The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing Ever Told

fibs in network marketing

Hey Jason Lee here and we're going to cover the biggest lie in network marketing ever told.

How's it going puppy? This is our dog, Skye, and she likes a lot of attention. And funny she should jump up here now, because that's one of the things we're going to talk about … is time.

Regardless of where you're getting your training from, what system you're plugged into, what type of live events you go to, I'm gonna start off this video … this article, by just telling you flat out what the biggest lie in network marketing is.

And if you do not take this to heart, if you do not understand this lie for what it is, it can destroy a lot of things. It can destroy your business, it can destroy your relationships … you want to talk about the NFL club? No friends left club? This will do it. You wanna talk about having a marriage fall apart on you? This will do it. Believe it or not, as crazy as it sounds, network marketing has destroyed marriages … it absolutely has.

There's plenty of stuff out there online, you can Google it … about certain MLM leadership philosophies that have caused people to do crazy things and behave in crazy ways, that basically took them away from what they should have been prioritizing in their life … which were things like their relationships.biggest lie in mlm

Let's get down to it.

What do I mean?

Here's the biggest lie in network marketing.

The biggest lie in network marketing is that by putting your business first, you are putting your marriage first.

Or insert the blank.

By putting your business first … or putting your dream first … I've heard it said both ways … By putting your business first or … By putting your business first or by putting your dream first, you are putting … Or I'm sorry, by putting … yeah, by putting your business first or putting your dream first, you are putting your marriage first. Or you are putting your family first. Or you are putting whatever's very important to you, first … by putting this first.

I had a very interesting conversation and it was not unique, the other day.

And I'm not gonna state the person's name, because that individual might watch this video … and honestly, I hope this video helps you.

If you're watching this and you understand why it was important and it was on my heart to cut this video … because it's so critical to how we do business and how we operate in this industry and in this business. And what gives it a bad name and what doesn't give it a bad name.

What causes people to turn away from this profession and run for the hills and badmouth it to the end of their days … this is it.

untruths in network marketing

Here was the conversation that took place. I asked this individual how their business was going. And I got some questions in response. Like, “Well, what do you mean by how's my businesses doing?”

“Well, specifically, how many people are in your down line? How many people are in your organization?”

And then the question came back to me, “Do you mean frontline, sideline, blah, blah, personally sponsored?”

“No, no, no … I didn't ask any of those questions, I didn't care about that. All I asked was physically, how many people are in your down line.”

And finally I got the answer and it was 10.

It was 10 people.

And this individual's been in the business for two years or three years maybe … something like that. Which is fine, nothing wrong with that. Okay, but there needs to be a reality check at some point.

And so I said, “How many, over the last seven days, from Sunday through Saturday … how many people did you physically prospect, or invite to look at your business?”

And the answer ultimately came back, “Seven.”

I said, “How much time each week are you spending to get those seven individuals.”

And the answer came back, “Four hours a day.”

So approximately 24 hours a week extra, on top of the 40 hours a week at work, that's 64 hours total. And now in the back of my head I was thinking to myself, I know … I know physically in my heart and just in general … what that can do to a marriage.

It will absolutely rock it to its foundations because the one thing …

especially in a new marriage … being married for ten years now, that your wife wants from you, and I can tell you 100% this is true … is she just wants your time.

She just wants your time, that's it.

putting your marriage firstShe wants you to be present and engaged, and she wants your time. Yes, some affection in there is great, but more than anything she just wants your time.

So if you are prospecting four hours a day, seven days a week … or six days a week, it's very hard to give her that. Or flip the roles … it's very hard to give him that. So in order to prospect or invite one person per day, in the span of four hours, what that means is there may be some struggles in other areas. There may be some fear, or hesitation, or doubt about the business model itself or the company … or whatever it might be, preventing an individual from actually doing the prospect. And that's a completely different issue, completely different video and article altogether.

But in terms of time, here's what I would recommend.

It's pointless to talk about the biggest lie in network marketing and then not offer a solution to it.

Here's my solution to it.

If you're going out and you're prospecting for four hours, let's say you're doing the online thing. Or you're doing the offline thing, doing it in person … it doesn't matter. If you spend one to two hours a day max … I say one hour a day, and in that one hour of time, that block of time, you do not prospect an individual, it is not healthy to sacrifice another two to three hours of your free time hoping the results are different on the back end of the … you know, when four hours goes by.

If you didn't do anything in the first hour, the next three are probably gonna be just as productive. So there needs to be some reflection, some accountability, get with a coach, get with somebody to help you through those barriers … whatever they might be, so you can conquer those things, so in the one hour, you can prospect 15 people, 20 people.

Because I promise you, in one hour, you can pick up 15 to 20 phone numbers, if you really want to. If you really want to, you can do it. You just need to know the right things to say, how to approach those people, it is not difficult. I've seen plenty of people do it, I've gone out there and done it, back when I was doing a lot of offline prospecting … offline recruiting.

You can do that, it's very, very possible to do that.

Now what I would recommend is you spend the last two, three hours of your day … of your free time, if you're married, with that significant other. Spend that free time with that significant other. And here's what's gonna happen, here is what's gonna happen. By putting your marriage first, it will actually lift up your business. It will actually lift up your dream, you know why? Because by putting your marriage first, which is a time thing, right?

Let's just get down to time.

First of all, you've got to have that in the equation, the time has to be there. If it's not, your marriage is not first. I don't care what you say, what anybody else tells you … if you're not putting in the time there, you might as well be completely absent, okay?

So by putting your marriage first, by putting the time into that first, guess what your spouse is gonna do? And if they're not, then this is a completely other thing that you have to figure out, maybe counseling is required, whatever.

  • your spouse is gonna appreciate you
  • your spouse is gonna respect you
  • your spouse is gonna latch on to your dreams
  • your spouse is gonna uplift you
  • your spouse is gonna push you forward and drive you forward and make you feel like a champ, so when you go out there into the world, and you're using that one hour, it becomes very efficient and productive.

That's what's going to happen if you really put your marriage first.

Don't let anybody tell you that by putting your dream first you're putting your marriage first (or insert the blank).

This is the biggest lie in network marketing ever told.

lies in network marketingIt will crush your marriage and it will crush your relationships. I say this because I've seen it.

I promise you that.

My goodness, my goodness, if someone had taught me this early on, I would have prevented a lot of things from occurring in my life. Maybe some of the people that left wouldn't have left the way they did, like a nuclear fallout.

Put your relationships first.

If you're a Christian, by the way I'm now speaking to Christians specifically … if you're a Christian you need to be putting the Lord first.

You need to be putting Jesus Christ first.

I don't care if you're Buddhist, Muslim, whatever your belief system is … but if faith is the center of who you are, then whatever it is you believe in, needs to go first. Your marriage will fall into alignment with that, especially if your faith is in support of marriage and union … and coming together and cleaving to your spouse. If your faith is in support of that, those things need to go first. Putting the business, putting the dream first, does not constitute putting these things first.

It does not. Because they are ALL time related.

You want to connect with the Lord, you wanna connect with faith, you wanna connect with God … if that is your intention … guess what it takes? It takes prayer and it takes time. It takes time. Just like any relationship.

So that is my prayer for you, that is my request to you … is that you take this going forward, you be a standard bearer for this … because guys and gals, this will save your business, it will save your relationships, and it will turn things around for you if you're struggling.

If you're spending hours a day over here, building the business, chasing the dream … and you're neglecting the important things over here, because of what somebody told you … what someone on stage told you, what a leader told you.

But I'm telling you it's true.

Then you're in the wrong.

You need to put your time where it truly matters. Which is with the people close to you in your life. Your family, your spouse, your wife, your husband, God … that's where it goes. By doing those things, guess what's gonna happen? You're gonna be uplifted, you're gonna be empowered, and you're gonna be pushed to be extremely efficient with the business time you do have.

And that four hours will only take 30 minutes to 60 minutes when you get on track. They'll help you build the vision.

Hope that helps, love you guys and gals, this is Jason Lee signing off.

Share this if you care, the biggest lie in network marketing ever told.

It really comes from the heart and I really hope you take it in.


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