The Best Network Marketing Companies To Partner With In 2017

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As the economy seems to be acting much like a wild ride on a roller coaster, more and more people have discovered that working from home can be in their best interest. But, is the answer in still working for another company?

People are discovering that owning their own business has better advantages. And since many of these new entrepreneurs do not have the funds or means to invest large capital in a traditional company, they have committed to searching for the best network marketing companies.

I have decided to help you find the best network marketing companies to partner with in 2017

Before we get started though, you need to understand that taking on an entrepreneurship in network marketing does not mean you do not have to work. Yes, you will work much of your time from home, but you still have to work.

Too many individuals jump in to network marketing with the idea that they can just join, sit back and “the money tree” will immediately start dropping $100 bills in their lap.

I have news for you

Just like any business you start, a network marketing business means hard work, diligence and personal development. You will want to create a plan and follow it. And, you are at the right website to learn what you need to succeed in network marketing.

So I recommend that after reading and finding which of the best network marketing companies you want to fastest growing mlm companiespartner with, you start reading and learning from the vast amount of information I have installed here on the website, and be sure and hook up with me for a chat to see how we can get your network marketing business “firing on all cylinders.”

I can, and will help you understand how to manage a business instead of reacting like an employee

Now let's help you find a great network marketing company to partner with in 2017.

2017 best network marketing companies #1: Ariix

Ariix was founded in 2011 and they are climbing quickly to the top of the network marketing mountain. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Ariix is such a great network marketing company that Tim Sales even came out of retirement to join this network marketing powerhouse.

Ariix revenues

It was evident the moment Ariix started that they were geared for success. In their first year, they had approximately $23,000,000 in revenues. In 2015, that figure was over $112,000,000. They had one month last year that was worth $13,500,000 and at that rate, they should easily come quite close to $140,000,000 for the 2016 fiscal period.

Ariix leadership

To build such an amazing company, there must be exceptional leadership. Ariix has leaders who were, and are prepared to help anyone who partners with them highly successful.

Ariix leaders include:

  • Fred Cooper – Founder and CEO – Dr. Cooper was the primary developer of the Ariix compensation plan that keeps distributors smiling.
  • Mark Wilson – Founder and President – Mark is the link to keeping the distributors hooked tight with company management.
  • Jeff Yates – Founder and CFO – Jeff is the person who makes sure the Ariix finances are completely error free.
  • Riley Timmer – Founder and COO – The Ariix definition of positive in all aspects is Riley Timmer. Always focused on success, Riley is holding the reigns.
  • Deana Latson – Founder and CPO – Deanna is driving the product enhancement. She was the primary factor in the Ariix health and wellness line.
  • Wenhan Harry Zhang – Founder and CIO – Wenhan is a master of technology and creating systems to help the distributors as well as the company.
  • Ian Chandler – Founder and CSO – Ian is the driving force in bring the international community into the Ariix atmosphere. He has a strong understanding of culture.

Ariix brands

One thing I have found from Ariix independent reps is their happiness with the wide range of brands they can sell. This is one of the primary factors that drives Ariix in the #1 position of best network marketing companies.

Ariix brands that carry the Ariix Seal of Approval include:

Ariix compensation plan

A unique compensation plan, it is called the activ8 plan. It is a multi-line plan that pays on unlimited width and depth. Many claim Ariix has the best compensation plan in the history of MLM.

You can download the Ariix comp plan here and decide for yourself, I think you're going to like what you see.

Lastly, if you didn't already know, Ariix has a trademarked Ariix Bill of Rights, the primary reason my wife and I ultimately pulled the trigger. It's unique in the industry and built into their policies and procedures. It basically gives the field of distributors a balance of power LEGALLY, allowing us to veto decisions that corporate management makes that could ultimately impact our revenue.

An example would be if management wanted to change the comp plan. The field (us), could veto that and stop the modification from occurring. It truly gives us control over revenue to the maximum extent possible.

If you are a leader and you are here looking for a company, I highly recommend taking a look at the Bill of Rights. One of my mentors and a top earner in Ariix moved from his previous company for this very reason. They were changing the comp plan on him for the worse, not the better. To read about his gut wrenching story make sure you download a free copy of The Ultimate Network Marketing Report.

Regardless of which company you decide to partner with however, here is an Infinity Team Training Video we did that will help you to get started right with your Warm Market:


2017 best network marketing companies #2: Vasayo

Are you saying, “Jason, who in the world is Vasayo?”

Don't sweat it, I understand. But believe me, I predict before the year of 2017 is finished, Vasayo will become a household name.

Vasayo was essentially launched in November of 2016, and products were released just a few weeks ago. The Vasayo headquarters are in Lehi, Utah.

Normally people shy away from brand new network marketing companies, but because of the leadership and product development behind Vasayo, it is my opinion that many people will jump on board.

Vasayo revenues

Because of the fact that Vasayo is so new, I cannot give any information on Vasayo revenues, but if I were to predict, I would say that Vasayo's first year may break revenue records.

Vasayo leadership

Here is where Vasayo gets their place as #2 in best network marketing companies. Who can forget the excellent way Mona Vie began, but their downfall has been a learning experience.

Yes, the founder of Vasayo is the Larsens. Dallin and Karree were the brain children behind Mona Vie, and they learned from the issues that drove Mona Vie under.

You should also know that Dallin was a key figure with Usana in the 1990's and helped grow that company.

The other founders of Vasayo are:

  • Dan Zhu – Dan is a master of managing Asian markets
  • Daniel Picou – Daniel is the master in the area of business strategy

With these 4 along with a strong set of executives, Vasayo is poised for supreme success.

Vasayo brand

Vasayo is built around the Microlife brand and Microlife science. Products include:

Vasayo compensation plan

Dallin Larsen has been managing MLM companies for many years. He knows that the strength of the company lies in the independent representatives. This means the company must reward those people well.

After viewing the Vasayo compensation plan, it is quite easy to see how they will grow quickly. People will be begging to start a Vasayo home based business.

See for yourself by downloading the Vasayo Rewards Plan here.

2017 best network marketing companies #3: Rodan and Fields

You may remember those late night infomercials about Proactiv skin care showing to women who claimed to be Doctors. They ARE Doctors. And Rodan and Fields grew quite popular with their Proactiv line.

Founded back in 2002, the first methods were to sell in high-end department stores, but soon there was a realization that not only could the company help people with their skin, they also could help people with their financial needs. It would be a win/win situation.

Rodan and Fields has been a strong network marketing company ever since that decision, and they just keep growing stronger.

Rodan and Fields revenues

Rodan and Fields held the #33 position in the Direct Selling News Global 100. Their revenues for 2015 came in at $624, 000,000. From outlooks and the number of new sign ups, revenues are going to be much higher when all is figured for the 2016 fiscal count. Look for Rodan and Fields to be quite near that $700 million mark.

Rodan and Fields leadership

You saw them on television and yes, they are still a major part of the company they founded – Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields both trained as dermatologists at Stanford University.

Other leaders include:

  • Amnon Rodan – Chairman
  • Dianne Dietz – President and CEO
  • Chris Newman – CFO
  • Heidi Wissmiller – COO
  • Ralph Loura – CTO
  • and many other great leaders

Rodan and Fields Brands

Rodan and Fields is always testing and creating new products, and I am sure we are soon to see new brands released. At this time, all of their brands are primarily related to skin care or personal care. Brands consist of:

Rodan and Fields compensation plan

There are women all over, and some men too, who are living a lavish lifestyle because they started their own Rodan and Fields network marketing business. Rodan and Fields enters this best network marketing companies list based a lot on their compensation plan. With so many happy distributors, it is a sure bet they will continue to grow in huge ways.

You can see more about the Rodan and Fields compensation plan, by downloading this PDF.

2017 best network marketing companies #4: Le-Vel

This somewhat new network marketing company that started in 2012 earned their respectable place as #4 of best network marketing companies since in that short time they sit at #48 on the Direct Selling News (DSN) Global 100 List.fastest growing network marketing companies

When someone asks where Le-Vel is headquartered, I simply tell them in the cloud. This always requires more explanation; Le-Vel saves a lot of overhead costs by managing all the business using Cloud Technology.

Le-Vel revenues

As I mentioned earlier, Le-Vel is in the 48th position on the DSN Global 100. Being a network marketing company only operating 4 years, that is a great feat. Their 2015 revenues topped $349,000,000 and I look to see them getting close to the ½ billion mark by the end of 2017.

Le-Vel leadership

Le-Vel was started and is managed by 2 men who have tons of experience in direct selling and health and wellness. They are:

  • Paul Gravette
  • Jason Camper

Le-Vel Brand – Thrive

Everything about Le-Vel is focused on your health and wellness. The brand they have built to extreme heights is Thrive. The Thrive product line goes after the health and wellness needs people require daily. Products include:

And, the company is busy testing and creating new products to add to their line.

Le-Vel compensation plan

Le-Vel has developed a great compensation plan, and as I look at Facebook posts from Le-Vel Thrive distributors, I see extreme glee with the rewards they receive.

I must admit that it was difficult finding the exact plan, but after searching hard I found it and you can download it here.

2017 best network marketing companies #5: Life Matters

Headquartered in beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Life Matters is owned by long time network marketing professionals who desire to provide a great future for those who are truly building this health and wellness company to greatness… the independent home based business owners.

Originally founded in 2010 and named Life Shotz, in 2015 the name was changed with Life Shotz staying one of their major brands.

Life Matters revenues

I could not find much information on the Life Matters revenues, but when I look at the success that representatives are enjoying, and the amount of people joining every month, this network marketing company highly deserves to be on this best network marketing companies list.

They are poised to grow in a phenomenal way in 2017.

Life Matters leadership

The leadership behind Life Matters is the driving force behind providing a great method for normal people to become great business leaders.

Here is some of that team:

  • Richard and Kimmy Brooke – Founders and owners – I can personally attest to the caliber of these two people. Kimmy has graciously been on our podcast Unleashing The Alpha Networker twice and cares deeply about the profession as does her husband Richard Brooke. You can listen to the latest episode with Kimmy where we discuss her new book: The Four Year Career for Women. Or click here to listen to our first interview on Team Building and Duplication.
  • Lisa Jimenez – Advisory Board and owner
  • Dr. Todd Schlapfer – Advisory Board
  • Melissa Gulbranson – VP of Marketing and owner
  • and many more great leaders

Life Matters brands

As I mentioned, Life Matters started as Life Shotz which is still one of their brands. It will revitalize your body and bring out natural energy. Other brands include:

  • Vibe – This is a meal replacement that comes in a variety of flavors
  • Mind – A supplement that helps build your brain power
  • Motion – A supplement restores flexibility

And, Life Matters has a 10 day reset program that people love.

Life Matters compensation plan

Here is where the “rubber meets the road.” As I said, the leadership has been in network marketing for years, and they know what will satisfy those who are keeping the company strong… Independent distributors.

Check out the Life Matters comp plan by download here.

Best network marketing companies 2017 conclusion

There you have my take on the best network marketing companies to partner with in 2017. It is wise to do due diligence in your research. That is why I made this article.

So, below are links to each company website once again if you would like to look into becoming an independent distributor, or what I like to call an independent business owner.


I just know you can find the right business opportunity for you.

Thanks for visiting and keep coming back.

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