The Best MLM Companies Today That Virtually Guarantee Success

best mlm companies

Welcome to this article on the Best MLM Companies Today That Virtually Guarantee Your Success.

Now, I will preface this with the fact that any network marketing company, MLM company, you decide to join is going to take hard work. I've never met a single person in the industry, top runner or otherwise, that's made any kind of income, whether it's $500 a month or $100,000 a month, that has done it with their hands in their pockets.

leading mlm companies

It takes work!

Typically it takes working the phone, generating leads, moving beyond your warm market and things like that. Regardless of what we see here and what we cover here and some of the things I'm about to discuss with respect to these companies, it is going to take some effort on your part.

It takes time!

mlm takes timeIf you really want to go full-time in the profession, you might want to give yourself at least two to three to four years. If you're working super hard, two years, you could do it in two. I've seen it done in two. I've seen it done in under two. Most people that roll up their sleeves, they go at it full-time and they really give it a go in the industry, takes them four years to produce a substantial full-time income where you're doing six figure, seven figures a year, that sort of thing.

It takes work.

Don't let the headline of the article or the video make you think that this is easy, simple. I'm not trying to promote this on hype?

Let's get into the article, Best MLM Companies, Best Network Marketing Companies. This is for the year 2018 and beyond. Going forward, until I see otherwise, this is what I would recommend if you're looking at this industry deciding to give it a go.

I've either worked with top earners that are in these companies, or I met the leadership team or ownership team of these companies.

A partner of mine by the name of Kosta Gara runs a company called Gara Group. They work with companies like these on the back-end, behind the scenes, doing things like:

  • building back offices,
  • designing comp plans,
  • helping them set up shipping and logistics,
  • encapsulating their products if they're a health and wellness company,

…all that kind of stuff, even hosting live events.

I've been blessed and had the privilege of being able to work on both sides of the coin in the profession.

If you are a top earner and you're here, make sure you reach out.

We did an article similar to this a couple of years back. It was same kind of title, very similar title, Best MLM Companies. One of those companies at the time, which was later sold to another network marketing company, so they don't exist anymore, was a company that was owned by Richard Bliss Brooke. That company, I won't give you the name because it's not important anymore, because they don't even exist, but there were people that were coming into our article, clicking on that company name and then going and signing up inside Richard's company.

I got a call from Richard a few years ago, which lead to business between us. We helped him out in a number of ways and worked with his team and stuff on some of their websites. He was talking to these people that were coming into his company. They're like, “Where are you guys coming from?” “Oh we found this article online,” so he reached out to me and thanked me for putting 40 people into his company indirectly. We didn't even know it was going on.

Plus, it's more value to the industry.

mlm takes work

It's a lot of value to people who are interested in getting the right information. There's a lot of information out there right now, I'll tell you. In fact, the number one article, last I checked on Google, isn't the best article to go to in order to learn about best MLM companies. The guy who, I won't give you his name, but the guy who cut that article, he's anti-MLM. I mean he talks about the 50 top companies in the network marketing profession, and then talks about why he didn't like it or why he couldn't make it work, and why he decided to be an internet marketer instead, which is usually because people quit and give up too early or whatever.

This stuff really works.

I made a lot of money. I have friends who have made a lot of money, still make a lot of money at it.

One of my good friends, Duke Tubtim, makes $100,000 plus a month. I mean probably more than that now. That was a couple of years back. It works. You just got to work it.

Not necessarily every article you find online, like the one I just gave you as an example, is going to be the best one to go to. The guy probably doesn't know anything about any of those companies. He probably just listed them. He's probably going to see this article when it starts ranking, get upset and bash me.

That's okay. I'm here to protect you, because you came to this article looking for real information about the best MLM companies. The reason you Googled that phrase is because you're probably interested. To go to one of those other articles where there's an anti-MLM person trying to convert you to do something else or whatever, it doesn't really serve you the best way.

Let's get into it.

The best MLM companies here, they're in no particular order.


best network marketing companiesDon't pay attention to 1 to 10, because what might be 1 to me might not be number 1 to you.

You might be more interested in a different kind of product or service or comp plan or whatever. I don't know what your interest is in the industry or why you're reading this article.

These are the top 10 companies in my opinion. I've looked at all of them, spoken with top earners or the corporate team in a lot of them, and have been around the block in this industry.

I can just tell you, these companies right here, they have a great combination of products and/or services, compensation plan and leadership behind them. Meaning most of the leaders in these companies have experience either growing previous network marketing companies to the billion dollar mark per year in sales, expanding into international markets and likewise.

There are some things here, let me grab a marker here. There's some things about these companies that are all standard and common, right? Proven corporate experience, so the leadership team that owns the company has done it before. Or maybe they were top earners in the field, and then they started a company.

  • The team has backing.
  • They have credibility in the industry, or they've done it before.
  • There is immense experience doing it before.

Number two, their compensation plan is above average.

They have a strong compensation plan. Believe it or not, unfortunately, there are broken compensation plans out there. There are old compensation plans that, even the company maybe a billion dollar company, but the comp plan is broke.

  • It's old,
  • it's broke.
  • It doesn't pay well.

It doesn't incentivize people to pass the people above them, meaning if I sponsored somebody, the comp plan doesn't incentivize me to want the guy below me to pass me. If he does, my paycheck gets cut.

This is really important, and you want to pay really close attention to this.

If you don't and you join the wrong company and they've got a broken comp plan that you're not aware of, it can hurt you in the long run. After you've spent thousands of hours building your business, you could end up finally realizing, “Oh my gosh. This comp plan's broke.” Then, you wasted all your time and effort building someone else's dream knowing full well in your heart that it's not the right place to be, because the comp plan's broke and unfair.

Be careful with that.

All these shouldn't have that problem, shouldn't have that problem whatsoever. They all have very fair, generous compensation plans. You won't have to worry about that.

Number three, they have an incredible product line or service line.

mlm productsMost of them, you'll notice, are health and wellness. There's a reason for that. It's because the health and wellness aspect of network marketing does really, really well.

Service companies, as great as they are, they typically don't run the long distance. I've seen them go for 20 years and then crash and burn. Now, there's some that are still around. They've been around a long time. The lion's share of network marketing companies that do well, hit the billion dollar mark and continue to grow and expand internationally, they're typically health and wellness companies, which all of them are.

This company right here, ARIIX, actually just launched a travel line. They actually do sell a service now, which was recent, but all the other ones are health and wellness exclusively.

Great products, right?

They have incredible products.

They have a strong quality program where they spend a lot of money in R&D developing their products, making sure they work, they're not just something that can be duplicated by another company and then repackaged and re-branded as something different even though it's the same thing.

Some of these companies out there, believe it or not, this is a sad thing to say, but some of these companies know where other companies manufacture their products. They go to the same vendor and they have their stuff built there to the same guidelines, not much different except the package is different. The product name is different. You're comparing apples and apples with some of them. Try the product. This is the end all, be all point here. If you're in doubt, try the product. Find a rep, try the product, see if it works for you, right?

If you're not sure about Modere's product line, give it a try. If you're not sure about Le-Vel, find a rep, try their product. See if it works for you or not. My wife has tried products from different companies, because we have friends all over the industry. Some of the products and some of the companies just don't work for us. They don't work for my wife. She tried some hair stuff, her hair started falling out. I mean, so you got to try stuff to figure out if it works. You could read reviews all day long, but guess what? Some of the reviews online are doctored. Sad to say, but some of them aren't real. Some of the reviews aren't real. Not everything you read on the internet, just because it's on Google and ranked number one, means it's real, accurate or truthful.

Be careful.

  • Rodan + Fields, try the product.
  • Young Living,
  • Youngevity,
  • Kyani.

Great company, Kyani. Got a good friend named John Abbas. He owns a company called Nemo Pro, which is network marketing binders, they are customizable. You can open them up and plan out your year, book your calendar up. It's got all sorts of network marketing stuff that's specific to our industry. shaklee mlmJohn's done a great job with that product. He's top earner, 7500 people, something like that, on his team in Kyani. The guy's a rock star. In fact, I'll probably be reaching out to John, see if he wants to cut a video for his company on this article.

Shaklee, been around 50 years.

Been around as long as Amway.

Amazing products.

They have some great probiotic. If you don't know what a probiotic is, look it up. It's for gut health. If you don't know anything about gut health, I suggest you start learning because the health of your gut's going to determine pretty much the health of your body. They have a great probiotic which helps with that. I love their products.

Ty Tribble, one of the first internet marketers I ever saw online, introduced me to this company back in the day when he was building it. In fact, I tried a bunch of their products. I took their products for a long, long time. In fact, I took their products, this is just me personally, but I took their products until I found this company. Then, I started taking their products and I've taken ARIIX's products ever since.

Shaklee is an incredible company, been around forever. Won't do you wrong. Oprah Winfrey endorses this company, which is something else.

Forever Living, of course, and all of them, like I said, have very fair comp plans.

They have proven leadership teams. The field's pretty strong. Typically, the field in these companies is growing, both in the US market and abroad. A lot of other companies, you'll notice, if you start really digging into them and looking at sales growth and looking here in the States and looking internationally, they're growing internationally maybe, but they're shrinking in the States.

Be careful with the company you pick.

At first, typically, you're going to build locally. You're going to build a local team. When you do that, the reputation of the company is going to determine how many leads you need to generate in order to hit a certain level.

If I'm with, for example, an old company that's got a bad reputation, I may need to generate 30 leads to get two sign ups. Whereas if I'm with a company like iGalen, which is relatively new … They have incredible products.

One of their owners, Dr. Rajen, is just a phenomenal leader in the industry. They have a master distributor up in Canada; she is just a rock star. Their products are super good. They have a lot of research and development in them.

Anyway, comp plan is sound.

If you were to build this company locally, nobody, I promise you, nobody locally has heard of iGalen.

You go ask anybody, pick 10 people in your circle. Ask them, “Hey. You ever heard of iGalen?” Guess what they're going to say? “No. What's that?” The door's wide open for you. Whereas if you go to someone and you say something like, “Have you ever heard of Mary Kay or Avon or Amway or whatever?” They're going to have an opinion, whether it's good or bad or indifferent, they're going to have an opinion. I might need to generate 30 leads to get two sign ups in Amway.

With the same skill set, given my skill set, same skill set, I may need to talk to 30 people to get two or three sign ups. Whereas in iGalen, I could talk to 30 people and maybe get back 30%, right? I could hit, out of 30 people, I could probably get 10 people, 10 to 12 people to look at the presentation. I could bat 30 to 40% again, and probably get four to five sign ups. I'm going to do twice as much work in a company with a bad reputation to get the same result.

That's not even considering the comp plan.

iGalen's comp plan pays out way more than a company like Amway's, for example. Not bashing on Amway, I'm just giving you the facts. The comp plan is also going to determine that number. How much work do you want to do to get to where you want to get?

That's just a numbers game. That's a numbers game. If you're here and you're wondering about the industry, these are the things that you really need to consider. These three things are the big ones, proven leadership, comp plan and I'm looking in the phone. The words are backwards, it's like looking in a mirror. Comp plan and then the product or service has to work, has to be real, legitimate and it has to work. That's what I recommend to you.

Here's the top companies, no particular order.

best multilevel marketing companies

#1 – ARIIX and iGalen

#3 – Modere

#4 – Le-Vel

#5 – Rodan and Fields

#6 – Young Living

#7 – Youngevity

#8 – Kyani

#9 – Shaklee

#10 – Forever Living

NOTE: If you're looking for a leader in any of these companies be sure to click the Contact tab below and reach out, I can provide private recommendations for you any time.

If I were to remake this list and it were my list and I were picking a company for me in order of preference, I would probably put Kyani up here at number three and Modere would be number four.

I didn't put them in any particular order really except for what popped into my head as I was looking through all the companies here in the US today.

Shaklee and then Forever Living.

Best wishes in your business endeavors if you're already in the field. If you're not, congratulations. You've found a good industry. Stick with it, roll up your sleeves, do some work and create passive income the likes of which you've never seen. Just don't quit. Don't listen to the quitters and don't quit.


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