9 Sponsoring Secrets to Bring Leaders Into Your MLM

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When I see an obvious MLM advertisement that reads like a job offering, I just have to shake my head in wonder. What is this person thinking? Do they actually think they will attract a strong downline by using this method? What they will actually do is anger the person who discovers it isn't really a job, it is a business that will require some investment and no guarantee of a paycheck after 2 weeks.

It is MLM business owners who use these methods that harm the reputation of the complete network marketing industry. If you are using any type of method like that to market your MLM opportunity, please stop. And start reading this blog completely so you can learn the proper ways to prospect and recruit. I share MLM sponsoring secrets and today's post is full of 9 MLM sponsoring secrets on bringing leaders into your MLM business downline.

Let me ask you, would you rather have 10 new members who are searching for jobs and have no leadership skills or 1 new member who has a college degree, a healthy career and leads other people?

My answer is the 1 leader. If your answer is the 10, I suggest you pay close attention to today's post. Take notes and learn why 1 leader is much better than 10 followers.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets: Leaders Come From All Walks

I need to clarify something immediately; you should be actively prospecting nearly anyone. I don't want you to turn your prospecting methods into a “cherry picking” routine. Remember that just because someone may wear tattered jeans, long hair or seems to not have money is not a reason to erase them from your potential recruit list.

Now the MLM sponsoring secrets I am providing do entail going after professionals, but don't assume I am telling you to only set your sights on them. If you are using proper marketing methods and a person asks you about the opportunity and they look as if they are 1 step away from being homeless, don't treat them differently and absolutely tell them about the opportunity.

Remember, Howard Hughes used to dress and act like he was homeless and he was one of the richest men in the world at that time.

Now, let's look at the 9 MLM sponsoring secrets to attract leaders into your MLM business.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #1: Dress And Act The Part

If you look and act like a professional, you will attract professionals. Just think about it… If you were actively

sponsoring mlm top earners

Dress professional to get MLM leaders

seeking an attorney and you walked into a law office and was greeted by a lawyer dressed as if he/she were a construction worker, you wouldn't have much faith in the abilities of that attorney would you?

And if a plumber made a house call to fix the piping to your septic tank and was dressed in a suit and a tie, you probably wouldn't have a good impression on their abilities either.

As a MLM business owner… Yes, a business owner, you want to look like a business person. If you are prospecting for leaders, you want to look and act like a leader yourself.

You will also realize that you feel better about yourself and will be more confident if you dress and act professionally.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #2: Consider The 3rd Party Tools

Before handing out 3rd party tools and marketing materials to potential MLM leaders, consider the materials. Handing a busy professional a pamphlet or manual may be the worst move you can make. Does that person actually have the time to read it?

I am more a fan of CDs because on their commute, they can pop it into their CD player and hear the message. DVDs work too, but I believe CDs are the best.

I also suggest you utilize testimonials from other professionals and leaders in your MLM business. Many people in that class like to know there are other leaders similar to them in the business.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #3: Actively Sponsor Up

This is one of the most important methods of getting MLM leaders in your downline. But many MLM business owners are hesitant to sponsor up.

Sponsoring up means recruiting people who are in a higher class. They may have more education, live in bigger and more expensive homes and drive fancier vehicles. And many people are fearful of approaching these people with the opportunity.

Remember, those people are the same as you. They breathe the same air, eat similar food and have to put their clothes on the same way. They also are looking for ways to supplement their income. So approach that

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Priest
  • Etc…

There is no reason you should be scared. The most they can say is no.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #4: Ask For Referrals

This sponsoring secret goes right along with the prior one. Even if you approach a professional and they say no, you should always ask for referrals. Remember, leaders know leaders. If you are regularly asking for referrals, you will get leads for more potential leaders.

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MLM Sponsoring Secrets #5: Go Where The Leaders Go And Join What The Leaders Join

If you want to attract leaders into your MLM downline, you need to market where those leaders are. Groups in Linkedin are full of professionals and leaders. You can find leaders in Facebook.

What about networking at events in your city? Joining professional organizations such as clubs is a great way to meet and prospect leaders.

Just look around and use your creative thinking… You can find leaders all around you.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #6: Be Straight And To The Point

Business leaders can read a line of bull from a mile away. It is much better if you are a “straight shooter.” If you are asked a question from a leader, give that person an honest and straight forward answer.

You get further with potential MLM leaders by being honest than you will by feeding them a line of baloney.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #7: Keep Learning

As you gain more experience and self-education, the more MLM leaders you will recruit. You want to learn all you can about the products or services. You want to keep learning various marketing methods. Do not neglect learning more about communication.

The more you learn, you will handle yourself better and be able to use wise methods when recruiting and sponsoring up.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #8: No Hype

There is a big difference between excitement and hype. Hype is the process of trying to recruit without offering the prospect any substance. An example may be:

You: “With this business, you will make a lot of money in a short period of time!”

Prospect: “How much money can I make and how short is the period of time?”

You: “Oh, gobs of money fast!”

Prospect: “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Now, I suggest a better way to handle this would be:

You: “With perseverance, some representatives are making $1,000+ extra per month.”

Prospect: “Is that guaranteed?”

You: “There is no way I could guarantee that because it is dependent on the work you put in. But I will guarantee that I will help and show you how it is done. So let's get you started today, okay.”

You see, no hype and straight forward.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #9: Be Unique

One of the best ways to be unique is to just be yourself. Too many network marketers try to be just like Todd Falcone, Ray Higdon or Eric Worre.

Professional leaders can see that you are not being yourself. They can see that you are not unique. You are just copying someone else.

They will then wonder if you will copy in other ways.

Again, be creative; be yourself and be unique.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets: Bonus Secret

While it may seem scary, it doesn't have to be. I have learned to look at prospecting, recruiting and sponsoring people who have more education and titles in front of their name more as a challenge then something to fear.

You see, no matter the person's position, they are normally always looking for methods to make more money, have quality products and change the world while also helping other people.

That is MLM!rocket recruiter

MLM Sponsoring Secrets Conclusion

I know that if you follow the MLM sponsoring secrets I gave you in this post, you will soon have MLM leaders on your team. These secrets have worked for me as well as many other MLM business owners.

I do want to remind you that you dare not judge a person from their outer appearance. Leaders can be found in various places. And believe me, I have watched some become MLM leaders I never would have dreamed of and others that I thought would build a huge business have fizzled out.

So be willing to show the opportunity to anyone who shows even a little desire.

Do you have any questions? Is there anything you would add about sponsoring MLM business leaders?

As a matter of fact, tell us about the last MLM leader you sponsored on your team. We would love to hear your story.

Thank you for stopping by today. You can leave all comments and questions in the section below. Hey, will you do me a huge favor? Please share this on your social media channels so others can have these secrets too.

I have a hard time keeping secrets like these.


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