A Critical bHIP Global Review – Should You Join bHIP Global?

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In this post, I am going to give you a close look at a MLM company called bHIP Global.

Maybe you have been approached by an independent representative of bHIP Global and you are not sure if you should join this multilevel marketing company. You are wise in looking at various reviews to see all the pros and cons of the company before signing on the dotted line.

I am in no way affiliated with bHIP Global and this review is completely unbiased. I am not gaining any reimbursement of any kind from the company. It is meant to educate you so you can make an informed decision.

I will tell you about the bHIP Global history, company leadership, their products, the compensation plan and I will share various testimonies on bHIP Global. So scroll down and learn more about this MLM company in this critical bHIP Global review.

bHIP Global History

This is one area that shows bHIP is probably doing something right. They have been in operation nearly 10 years, as they started operations in 2007.

According to bHIP Global founders, husband and wife Terry and Jen LaCore who both have years of experience in prior network marketing companies, they wanted to build a MLM company that can withstand economic tidal waves while have its core values intact.

And, what is bHIP's core values?

I just love how the team put these core values together using that b:

  • b positive
  • b loyal
  • b a visionary
  • b fun
  • b bold
  • b evolving
  • b exalting
  • b empowering
  • b jubilant

And by the way, the HIP stands for Helping Impact People.

bHIP Global headquarters and offices

As the name of the company implies, bHIP is truly a global company. The primary headquarters for bHIP Global are in Melissa, Texas. But bHIP Global has offices also in:

  • Hong Kong
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Mexico City
  • and Dubai, United Arab Emirates

bHIP Global Leadership

bHIP Global review

Learn about the bHIP Global Leadership

I must say that the leadership team behind bHIP Global is tremendous. There are years upon years of network marketing experience amongst this team. The leadership consists of:

  • CEO and Co-Founder – Terry LaCore
  • Co-Founder – Jen LaCore
  • COO – Joe Wood; Joe was previously an International Director at eBay.
  • Chief Legal Officer – Jenifer Grace
  • CFO – Ann Erlandsson
  • Systems Director – Sherry LaCore; Sherry has 15 years experience in network marketing.
  • CS Manager – Michelle Moles; Michelle has 8 years of MLM experience.
  • Logistics – Jim Grace
  • Hong Kong General Manager – Ann Wong; Ann has 10+ years of direct marketing experience.
  • COO North East Asia – Jeff Provost; Jeff brings over 15 years of network marketing experience to bHIP Global.
  • IT Director Asia – William Ko
  • Chairman bHIP Europe – Jan Sarfelt; Jan started in network marketing when he was 20. I won't give away his age now, but it is at least double that 20.
  • Mexico General Manager – James Raine; James has 16 years of MLM experience.
  • Mexico Director of Operations – Martha Carillo
  • General Manager Taiwan – Dora Chu; Dora brings over 10 years of network marketing experience to the table.
  • United Arab Emirates General Manager – Allan Nielsen
  • General Manager Cambodia – Casey-Lea Campbell; Casey Lea has 11 years of MLM experience.

As you can see, bHIP Global has outstanding leadership.

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The bHIP Product Line

Before joining any MLM company, you should know and use the products. bHIP Global has a wide range of products in various categories. I will tell you the categories and what products they have.

Weight Management

  • Fusion Shake Mix – A meal replacement shake that comes in vanilla or chocolate.
  • Fix – This is a supplement that controls appetite while supplying energy.

Health & Wellness

  • Patagonian Maqui Juice
  • Purple Caps Xtreme – A supplement to support a healthy immune system.

Fitness & Energy

  • Noni Gia – Powered with the Noni fruit, it has strong antioxidant properties.
  • Blue Energy Blend – Loads of energy.
  • Pink For Women – Developed to meet the unique needs of females.
  • Red For Men – Likewise, developed to meet male needs.

Personal Care

Also from bHIP Global are personal care items under the Skinnocense brand name that include:

  • Lush Lash
  • Arctic Ice Exfoliator
  • Defying Gravity Triple Action Eye Cream
  • Moisture Lift Hydrating Day cream
  • and Youth Recovery Overnight Renewal Cream

They also offer Pleasúr arousal gel.

So as you can see, bHIP Global does give a huge range of products that representatives can offer and make profits from.

The bHIP Global Compensation Plan

bHIP review

Learn about the bHIP compensation plan

From what I see and hear, bHIP reps are satisfied with the compensation plan offered by the company. I understand that it is a binary compensation plan and Independent bHIP Global business owners can earn money in 5 primary ways:

  1. Retail Profits – Each product the MLM business owner sells can get them up to 30% profit.
  2. Qualification Bonuses – MLM business owners can get a one time $50 bonus when they sponsor 2 active members.
  3. Leadership Bonuses – These are variable and are given to those who help others grow in the business.
  4. Direct Bonuses – This is a one time bonus of $11, $45 or $150 when the person sponsors any members who go above the Associate level.
  5. Team Bonuses – This is when the MLM business owner gets 10% of all their lesser leg volume. This can add up to some huge profits.

You can see and understand the complete bHIP Global compensation plan by clicking here to download the PDF.

bHIP Global – Team bFIT

Here is another cool thing bHIP Global started. It is called Team bFIT. It is a company wide plan pushing for healthy living by eating properly and exercise. The corporate team members regularly compete in events that donate the funds to charity. They include:

  • 5K and 10K runs
  • Bike runs
  • Triathalons
  • and more…

They ask that you send in your photos of your team participating in any event even if it is just a small exercise group. They share these on their bFIT blog.

bFIT merchandise

People can also order some well designed merchandise with the bFIT logo. You can get:

  • Marketing materials such as business cards
  • Accessories like watches and hair ties
  • Bags and totes
  • Electronics cases
  • Drinkware
  • and apparel like shirts, visors and more

You can get your bFIT look on…

What People Are Saying About bHIP Global

I decided to see what people are saying about bHIP global. I found several online things that I will share.

From Chicago:

“A truly unique lifetime experience” Mission at bHIP is to deliver authentic, unique health and wellness products to a global audience. By offering verifiable scientific information along with quality products, bHIP hopes to create a trustworthy and solid community for promoters, members and customers alike.

Elvira Webber from North Carolina:

“We all have different lifestyle patterns that we learn to live with. Some people are “early birds” while others are late night “animal party-type” people! Myself, I am a person who tends to get the most productivity out of my time staying up late working in my home office, but I end up paying for it as I am not “a morning-type person”. But, as Pharmacist, sometimes I have to be at the hospital as early as 6:00am!

My sleepiness and tiredness can cause a deadly mistake if I am not alert doing my pharmacy duties with 100% accuracy. All of these years, coffee was not ever a solution for me. But it all changed when I was introduced to the bHIP Energy Blend! I was very eager to try this product!

Starting with the very first drink, it only took 20 minutes to start to feel my mind becoming more clear and sharp, my body started to feel like it was filling up with energy and an overwhelming feeling of “being alive” again that early morning shift – it was a miracle!

My 12 hour shift went smoothly without any ups or downs that otherwise are caused by the use of artificial stimulants. Now, the bHIP Energy Blend little packet is my new “best friend!” I always have a few samples in my possession wherever I go! There’s no added sugar and, with only 24 calories, essential daily vitamins and amino acids, it’s all natural, and you can’t beat it!”

John Humphrey from California

“I have been having a great experience with the new bHIP Global energy drink mix. I love the taste, it's sweet, and reminds me of some of my favorite candy from my yesteryear. Yet, the drink is full of things that are actually beneficial to your health.

What a concept, tastes yummy and is good for you. Not too many of those things in the world. Since I am a great fan of energy drinks for the last couple of years, the migration to bHIP was effortless, and it is saving me tons of money on drinks during the day. bHIP Global, you guys are doing the right thing, and I can't wait for the world to enjoy this as much as I have.”

It seems like bHIP is a solid MLM company

I looked into deep recesses of the internet trying to find complaints about bHIP, but I can't find any. They must be running a tight ship.

If you want to see more about bHIP, you can visit their website at: http://bhipglobal.com/us/

bHIP is also on social media:

So, Should You Join bHIP Global?

My first response may be, NO… join me…join my team… But I am not like that.

It is great that you are researching about companies before joining them. And, I see nothing bad with bHIP Global. The company has been in operation for a long time and there are no serious complaints about the company on the internet.

I do recommend that you first try some of the products before making a decision. But overall, I will say that bHIP Global seems like a good MLM opportunity to join.

bHIP Global Conclusion

I really hope this review helps you make a wise decision on your network marketing future. If you are still having difficulty deciding on the right MLM company to join to fit your needs and lifestyle, feel free to contact me and I can help you make a good decision.

If you have joined a MLM company, be it bHIP Global or any other company, I know that one of your primary goals is to recruit other people onto your team. I know many have exhausted their warm market prospects and need to find ways to get cold market leads.

I have 1 resource that I know work exceptionally well. I want to share it with you.

  1. The Elite Postcard System – When you join the team, they mail out postcards with your affiliate number. The system even does the closing for you. You can check out the Elite Postcard System here.

Well, that's all I have today my friends. If you have anything you would add or if you have any questions, just post them below. And will you please hit the share buttons and let others see this post?

Thank you and may your MLM business have huge success.


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