A BetterNetworker Review and Is It Worth It Today

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Are you familiar with the website Betternetworker.com? If you are, I wonder how it is working out for you. If you have never heard of this website, I am going to do a review of betternetworker. I will tell you a little about the history of the website, what it offers on it and if betternetworker is actually worth joining today.

If you have some input, feel free to leave your views at the end of this post in the comment section.

The history of Betternetworker

Nearly 10 years ago, Mike Dillard started showing network marketers that it is possible to build a huge and profitable multilevel marketing business using the internet. His approach was what is called Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike wrote a top selling book that still is applicable by that same name… Magnetic Sponsoring. He also purchased magneticsponsoring.com to promote his book and system, but also in the mix, Mike bought and built the betternetworker website too.

The betternetworker website was created in October of 2007. I will explain more about that site further on in this review but first, let me tell you more about Mike Dillard.

Who is Mike Dillard?

I would wager that the majority of readers on my blog are familiar with Mike Dillard. But for the few that may not be familiar, Mike is a superstar in network marketing.

From his home in Austin, Texas, Mike was waiting tables and joined a network marketing company. Within 18 months, Mike had built a 7 figure business and he did so using primarily the internet which “threw a wrench” in what most other network marketers were preaching about the internet not being a viable option for MLM recruiting.

Mike now pursues helping other network marketers realize their dreams. And Mike's accomplishments speak for his mastery.

Mike Dillard's achievements

  • Mike was the #1 income earner in the MLM company he was with (supposedely…unverified).
  • He built a newsletter list of more than 1,000,000 people.
  • Mike created 2 publishing companies with revenues exceeding $50,000,000 (again, unverified…and keep in mind everything you see online is a “perception is reality” model of marketing. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven't seen their cash flow statements, balance sheets, or bank accounts, then there's no way to know if they're being honest).

These are just a few of Mike's accomplishments.

Why did Mike Dillard create Betternetworker?

The idea was to have a website where network marketers could intermingle and learn from each other. A subscription based website, it gained popularity immediately.

With an offer that he could not refuse, Mike Dillard decided to sell Betternetworker. The buyer was one Shaqir Miah of Mint Memo LTD in London, England.

Who is Shaqir Miah?

When I looked closer, I discover that Shaqir Miah is better known as Shaqir Hussyin. It seems Shaqir has gained a large following in coaching and training for the network marketing niche. He has been doing that since 2009.

Shaqir has created several programs that include:

  • Solo Ads Agency
  • Video Ads Agency
  • Traffic Mastery Intensive
  • and Shaqir Hussyin's Inner Circle

It seems that Shaqir saw great things with the Betternetworker website, so he purchased it from Mike Dillard. But…

What Betternetworker Dot Com Is All Aboutbetternetworker review

Before I explain how the website is running under Shaqir Miah, let me first explain what the betternetworker website is all about.

Betternetworker was created with the objective of bringing network marketers together “under one roof.” After all, we can all learn from each other. It really does not matter what MLM company a person is in, prospecting, recruiting, sponsoring and training can all be intermingled so we learn from each other.

Betternetworker is a sign up sight where you can be a part of the problem solving.

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What is on the Betternetworker website

I am just going to share with you how the Betternetworker website was set up… What each tab is all about.

Betternetworker Home Tab

The home tab first has a slide show of various interviews with people such as:

  • Shaqir himself
  • “Big Al” Schreiter
  • Sheri Sharman
  • Max Steingart
  • and more

It also tells you recent discussions and most notably, the home page has many ads in the lower area. In my opinion, this tab looks like it was set up by a person who is not very knowledgeable in website design.

Betternetworker Learn Tab

This tab has multiple sub-tabs that will lead you to discussions on various topics so you can read other network marketer's tips.

Again it has many ads and is terribly designed.

Betternetworker Leaders Library Tab

This tab shows content from the Betternetworker instructors. This includes:

  • Daegen Smith
  • Ray Higdon
  • Adam Chandler
  • and others

Betternetworker Instructors Tab

This tab simply shows all the Betternetworker instructors and links to each person's content on the Betternetworker website.

Betternetworker Companies Tab

This lists many MLM and direct sales companies and links to a basic summary on each company. This can be somewhat helpful if you want to know some basic information on MLM companies.

Betternetworker Classifieds Tab

This is a location where you can advertise affiliate, training or other network marketing materials. I have even used this as a location to list some of the great products like:

Betternetworker Forums Tab

This is where the discussions are. There are many various topics where members can ask other members questions. There are tips and advice. Overall, it seems to be a great idea, but there does need to be more moderation because I see there are many who are attempting to spam there own materials without any good information.

Betternetworker Community Tab

This is where you can search out all members of the website. This way you can send personal messages.

Betternetworker Resources Tab

This tab lists and links various resources for network marketers in:

  • Training Courses
  • Autoresponders
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Outsourcing
  • Social Media
  • and many more

Betternetworker Groups Tabbetternetworker.com

Here you can join various groups that pertain to your particular company or needs. You can find groups that are geared towards recruiting, online sales, local businesses and many others.

Betternetworker Help Tab

This is where you can get help by asking questions or reading the various terms and rules. You can discover how you can post in forums or even write articles for the Betternetworker website.

My views on the Betternetworker website

Mike Dillard started a great thing when he developed the betterworker website, but it has slipped under the ownership of Shaqir. Much of the information is outdated. I notice he has a link to Elance which integrated with another outsourcing website and became Upwork.

It just seems that the betterworker website is not being maintained as it should be. Traffic is quite low in comparison to when it first started.

Also, the design of the website is simply atrocious. I have watched teenagers design free websites that look and react much better than the betterworker website.

I am not trying to be negative

I am pointing this out to Shaqir and other website managers in hopes they will put more time and energy into building the website back to what it was. And to gain the respect and reputation the website had at one time.

I see that the betterworker website has lost trust and Google as well as other search engines give it a bad rating now. But that can be mended with the right actions.

So should you join the betterworker website?

I do believe there is still great things happening at betternetworker, but the spammers need to be slapped with penalties. There needs to be some serious website management. Too many are just posting their links without any useful information.

When you post to forums and such, it is okay to put your link or links in your signature, but you will not be taken seriously if you do not write some useful information or ask pertinent questions.

I see nothing wrong with jumping into the Betterworker family of network marketers, but I am asking that we all work together to make it a safe zone and not a stressful website to visit.

You can see more by visiting the Betternetworker website here.


So are you or have you been a member of betternetworker? I would like to hear your views on the website and what you would do to fix it. Or do you think it is good the way it is?

I truly want all network marketers to have success. While in some ways we are in competition, we also need to build multilevel marketing reputation so others realize that network marketing is a viable business opportunity. We can and should work together to do just that.

I would love to hear from Shaqir and any of the other people who manage the betternetworker website.

Hopefully, this review will help to make the changes needed to bring that website Mike Dillard created back into a good view of all MLM home business owners.

Thank you for stopping in to read today's post. Please leave your questions and comments below. And, will you also please share this post with your social media friends?

Thanks and may you have great success in your network marketing business.


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