long, the community will be party central as your local MLM team members are showing their partying skills.

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Carry 3rd party tools with you everywhere

I have discovered that conversations with people can, and do start nearly anywhere. I have shared in earlier posts some great strategies and methods to talk with your cold market. And one of the aspects of doing this is to have them watch, listen to, or read a MLM company 3rd party tool.

I suggest that you carry these tools with you everywhere. But before you hand the prospect the 3rd party tool, get a confirmation that they will view or hear it. And you will then confirm a follow-up call with them soon after.

What is so great about this is, being local, the prospect is more apt to do what they say they will do. After all, you may see each other again and they will feel a stronger obligation to do what they promised. When we are working with people online, they don't feel as strong of an obligation.

Have a stylish business card

This goes hand in hand with the 3rd party tool tip. Your business card can also be handed to the prospect when giving them the tool.

I suggest that your business card not have the name of your MLM company on it. Use your business card to brand you as an expert in a particular niche.

Have local MLM team mastermind or brainstorming sessions

Having meetings with your local MLM team members is a great way that everyone can come together to answer questions, give tips and strategies and just to plan team movements.

While you can do similar sessions with people who are elsewhere through Skype or other online programs, it just seems more satisfying and real when everyone is sitting together face to face and sharing their experiences.

Warm market and cold market local prospecting

As of late, I have authored several blog posts about both warm and cold market prospecting. Be sure and check out previous blog posts and read those.

I think it is wise to build a list of warm market prospects who live locally and approach each one about the opportunity. Just talk to them as if you would have recently started a traditional business. After all, if you just opened a cafeteria, you would tell all the people in your warm market wouldn't you?

Don't be frightened to tell them about your new network marketing business too. Don't pressure them to join, just tell them there is money to be made and the door is always open.

But also be willing to approach the cold market too. If you are in the laundromat, grocery store or at a bus stop, you will have opportunities to converse with your cold market. Use those opportunities and watch your local MLM team grow substantially.

Prospect at local events

Every local area has events of one kind or another from time to time. You can use these events to prospect. Just be creative. You can prospect at events like:

  • Local fairs and carnivals
  • Chamber of Commerce events
  • Open houses
  • Flea markets
  • and even garage sales

I met one network marketer who would wear a shirt that said “Ask me about losing weight.” And since he was in such great physical shape, many people would ask him. He built an amazing local MLM team just because of his shirt.

Use bandit signs

We see those signs all the time on telephone poles… And they work!

Something like this will gain attention:

Make Extra Money At Home

Call 999-999-9999

Part or Full Time, You CAN Help Your Bank Account

Then just have an exciting answering machine message guiding them to an internet capture page or have them leave a message so you can follow-up.

Put together a big (or little) speaking engagement

You could really create a huge buzz in your local area if you were to contact one or more upline members from your MLM company and have them visit your local area to give a speaking engagement.grow a local mlm team

If you are able to get an auditorium of some other venue to have this kind of event, you can draw a huge local crowd and build a massive local MLM team. Upline members will usually agree to these type of events because they also win.

When you build a huge local MLM team, your upline is also gaining a huge team.

Who are some of your best local MLM prospects?

I have found a common misconception that many new network marketers have. When prospecting locally, they tend to gear their efforts toward the people who are “hurting” for money. They prospect the people who have lost their job or are battling just to come up with the next rent payment.

If you use some common sense, you would soon realize that those are not your best MLM prospects. After all, you are talking about having the person start a business. They are just trying to find a job and you are proposing that they start a business.

Will the person even be able to afford their minimum PV order to start collecting commissions?

Prospect local professionals

It makes much more sense that you approach local professionals. People like:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Police officers
  • and other business owners

These are the type of people who know what it takes to be successful. They also have leadership capabilities and they are around other people on a consistent basis. So recruiting will be easier for them.

One of the reasons many network marketers will not approach professional like these is their inner fears.

They are just normal people like you and me, so why not? Why won't you approach them? They are looking for ways to make extra money too.

Don't neglect approaching everyone, but you may want to look at the types of people you are approaching. Are there professionals in the mix?

Take massive local MLM prospecting action

I challenge you to double or even triple your local prospecting efforts starting right now. Maybe you have set a goal of approaching 4 people daily. How about you double that for 2 weeks? Go after approaching 8 people per day.

You were going to put up 5 bandit signs around town… Put up 10.

Maybe you could have 50 or 100 “dropcards” printed up. Dropcards are a lot like bandit signs but are postcard size and you can just leave them at bathroom stalls, restaurant tables, etc…

They work; try them.

Just make a decision to take a massive local MLM prospecting push, and you will build a monstrous local MLM team.

Teach duplication

It is important that as you build a strong local MLM team, that you teach them the strategies and methods they can duplicate. Everything I shared with you in today's post is duplicatable. Don't just tell them how to do it, since you are local, you can get out with them in a hands on training session.

Heck, schedule a time when you can go out with your team members on a team prospecting journey.

Again, it all comes down to your own creativity.

The customer strategy

Many Avon, Tupperware and Mary Kay representatives use this strategy, and I believe it can be a great strategy for nearly any MLM business owner to use depending on the products.

Why not buy extra of the products that you know people in your local area will love? When you throw a party, you can offer to sell the products at retail and make a profit.

When your local people try the products, they will be more inclined to either start a MLM home based business or at least become a regular customer. Either way, you are on the winning end.

Your day job can actually help you build a local MLM team

Maybe it isn't the right time yet to quit your day job and go full-time with your MLM business, but that day job can also help you build a local MLM team. During breaks, you can share your new-found business and you may be amazed how many of your coworkers will want to also start their own home based MLM business.

Make sure and list your website/blog/business with Google Local

It isn't something many network marketers consider, but having your website and business listed with Google local will up your odds of it coming out when local people are searching the internet.

The actual name of it is Google My Business. I suggest you sign up for a free listing here.

Build a local MLM team conclusion

Do you understand why it can excel your MLM business by building locally?

I know if you follow the tips and strategies I gave you here, you can build a massive local MLM team.

Do you have any questions or feedback? Just post them in the comment section below.

I want to also tell you that I developed some top earner prospecting scripts that worked for me and will work for you too. I suggest you get them and use them while you are prospecting locally or with people far away.

Get your scripts here.

Thank you for visiting today… Now get out there and build a huge local MLM team!


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