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Ariix Review

Ariix ReviewToday I’m going to give an honest Ariix review and why I believe it is one of the companies to be on the lookout for going into the next decade.

Now, I’ll be the first to claim I’m not a psychic, but I will be honest when I say I do know how to evaluate a company.

With plenty of advanced 500 level accounting classes under my belt, I’m no dummy when it comes to looking at cash flow statements, income statements, valuations, and things of that sort.

I don’t say these things to brag, but to let you know as a reader that we did not make our decision to partner with Ariix hastily.

Ariix review facts:


  • Founded in July of 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah.Fred Cooper
  • Founders: Mark Wilson, Deanna Latson, Dr. Fred W. Cooper (right), Riley Timmer, and Jeff Yates.
  • Founders all have extensive successful backgrounds when it comes to running a network marketing company. Most of the founders have prior experience with Usana as senior executives.
  • Tim Sales joined Ariix as an active distributor in 2011 after 20 years of retirement and was paid nothing to join.
  • Ariix brands include the following: Rejuveniix, Minerals, Vitamins, Omega-Q, Vinali, Biopro Q, Restoriix, PureNourish, Puritii, Slenderiix, Xceler8, Magnical-D, and MOA. The most notable brands are Slenderiix which is promoted for weight loss, and Puritii which is promoted as an emergency water filtration bottle for creating pure drinking water anywhere (storm drains included).
  • Ariix recently in 2018 launched a new travel program called Ariix Travel Rewards. Now Ariix distributors can offer travel to earn points.
  • Ariix integrated an Ariix Bill of Rights to protect the distribution force by giving them vetoing power to decisions made by corporate.

Ariix Bill of Rights2

  • Ariix patented the Activ8 compensation plan which uses a 7 generation, multi-line structure which promotes more money flowing to the bottom and top of the structure. The management team wanted to limit attrition by making it easier for the newest distributor to make their money back early. The plan is basically a combination of the unilevel and binary plans without the limitations.

Ariix Compensation Plan

  • Money can be earned through retail profit, unlimited base commissions, team lead bonuses, matching bonuses, payline bonuses, income position bonuses, and luxury car bonuses. New distributors are encouraged to start off with a IIX Membership when they enroll, which doubles all bonuses from that point forward. Some of the bonuses pay out a percentage of company wide sales volume to the top performers, so as the company grows the top performers bonus checks grow as well.

Ariix Compensation Plan Overview

  • Autodelivery customers and distributors receive a 15% discount.
  • Distributors and members receive another discount of 15% on top of the autodelivery discount with the IIX Membership.
  • Enrollment packs range from $229.95 all the way up to $2117.95. Enrollment packs that reach approximately the $400 mark include the IIX Membership. Normally the IIX membership costs $150.
  • Ariix is the latin word for “gold.”
  • Income growth for Ariix for 2012-2013 was 244%; industry average was 26%. Sales growth during this same period for Ariix was 562%; industry average for all network marketing companies was 31%. Consistently, year-to-year Ariix has paid 50% commission as a percentage of sales (not points); the industry average for all companies in MLM is 38%.

If you are looking for more information on Ariix, everything related to their compensation plan, products, enrolling, and who is who can be found at

Ariix review about corporate leadership & network marketing training systems:


I had the opportunity in 2015 to attend the annual Ariix convention in Las Vegas, and during this time I was able to not only meet the key players in the company, but also build relationships with the management team.

Dr. Fred Cooper and I chatted quite a bit and I can tell you from a personal standpoint that he’s as sharp and as genuine as they come.

Tim Sales was also in attendance and we had a chance to talk as well. All in all, I was extremely impressed.

Never before had I seen so much growth from a company, both here at home and internationally.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of people in attendance that actually flew in from Japan, China, and many other countries.

Regardless of whether you landed on this site looking for a reason to join, or not to join Ariix, the honest truth is you can be successful in any network marketing company if you have the right network marketing training system for success.

One of the problems I’ve noticed with a lot of the other MLM training systems out there is that they tend to promote themselves.

In other words, you may learn absolutely fantastic marketing techniques, but you are then encouraged to promote the SYSTEM, rather than your opportunity.

In most of these instances people end up promoting the system full time, letting the primary opportunity take a seat on the back burner.

Sure, that’s a great way to make money if making money is all you’re interested in.

But my desire in joining a network marketing company was to make money from the opportunity and the products, not from a secondary affiliate program.

Anything other than the company we represent should come second in my book.

This is why, when my family and I decided to join Ariix we then shopped around for a sponsor.

We didn’t just “land” on the first one we saw and sign the dotted line. We actually interviewed 4 teams to decide which one we wanted to partner with. It was actually kind of fun.

Every phone call we made there were basically two interviews going on. The leader on the other end of the line was trying to “interview” me, while at the same time I was interviewing them!

Ultimately we found a home working alongside my mentor Denis Lam, the original founder of Hybrid Networker University and Ariix Infinity Team. You can read my bio here on our team site.Ariix Infinity Team | Jason Lee

Shortly after partnering with Denis in Ariix, Denis decided to bring me onboard Hybrid as the official Internet Marketing Coach. He recognized I had the ability to rank sites and thought it would be beneficial if I came in to help.

The reason Hybrid Networker University is so exciting in my opinion is that it is specifically designed for the Ariix representative. The reason the system was named “Hybrid” by the founder, Denis Lam, is because it’s designed to cater to and teach both online and offline marketing strategies.

Also, you don’t have to worry any longer that you’re going to get into something that tells you the last thing you should be doing is promoting your primary company.

This system shows you HOW to put your primary company first without scaring people off (that’s the reason many other network marketing training platforms have you put it last).

The Hybrid Networker University also allows the user the ability to create their own unique websites that are domain mapped and friendly for organic SEO.

By gaining access to the university, new reps also have the ability to share a sales funnel that takes leads and prospects through the entire educational process on Ariix so there is little to no explaining to do. If you'd like to see the sales funnel we use for Ariix click here.

Now that’s powerful.Hybrid Networker University

The university is a backoffice that is constantly updated with fresh network marketing training material, including some of the best licensing rights stuff out there in the network marketing industry.

So if one day a new rep decides they want to learn about online lead generation, they can just log into the university and watch a 1 hour long training video on it.

This concludes an honest Ariix review. Make sure you visit the Ariix company website if you want more detailed information than what I’ve provided here.

If you dropped by looking to partner with Ariix then make sure you watch this presentation done by the master trainer Tim Sales. If the presentation makes sense and you're ready to go simply click here to get signed up!

Click the tab at the bottom of the screen to send me any questions you have. Otherwise, once you're enrolled you'll be getting a call from me in the next 24 hours to schedule our training and get you rocking.

All our trainings are done in a high-tech, high-touch fashion, and I'll personally be working with you via Skype or Google Hangouts or Zoom to help you develop the essential skills necessary to make this business work!


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