MLM Events You Must Attend if You Want to Become A Top Earner

Becoming a top earner in your company depends on a few things, however none are more critical than attending MLM events that accelerate your growth in the network marketing profession.

Here is why.

You may be thinking at this point: I don't need events. I'm motivated enough as it is. I can get there without all the rah-rah stuff that fires most people up. It's a waste of my time, I could be recruiting and getting customers instead.

MLM Events5 Reasons Why MLM Events Are Crucial:

And although this might be true in your particular circumstance, it isn't the case for most people entering the network marketing profession.

#1: Most new network marketing distributors don't yet have the belief in themselves or the model yet to make it work.

Live network marketing events are a great way to help new distributors and business owners build their belief. By getting around other people in the company that are successful it creates a mentality of “if that guy or gal can do it, then I'm going to crush this thing.”

#2: It is a great way to meet the founders of the company and network with other top earners.

By meeting the founders of the company it puts a strong measure of belief in the new person. Be sure to introduce your new people to the founders and other top performers in your company so they can begin to understand the culture they are a part of.

By integrating into a powerful culture a new distributor will begin to feel a sense of purpose that will prove to help them stay engaged longer. By remaining in the business longer it gives them a greater chance of success.

#3: It helps them realize they are not alone.

In some instances with the internet now it's easy to feel like you're alone in this business. This is even more true now with people sponsoring others at a distance. If you were brought into your company by someone at a distance and didn't receive the help you needed don't give up hope just yet.

By attending your company MLM convention you can submerge yourself in an environment where you really can see it's not just you out there paving the way.

Your company MLM events also help you network with other leaders that may have training systems you can access for help.

We personally have worked with cross-lines in our company and given them access to our training systems to support the growth of their future teams.

#4: MLM events give representatives access to cutting edge training, new product launches, and information they may not get otherwise.

Attending your company network marketing conventions gives you the head start on field reps that don't attend those same events.

At many of these events the corporate management team will make special announcements such as the release of new products, the intent to enter new international markets, product discounts with special promo codes (you can then pass on to your team), and more.

It provides those that attend with the realization that they truly are special and valued since they were willing to do things others were not: attend an event.

I've personally been at MLM events where people in the audience were acknowledged for driving 2000 plus miles just to be there.

Now that's commitment, and it's to be respected, not shamed! Where most will say you're crazy, the few at the top will say “job well done.”

#5: In some cases live MLM events provide workshops that help field representatives acquire the skills they need in order to build their businesses.

Skill development is vital in a new business owners ability to build their business successfully.

The worst thing you can do is pretend that everything is a confidence related issue and when people don't perform it's because their dream simply isn't big enough.

There are two things that prevent a new person from performing: lack of sufficient skill or training, and fear.

If you haven't identified that it's a skill deficiency issue, there's no way of telling whether or not they aren't performing due to a fear based one. Sometimes people don't perform simply because they don't know what they have to do.

You can not identify and isolate a person's lack of performance to fear until you measure the other variable.

MLM events are crucial in this sense especially when they provide skill-based training.

Some network marketing conventions don't provide much training in the area of skill development, however the ones that do are crucial in driving attendance.

Ok, so now that we've discussed WHY you must drive attendance to live events let's get into which ones you should actually ATTEND.

MLM Events I Recommend:

Keep in mind here that your company MLM events are more important in my professional opinion.

The best culture I've seen in the network marketing profession requires live event attendance at a quarterly interval.

So what this means is that if your company currently only holds events once per year it's up to you to drive your team to the other ones that will help them get results.

If your company holds events three times per year, I recommend picking just one of the MLM events from the list below in the order they are listed.

Try to space them out to one every three months.

The best schedule is to totally avoid November and December. These months typically see low attendance due to the holidays.

If you've paid attention to some of the major network marketing events in the industry, have you noticed yet how none of them tend to occur during the last two months of the year? There's a reason for that. There's only a very few select events that have theirs in those months and that's because they can, and they're usually the 800 pound gorillas of events.

For the best attendance try to head to a live network marketing event in January, April, July, and October.

If you're company holds events quarterly already then there's technically no need to attend the events below, but it's definitely worth your time to do so as an individual even if your team doesn't go. You can attend, take pictures, get videos, and then stream the event to your team as your own private event!

So here they are, in order of preference:

MLM Event #1: Go Pro Recruiting Mastery

Date: December 1-4, 2016 at Las Vegas Convention Center

Remember how I mentioned the 800 pound gorilla of network marketing events.

This is it.

There aren't any other MLM events on the face of the planet I can think of that can attract both Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, at the SAME TIME!

Regardless of how your company events are scheduled I would do everything in my power to get your team to this event. It literally coughs out leaders it's so good. And 2016 looks to be like one of the best years ever with Tony Robbins and Richard Branson speaking.

Go Pro is put together by Eric Worre and his team. Eric is a generic consultant in the network marketing profession and delivers some of the best training that can be found out there.

If you're interested in boosting your recruiting results and driving customers to your products I highly recommend attending Eric's event.

At Go Pro, you'll have a chance to connect and network with some of the biggest names in the industry, all gathered in one place.

MLM Event #2: ANMP (Association of Network Marketing Professionals)

Date: Usually around June in Dallas, Texas

I had the great opportunity to attend ANMP 2016 and it was a blast.

I attended as a member of the advisory board for ntwrkr magazine with Christopher Hussey and we got to know some 60+ leaders during our visit.

Some of the speakers that presented from stage during that event included:

  • Matt Morris
  • Cedrick Harris
  • Amber Voight
  • Keith Halls
  • Jordan Adler
  • Lisa Grossmann
  • Curtis Broome
  • Todd Falcone (gave him a ride from the airport to the hotel with Chris, what a blast)
  • Kevin Marino
  • Doug Firebaugh
  • Simon Chan

This list is not all-inclusive, but represents the firepower that was in attendance at that event. A few other individuals that I happened to connect with included Kosta Gara, author of Organic Networker, and Chris Records, who was there networking to get the word out on a new venture he's currently working on.

All-in-all it was an amazing network marketing event which I'll definitely be going back to.

MLM Event #3: Top Earner Academy

Date: April 15-17 2016 in Fort Myers, Florida (event already over, don't purchase tickets if you visit the sales page!)

A friend and business partner of mine, Ray Higdon, hosts this event once a year near his home town of Fort Myers. If you're interested in crossing stage at your company events, branding yourself online, building a dynamic business, and just plain crushing it Ray's event is one you'll definitely want to attend.

Our partner Tim Sales had the opportunity to speak at this years Top Earner Academy and much of what Ray and Tim do in the online world is taught at this event.

I had the opportunity to visit with Ray in Fort Myers recently and I can say it's one of the most beautiful areas of Florida I've seen, and I've traveled the state extensively.

One of the reasons I respect what Tim and Ray do so much is because they keep the important things in this profession the important things. Tim is by far one of the best trainers I've ever seen, and that's coming from a certified expert in SAT (systematic approach to training) methodology.

I'm not sure when Tim will cross the stage at Ray's event again, but it's one network marketing event that you don't want to miss if it happens.

Some of the skills you'll learn at one of Ray Higdon's MLM events include:

  • Prospecting and MLM recruiting
  • Social media marketing and recruiting online
  • Presenting and public speaking
  • Overcoming fear and disbelief
  • Becoming an expert

MLM Event #4: Mastermind Event

Date: November 19-21 2016 in Orlando, Florida

Mastermind is a live MLM event run by Art Jonak and although it is considerably smaller than Go Pro, it is still worth checking out.

The environment is much more intimate and allows you the chance to really network with some of the top producers. Some of the notable speakers that are attending the 2016 event include Randy Gage, Sarah Robins, and Tom “Big Al” Schreiter to name a few: all of whom have built teams in the tens if not hundreds of thousands.

Mastermind Event focuses on leadership, team building, duplication, and the fundamental skill sets that allow network marketing professionals to succeed.

Other Marketing Events to Consider:

And although the events above are fantastic, if you really want to kick your marketing skills into overdrive there are about 100+ other events outside the network marketing space you could attend each year to really grow.

I highly suggest you focus on a live event or two that corresponds to a skill you've decided to master.

So if you are an SEO practitioner I would recommend attending Mozcon in Seattle.

If you enjoy Social Media then perhaps jumping in on the Social Media Marketing World is where you want to go.

Either way, never stop developing your skills and learning more as you grow. Education is a constant process that should never end if you truly want to go big at anything you do.


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