9 MLM Ideas To Generate Leads Every Day

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I have heard some network marketers exclaim, “I just don't know where to get leads.” I am here to tell you there are a wide variety of MLM ideas to generate leads. But it is also important on how you approach those leads once you have them.

So be sure that you check out many of the other posts on my blog to make sure you are approaching the leads you do get properly so you make your odds good of signing them up with your MLM opportunity.

While there are a ton of MLM ideas to generate leads both online and offline, today I am going to share with you 9 top MLM ideas to generate leads every single day. If managed properly, by using each of these methods, you should have leads flowing daily.

So scroll down and learn the top MLM lead generation ideas.

MLM Ideas To Generate Leads #1 – Build A Personal Website/Blog

While many MLM companies do supply you with a branded website, they are normally not SEO friendly. This is because all other representatives have the same website.

I suggest you develop a website/blog that brands YOU and not necessarily your MLM company. Build the blog around a niche that directly relates to your MLM. You can then promote your MLM company's products and the opportunity while providing educational content.

I suggest you have a capture page built into your website where you can send readers who are showing more interest. As they sign up to receive more information, you will be gaining a lead. But it is important that you respond soon, and this is why using an auto-responder is important too.

There are various auto-responders; some are free and others come with a premium cost.mlm lead generation

Make sure your website/blog is SEO friendly

One important key to generate leads from your website/blog is having it SEO friendly. When people type keywords or phrases into their search engine, you want your website to be at the top of that list that appears.

Over the years, I have made a point of learning everything available about SEO (search engine optimization). To help you, I have the Alpha SEO Course so you can dominate search engines too. Just click here to learn more.

MLM Ideas To Generate Leads #2 – Drop Cards

This offline lead generation trick DOES WORK!

Some network marketers use their business cards, but I have discovered simple 3 x 5 index cards also work great. They are bigger and easier to notice then business cards. And, you can get them printed for reasonable prices or just use your home printer.

The idea behind drop cards is just how it says… Drop them wherever. Drop them on restaurant tables, bathroom stalls, bus stops, doctor offices, etc…

Just as an example, let's say you are an independent distributor with a weight loss MLM company; you could make a drop card that says something like:

Lose Weight And Make Money Doing So

I will tell you how

Call 888-888-8888 and leave

your contact info

Just have an answering machine on that dedicated number that has an inspiring message and asks for their contact info.

Boom, you have leads.

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MLM Ideas To Generate Leads #3 – Use Social Media Properly

The various social media sites are an excellent way to generate leads, but they must be used properly. If you misuse social media, you could also harm your reputation.

Some ways you should consider using social media may be:


Make a fan page directly related to your niche similar to your blog/website. As people press that “like” button, you can then approach them as a lead.


Linkedin is a great social media site to meet professionals. I suggest that you join groups directly and hook up with other members. You can then private message them with a simple statement that you wondered if they may be interested in learning of an opportunity to earn extra money, or something on those lines.

Other social media sites to connect with people

There are many various social sites that you can use to connect with people. I don't suggest “puking” your MLM opportunity on them, but just share how you are finding success in your home based business. You can then post that if they would like to know more, they can private message you.

Other social sites to consider are:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Google+
  • Etc…

MLM Ideas To Generate Leads #4 – Paid Advertisements

There are a lot of ways you can run paid advertisements on the internet and generate leads. You could consider running ads via

  • Google or Bing PPC
  • Facebook Ads
  • Banner Ads on other websites
  • Or you could offer ad swapping with other bloggers

Many network marketers are gaining high quality leads using paid advertising.

You want to make your paid ads curiosity-driven and exciting. As I mention in the classified ads lead generation idea below, giving something for free can draw a lot of clicks.

I suggest you test various ad formats until you discover which format works best for you.

MLM Ideas To Generate Leads #5 – Bandit Signs

This is another great offline MLM lead generation method. It works similar to drop cards and you can use a similar message (See MLM Ideas #2).

You just make signs that you go around putting on telephone poles that say something like:

Tired Of Having Little Money?

Manage A Home Based Business In Your Spare Time

Just Call 999-999-9999 and Get A Free DVD.

Have an exciting and inspirational message and have the person leave their contact information. Be sure to follow-up with them soon.

MLM Ideas To Generate Leads #6 – Run Classified Ads

Using a similar approach as the Bandit Signs, you can run classified ads in your local newspaper or other printed items. You can also use the same approach on Craigslist.TAN 044: How to Generate A Flood of Free Website Traffic to Generate More Leads & Sales with Vince Reed

Just be creative. I suggest testing various ad formats and keep statistics as to which ones generate the most leads.

Please do not run ads that give the impression that you are an employer hiring employees. This is not the case, and it gives the MLM industry a bad mark when representatives use that tactic. Besides, when the people who respond discover that it isn't actually a job, they probably will not stick around very long.

Giving something simple for free is one of the most used methods to generate leads through classified ads.

  • Free eBook
  • Free CD
  • Free DVD
  • Free Report
  • Etc.

That simple word free will have people signing their contact information easily.

MLM Ideas To Generate Leads #7 – Guest Posting

There are many network marketers who are building their lead list with the help of other high traffic blogs.

You simply contact blog owners who are within a similar niche and ask if they accept guest posts. Many are open to that because they are always in need of new content. And when you write valuable content, the readers of that blog will check out the link you left which should probably take them to your capture page.

Essentially, that blog's followers will become your followers and your leads.

The best way to find blogs that accept guest posts is to just type this into your Google search bar: “submit guest post” + “Your topic”. Just put the subject you would like to write about where your topic is, and blogs that accept guest posts in that subject matter will come up.

MLM Ideas To Generate Leads #8 – Commenting On Blogs And Forums

When you offer valuable comments on blog posts that are related to your niche, readers will often click your name which should be a link to your blog or capture page. This is another great way to generate leads.

Going right along with that is posting and commenting at various forums that are directly related to your area of expertise.

Some forums you may want to consider are:

And there are many more. Just get out and provide valuable comments and information and people will naturally want to see more about you and what you have to offer them.

MLM Ideas To Generate Leads #10 – Use Videos, Podcasts and Webinars

Let's face it, people tend to watch more videos than they do reading content. I am not saying all people, but a huge percentage of people spend their internet time watching videos.

Again, it is about being creative. I suggest that you keep your videos somewhat short because internet users tend to have short attention spans. And then lead your video watchers to find out more by visiting your blog or capture page. Videos DO work!


If you have been following my blog for some time, you know that I have done podcasts. I like to interview industry experts, and people love listening to what these experts have to say. This is a great method of educating people by using an interview format.


Webinars are another great format to educate potential team members. Network marketers are using webinars in their lead generation attempts more and more. What is great is you can use this format to help new team members generate leads and recruit people. They just simply invite people to attend the webinar.

I highly suggest you start by signing up for YouTube and start building some simple educational videos and link back to your capture page.

What to do after using MLM ideas to generate leads

It is quite important that I cover this step; it isn't really all that difficult generating leads, it is what network marketers do after attaining MLM leads is what really counts. Too many network marketers let those leads sit for days, weeks and even months.

There is a reason that person signed up to be a MLM lead

They have interest and they signed up because they want to know more.

So what will happen if you let that lead sit? The answer is obvious. The person will find a different network marketer who will respond and by the time you follow-up with that lead, they have been recruited by a different MLM independent representative.

You need to be timely on your follow-up. I believe that you should follow-up with each and every MLM lead within 24 hours of their giving you their contact information.

A few other ways to generate leads and recruit people into your MLM

Believe me, if you use all the methods I gave you in today's post, you will generate leads daily. But if you want a few other MLM ideas to generate leads and recruit people, try:

  • Offering a reward system for referrals from existing customers. You could give a discount or even a free product.
  • When you are in public look around you, the leads have already been generated. They are helping you behind a cash register, serving you food or possibly standing at the subway station by you.
  • Attend local events and even sponsor events. It is a great method of generating leads.
  • Use a car magnet or advertise in the back window. Many network marketers have used this advertising technique with great success.


There are a plethora of methods to get MLM leads. Just use your creative side. Even ask your friends and family what type of methods would entice them.

But I must reiterate, follow-up with those leads soon after getting them, or that lead will become someone else's recruit.

I hope this post helps you in a huge way. I do know if done properly, leads will begin to flow like water from a tap.

Do you have any questions? Do you have any other lead generation methods you use?

Please share your comments and questions below. Thank you.


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