25 Attraction Marketing Tips To Help You Sponsor More MLM Reps

Mike Dillard

Attraction marketing was first introduced into the network marketing industry in 2005-2006.Mike Dillard attraction marketing

The term was marketed by Mike Dillard (not the original creator of the concept, but I digress), who essentially mastered the skill of copywriting and utilized that skill to build a massive 8 figure business in network marketing (most of the income was from the sale of info products, I could not validate Mike's income in Xango, his primary business opportunity).

Before attraction marketing hit the scene network marketing was largely being done belly to belly.  Mike Dillard's flagship Magnetic Sponsoring eBook is credited with bringing the network marketing industry into the internet marketing age.

Before this point network marketers were still building businesses the old-fashioned way; running around at malls, Walmart, and the leadership section at Barnes & Nobles trying to “get” people.

Like him or hate him, Mike Dillard changed the industry forever.

But you're not here to learn about Mike Dillard.  You're here because you want some juicy fast-food tips on the attraction marketing concepts Magnetic Sponsoring coined.

No problem.

But before you read the full article, watch the clip.

The next 25 attraction marketing tips are designed to help you build a foundation so you know the direction you need to head in order to start attracting and generating targeted MLM leads online.

The following tips are in no particular order.


Tip #1: Study Copywriting Daily

When Mike Dillard first launched his eBook it sold for somewhere around $40.  In exchange for the book, people also gave Mike their email addresses so he could market to them on a consistent basis.

This is what's called a “self funded proposal.”  In other words, the buyer was paying him enough to cover his marketing and advertising expenses for an informational product that he provided to them.

Copywriting, if you haven't heard the term, is basically knowing what to write and how to write it in order to lead the reader down a “slippery slide” and ultimately to a buying decision.  It's the art of sales in the written form.

In order to master this skill, Mike tapped into many of the all-time great copywriters, including the likes of Frank Kern, Joe Sugarman, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, and Dan Kennedy.  He openly stated that in order to learn this skill he would hand write their material for a couple of hours every night until he was good enough to produce copy at their level.

If you're looking for free resources make sure to visit The Gary Halbert Letters archive, where you can read through some of his best work for free.

Here are four of the best books to read on copywriting that I know of.

Tip #2: Start A Blog (one of the most powerful attraction marketing tips)

When attraction marketing was in its infancy, blogs were not really necessary.  Today I would say you can not live without one.

Even Mike Dillard has caved in and started his own blog.  Up until recently, he was about the ONLY internet network marketer I would say that didn't have one.

Here's a list of notable network marketing professionals that have blogs if you're having a hard time envisioning that you need one: Casey Eberhart, Daegan Smith, Jonathan Budd, Ty Tribble, David Wood, Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Eric Worre, Mike Dillard, Raymond Fong, Rob Fore, and the list goes on.

The easiest way to start one is to visit Bluehost.  It's pretty cheap and you can install WordPress for free.

After that it's just a matter of choosing a theme and putting in some time for content generation and design.  I used OptimizePress to build this entire site myself, it's extremely powerful.

Great content and great design will account for 50% of your blog's overall growth and ability to attract and retain an audience.

Tip #3: Learn How To Present

Learning how to communicate to a crowd, whether you are speaking to a video camera via a webinar, or to a live audience, is crucial in becoming a top earner.

Every movement you make, gesture you use, and word you speak will either draw in or repel a potential prospect.

Here are four books to help get you started (affiliate links):

Tip #4: Look Like An Attractive Sponsor

This may sound a bit harsh, but the truth is you'll be judged within the first 10 seconds of meeting a stranger (online or offline).

Subconsciously we are always sizing each other up, whether we like it or not.

So just ask yourself this question: if you were standing in front of yourself, based on visual appearance alone, would you want to work with you?

If the answer's “no,” then take the action to look the part.

You won't attract leaders into your business if you dress like you're going to a KISS concert smelling like cigarette smoke.

Some of the most important things I do for the day start in the morning when I decide to shave (or at least groom) my facial hair, brush my teeth, and style my hair.  Even putting on clothes that convey the message of success is something I've made a habit of doing before going out for the day, regardless of what I'm doing.

I always assume if I'm away from my doorstep that there's a possibility of running into the next superstar.

I won't sponsor him or her if I'm not at least business casual (more than likely).

Tip #5: Master Email Marketing

I highly recommend using a service like Aweber from my network marketing tools page.  They have some extremely helpful video tutorials to learn their system.

Once you have a blog setup and an ethical bribe in place like the eBook I wrote, you'll want to communicate regularly with the people who opt in.  I used Mac Pages to build my eBook in a 3 column format, similar to what Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income did with his eBook “eBooks The Smart Way.”

This will ultimately lead to more sales and more sign ups.

The people who don't want to be part of your primary opportunity may still be interested in learning from you in exchange for using your affiliate links.

It's a win-win scenario.

Tip #6: Learn How To Design Capture Pages and Lead Funnels

After you've learned copywriting to some degree you'll be able to mesh that skill with the creation of a capture page and lead funnel.

These web pages will be designed for the sole purpose of capturing email addresses so you can implement your email marketing campaigns.

clickfunnels attraction marketing

I use to believe that Leadpages was the best service out there. And for well over two years I was an active user.

Currently, however, I'm transferring all of my pages and funnels over to a new software called ClickFunnels.

It is by far and away the easiest, fastest way to create full blown marketing funnels, including webinar funnels, opt ins, sales funnels, upsells, downsells, and even membership sites.

They currently integrate with Webinar Jams and are constantly adding to their templates (which you can fully customize) and integrations.

The software was created by Russel Brunson, a seriously advanced internet marketer and trainer.

If you'd like to listen in on a interview I did with Russel on our podcast, click here! He shares the ins and outs of creating your own products and doing your own launches to turn a profit.

If you're interested in trying ClickFunnels (affiliate link) you can click here and become a JV partner for free! This allows you to create residual income on the memberships you sell as well.

Tip #7: Create Facebook Fan Pages

I would start by learning how to design a Fan Page that compliments your personal profile.

Most top earners that use Facebook create a page that calls them out as a “Public Figure.”  That way when they max out their friends list they have room to accommodate more (no limit on friends for pages).

There are other benefits of using a Fan Page beyond unlimited friends.

One of the coolest things it allows for is the integration of specialized tabs.

facebook page attraction marketing

I used a service called Pagemodo to do this (I no longer use it but it was great at the time).  It's very inexpensive and automatically sets up your tabs.  You simply enter the fields it asks for.

facebook attraction marketing tips

Tip #8: Create An Irresistible Ethical Bribe (A Free Gift, Sort Of…)attraction marketing tips lead magnet

Like I mentioned in Tip #5, creating something like an eBook will help you capture email addresses and build an audience.

It's vitally important that you create a free informational product (free if you don't count an email address as an expense, but technically they're giving something up for it) that will actually help the people who download it.

You don't necessarily have to do an eBook, which takes a lot of time.  Some other things you can do are audio trainings, video trainings, etc.  I've seen people do something as simple as a 7-day video boot camp on xyz.

Just make sure you deliver exactly what you promised on the page they opted in from.  Otherwise, your subscribers will end up disappointed.

One thing I've done for my subscribers is go above and beyond what they expect after opting in.  When a new subscriber gets my first email they receive a link to a download page that not only gives them the pdf version of my eBook, but a few other “Bonus” gifts as well.

Tip #9: Brand Your Own YouTube Channel

Video marketing is usually where I tell new distributors to start once they've mastered the fundamentals of qualifying, inviting, following up, closing, and training.

The reason for this is due to the fact that it's much easier to rank a video than it is a blog article so a new person will find it easier from a passive marketing standpoint to generate leads.  It's also easier to learn how to create a video, vice learning to create a blog.

I still recommend starting a blog, but do it in a way that compliments your YouTube marketing efforts.

One last thing: do not embed your YouTube videos on your blog.  You don't truly have control over your videos or your channel (YouTube does), so if they ever pull the plug on your account your video feeds on your blog will all go dead.  Yikes!

Make sure to create playlists on your channel related to how you've branded yourself.  This will help you organize your videos and make embedding a lot easier when you're spreading your YouTube videos through other marketing channels.

Stay away from Vimeo, they are very anti-MLM (see this screenshot).

I use Wistia up to a certain point, and then YouTube for everything else. Primarily, Wistia is where we keep product related videos that we sell.

Tip #10: Setup A Professional Google Plus Profile

You can check out mine here for ideas.  I used Photoshop Elements to do the cover, and spent money on a professional photographer to have my picture taken for it.

The background you see on the cover was actually downloaded from bigstockphoto.com.  I simply layered my image over the background and dragged my logo onto it.

Another thing I've seen some of the social media pros doing  is creating multiple Google Plus profiles.  I've seen people with as many as ten different profiles to broaden their social presence.

Tip #11: Start A Google Community & Join Other Related Communities

One of the ways I market my blog articles is through Google Communities I've joined.

Currently there is no way to automate this marketing platform, but it's still worth the 20 minutes it takes to implement.

I only repost my article in communities that have greater than 1500 members.

Remember, your job is to get your value driven content in front of as many eyes as possible when you begin promoting it.

Make sure you've completed Tip #10 to the “T.”  If your Google Plus profile is lousy or incomplete, and you're out there marketing your articles, people will check you out and think you're a joke.  Remember what I said about first impressions right?

Tip #12: Flush Out A Professional Looking LinkedIn Profile

The average LinkedIn user earns somewhere around $100,000 per year.

I don't recommend using your network marketing company as one of your jobs.  It's best if you get the chance to explain to people what you do on your terms (meaning on the phone).

Create a cover photo that stands out as well and upload it.

Tip #13: Join Related LinkedIn Groups

Currently you can join up to 50 LinkedIn groups.

I suggest joining groups related to network marketing.  Search for “MLM,” “network marketing,” and “multi level marketing.”

When you finish your blog articles and move into the promotion phase, make sure you distribute the article to these groups.  If you look hard enough online you should be able to find automated software for marketing on LinkedIn.

Tip #14: Create A Professional Twitter Account

Again, make it professional, include a link to your blog, and be active on it daily.

I looked at some of the internet marketing industry leaders to get ideas on how I wanted my header to look.

Just a suggestion on using Twitter; don't tweet messages to people using the tweet function unless you want ALL your followers to see it.

If you're going to use Twitter actively to message and connect with people who way I recommend creating a “dummy” account and networking with that since your feed will be filled with networking conversations.

I primarily use my feed to communicate helpful messages to my followers, answer questions, and respond to nice comments.

Tip #15: Automate Your Marketing Efforts

Every time you syndicate your blog posts I recommend you do it with software when possible.

The one commodity you can never put a price tag on is your time, and if you spend hours upon hours copying and pasting your article links to each LinkedIn group, and Facebook group you're part of you'll never get free.

I'll point you once again to my Resources page from the tab above if you're interested in seeing what I'm currently using.

Make sure you check out SNAP as well for your WordPress site, it's free about halfway down the Resources page.

The only thing you can't really automate at the moment is Google Communities posts.  I personally spend about an hour manually marketing my article across social media anywhere my software won't go.

Tip #16: Build Multiple Instagram Accounts & Drive Traffic

There are multiple things you can do to beef up your Instagram account, but here are a few pointers:

  • Use emoticons in your profile to draw attention.
  • Drive visitors that look at your bio to your blog or capture page.
  • Use Facebook messenger when setting up your bio to create your bio message so the line spacing is correct (doing it inside Instagram makes your bio messy).
  • Use apps like Wordswag and Studio to create stunning images with text so people want to comment.
  • Like a few pictures and comment once on every person that follows you provided they're not a bot.
  • Use Instagress (not affiliate link) to automate your efforts, but create comments that are thoughtful so you get real responses.

With those 6 tips you should be off to the races.

Tip #17: Sell Your Expertise & Offer It Free To People Who Join You

One of the most powerful magnets I've utilized on this site is offering people MLM leads.

This not only encourages people to look into what we do, but quite frequently leads to phone calls and questions about what value I can provide in helping the prospect find success.

The next thing I do is offer congruent network marketing services and info products.best attraction marketing tips

One of the things that's unfortunate in this industry is when leaders bring people onto their team and then upsell them with their newest “coaching” program or what not.

Call me a little “old-fashioned,” but in my professional opinion the right thing to do with someone you sponsor is train them to the best of your ability, not wring them dry for everything they have in their bank account before moving on.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not slamming on selling.  I'm just implying your foundational training should be free to your downline, and any product you create for the marketplace should at a minimum carry a special bonus or big discount for them.  They are your team, your family after all, aren't they?

Ok, I'm off my soap box.

Seriously though, all you have to do is simply offer more value than other leaders do to people in the industry looking for a home and you'll start seeing awesome success.

Tip #18: Interview Experts

This was honestly one of the best pieces of advice I ever received.  Not only does it give you more credibility, it makes your site interesting and sets the stage for launching a podcast if that's something you decide to do.

I recommend starting with people you know, maybe your upline, and then moving on to people you don't know.

Since I started I've been able to interview the top earners from multiple companies.

This has helped me build an audience and offer unique perspectives from different leaders in the industry.

Plus it's a lot of fun.

Realize that not everyone is going to agree to an interview, but no one's going to attack you for asking.

I would recommend interviewing 10 leaders on your blog before launching a podcast, that way you have 10 episodes worth of material built up for the launch.

When you're out there vetting possible interview candidates, just approach them with the question like this: “Hi John Doe, my name's Jason Lee.  I'm reaching out to industry leaders and would love for the chance to interview you for our upcoming podcast launch Unleashing The Alpha Networker, would you be open to doing a 20-30 minute interview?”

The worst they can say is “no.”

Tip #19: Start A Podcast

This is a bit more advanced, but I will tell you with 100% certainty that this is currently the hottest way to market right now.

We are on the verge of launching our podcast, and I'd expect that when it does launch we're going to see some rapid growth.

The benefit of having a branded podcast is that you can reach people regardless of where they're at.

They could be in a car, plugged into your audio, or just walking through the mall with their ear buds in.

You now have the ability to market to millions of people, for relatively no cost, regardless of their location.

It's basically an audio form of mobile marketing since that's where it's used the most.

If you're looking for some ideas in this vertical, make sure you check out Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income podcast.  He also launched a podcast called Ask Pat which features his audience asking him questions that he answers in under 10 minutes on each episode.

I've seen other network marketing professionals mimic his show in our niche, doing their own versions of Ask Pat.

If you're strapped on time and want to do podcasting but don't want to cut 1 hour shows, maybe look into running a show like that.

Just a heads up; there are a lot of “courses” out there online that people are offering to “help” you launch your podcast.

Truth: you don't need them.

All it takes is the right equipment, branding, and your own unique voice.  It's not rocket science, so don't go blowing a thousand bucks on some course you don't need.

Make sure you also take a look at Audacity (free) for recording and editing your tracks if you don't have a Mac. If you have a Mac, just use Garageband, that's what I use and it works great.

Libsyn is the industry go-to for hosting.

And finally, I was a big fan of Auphonic to really clean up the sound.  They allow you to clean up 2 hours of track per month, so if you want to run a 30 minute show you can actually do a weekly podcast for free and not have to pay a dime!  If your monthly audio exceeds 2 hours, you'll need to pay 11$ a month for up to 9 hours.

Now however, I use Levelator, which does a great job and is free to use.

Below is everything you'll need to help you get started (affiliate links); mic, mixer, amp, and the Dummies book which is by far the most all-inclusive book out there so don't let the name fool you.  The only things you will need to pick up that aren't included here are stereo cables and a mic flag if you want one.

Tip #20: Launch An App

Once you have a source of leads coming in you can move onto really matching step-for-step with the big dogs and build an app.

Normally, a complicated app can run you 30 grand or more, but for purposes of what we're doing you should be able to keep it under $5,000.

There are services out there that will allow you to design your own custom app online, but I honestly don't recommend that route.

Look around in your local area for developers that will work on the side.  I'm sure you can find a boat-load of them at your local community college.

My indirect solution: I sponsored someone personally that develops apps who I now collaborate with quite often on various projects.

Someone with the right skill looking to get started with their first project will likely take on your assignment for little to no cost.

Before you design your app the easiest thing to do is draw it out on a white board using block diagram logic.  Take a few pictures of it and hand it off to your developer.

Tip #21: Brand Your Team Name & Monetize It

The name of one of our old teams was: Team Laptop Lifestyle.attraction marketing tips

The name tells you everything, but it's vague enough to arouse curiosity in someone who sees our logo.

Currently we're in the process of printing shirts that will include the team logo on it.  By doing this it will allow us to market our team brand as an option to pique interest in cold market prospects who may be turned off if we simply sent them to our blog.

Granted, I love this blog.  Love it to death.

But sending a cold prospect here is suicide, especially when they know nothing about network marketing except maybe what they've “heard.”

Remember, tell the network marketing story on your terms, not theirs.  Your team brand can help you do that.  Plus now you're in the shirt business!

Tip #22: Build A Mobile List & Market To Them

This is a great way to start building a mobile list (the best kind of list).  By building a mobile list you'll be able to market via text message to anyone who opts in.

There is a service called YepText that allows you to give people a 5 digit number which they text a “code” to in order to receive messages.

Coffee shops use it to offer discounts on drinks, so you've probably experienced it before.

Now you can play the same game by offering people whatever discount or free gift you personally want to offer them in exchange for their phone number.

Email open rates are abysmal compared to mobile text open rates.  Who doesn't check their phone for a text when it buzzes?

I highly recommend you start down this path once you have a budget for it.

If you really want to merge this with your online brand to show off your marketing guns you can put the number on a YouTube header or Google+ header along with the promo code.

Tip #23: Design & Sell Your Own Product

This is something that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Once you have your own product you'll not only stand out as someone with incredible value, but you'll be able to monetize a stream of income outside your primary opportunity.

You can even use it as an added incentive to people who want to join your team by discounting it to those folks.

Typically in our niche (network marketing) I've only seen informational products.

I will tell you this: the info product route is extremely competitive.

If you really want to stand out from the guru crowd and make some big money in this arena find a way to develop an actual software product; something that physically does something beyond just feeding out information.

It can be something as simple as a WordPress plugin.

Tip #24: Gather Testimonials

Make sure when you attend your company events you find the leaders and the corporate management team and do your best to acquire testimonials.  Get them on video.

I also recommend seeking out some of the top internet marketing earners in the network marketing niche and seeing if you can get a testimonial on your free offer.  Some of them will gladly oblige.

Once you've gathered your testimonials edit them and use them on your blog and on the major video marketing sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

Tip #25: Build A Membership Site Or Marketing Training Platform

MLSP is run by Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz.  David Wood created Empower Network.  Mike Dillard launched Magnetic Sponsoring, which went through a brand shift, was sold off, and is now in the hands of Tim Erway as Elite Marketing Pro. Net Divvy was created by Vince Reed.  Now IPAS is on the scene under the helm of Chris Campbell and Chris Jones.

If you really want to hit it out of the park, creating a platform that helps other people REALLY build their primary business and get results will bring you incredible success.

I would say this is the epitome of attraction when it comes to network marketing.

A Final Note

Finally, beyond anything, make sure to be yourself.  Don't ever stop growing, but don't try to be someone you're not every time you step on stage or get in front of a camera.

There's nothing people hate worse than finding out someone is insincere, or trying to dupe them.

My motto: full transparency in everything I do.

A Final, Final Note

Take the time to get a working knowledge of Photoshop Elements.  I used that program extensively to design most of my cover images and profile photos. No longer do I use it any more due to outsourcing, but it's a great skill to have.


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