TAN 011: Attraction Marketing Tips to Improve Your Internet Network Marketing Game with Diane Hochman

In show 11 I get to interview network marketing professional and trainer Diane Hochman.

Diane walks us through the strategies she uses on a daily basis to help build her organization.  She also offers some attraction marketing tips and principles that have helped many struggling network marketers finally find success.

What a blast this interview was, an absolute pleasure to be on the call with this fine lady for nearly an hour!

This Episode Will Cover

  • Diane's daily action steps to create an audience online.
  • How Diane stays motivated even when she doesn't want to build her business, and how you can too!
  • What attraction marketing is (including funded proposals), and how to implement it in your network marketing business to achieve success.
  • How Diane turns her cold market into a warm market using the power of social media.
  • How the internet can be your network marketing saving grace if you're a busy mother struggling for time.

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