7 Warm Market Prospecting Tips to Grow Your Downline Fast

how to approach warm market

When you join a MLM company, one of the first training sessions you will receive consists of making a list of everyone you know. The next step you'll be taught is how to introduce the business opportunity to that same audience.

This is known as warm market prospecting

Now there are another set of “MLM experts” who are on the far left. They are dead set against warm market prospecting. They believe everything should be done online using attraction marketing principles.

I'm of the moderate crowd I'd have to say, and I firmly believe network marketers should use both strategies. It only makes good sense to tell your warm market about your new business.

After all, if you were to open a restaurant or dry cleaner business, you would tell all your family and friends about that wouldn't you?

So why not tell your family and friends about your new MLM business?

But some are fearful of warm market prospecting

And I understand why. So many sponsors teach their downline members to not take no for an answer; to keep pestering their warm market until they say yes.

Using that warm market prospecting technique can make you quite unpopular among your warm market friends and family.

In fact, when I first got involved this is exactly what I did.

Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared well for how to communicate with them and came off like I was pitching them on the business. I ultimately ended up in the NFL club (no friends left club).

So I am going to share 7 warm market prospecting tips that will help you grow your downline fast and still keep you popular among your family and friends.

Use these and create a huge MLM business.

Warm Market Prospecting Tip #1: Approach Your Warm Market Without Assuming Or Being Concerned With The Outcome

When you approach your Aunt Mary, Cousin George or your friend Bob, do not assume that he/she will say no and do not assume they will say no. Just go into it with an open mind that you are just telling them about your new business.

If you go into it with assumptions, you can actually force the “No I won't join” assumption to come true because of your demeanor. Or, you could be in for a major disappointment if you think they will say yes and they say no.

Actually, I have found that right at the beginning of the conversation, just tell the warm market prospect (with a smile on your face) that you are not trying to pressure them and that it makes no difference if they join or not. “But I did want to tell you about this because you might be interested, and honestly I'd feel bad if a year from now I'm doing well and didn't at least say something. So now I said something, and the rest is up to you.”

Don't be concerned with the outcome… Just share the opportunity and if they are open-minded, share using 3rd party tools.

Your warm market will still respect you by using this method.

Warm Market Prospecting Tip #2: Don't Talk Too Much

One of my favorite MLM trainers, Ray Higdon, preaches this warm market prospecting tip. It has happened to many network warm market definitionmarketers. They have a warm market prospect that is showing some interest so they keep talking… and talking… and talking some more.

They talk their prospect into the business, and then right out of it.

Basically, the more you talk, the bigger of a hole you dig.


Because the longer you speak the more the prospect begins to think: “there's no way I can regurgitate all this information.”

The warm market prospect loses that interest. But if they would have just shared the 3rd party tools such as a CD, DVD or internet video, they would have been more apt to sign up that warm market prospect.

One of the best things you can do is just talk your prospect into watching or listening to the 3rd party tool. And then follow-up with that prospect using another tool… The 3 way call:

  • The prospect
  • Your sponsor
  • and you

And you introduce your sponsor and let the sponsor take the close from there.

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Warm Market Prospecting Tip #3: Approach The Prospect From The Customer Side First

I especially recommend this tip for network marketers who have been with 2 or more MLM companies before their current company. Because of this, your warm market may be saying “Oh another one… How long will it last?” They may be very skeptical about joining as a representative, but why not approach them as potential customers. Have them buy and try the products. Besides, customers provide you with retail profits.

In time, as they use the products and they see that you are doing well, you can approach your warm market customers with the opportunity to get those products for free by becoming an independent representative and starting their own home based MLM business.

Warm Market Prospecting Tip #4: Don't Burn Bridges

warm market listWhat I mean here is do not insult anyone for saying no to the opportunity. The fact is, no isn't always forever. It will be forever if you call them stupid or an idiot for not jumping in on the opportunity. Don't even say it to someone else because that can somehow make its way back to the person.

Even if you used to talk that way to that particular person before, don't do so in regards to your MLM business opportunity.

You may discover that if you treat them with respect, that no may turn into a yes 2 months, 6 months or even 2 years down the road. I in fact saw a close friend and mentor of mine recruit a top earner into his business 16 YEARS after becoming friends with them.

Conditions change in this industry, and so do the opportunities. You never know where someone will be down the road.

Warm Market Prospecting Tip #5: Find Out Why and What They Are Saying ‘No'

You have to walk on thin ice with this and ask with respect and a smile. But ask what it is they are saying no to. Is the no to the opportunity to start their own MLM home based business and make another income? Is the no being said to each and every one of the products you offer? Is the no to sharing any referrals of other people who may be interested?

Some network marketers say to not take no for an answer. I don't really agree with that idea, but I do believe you need to find out exactly what the prospect is saying no to. And check yourself to see if you approached the prospect with the other areas they have not said yes or no to yet.

Does that make sense?

Warm Market Prospecting Tip #6: Don't Chase, Pester Or Annoy Your Warm Market Prospects

The absolute worse thing you can do is beg, pester or try to annoy your warm market prospect into joining the opportunity; and yes, that even goes for that sibling who has annoyed you your whole life.

I have discovered that by using those approaches, you may get them to join but they often quit soon after.

And what is even worse, all your family and friends will hear about how you are using high pressure techniques and they will avoid you like you are some kind of plague.

Just use a simple line like: “Hi (warm market prospect), I was wondering if you would be interested in a money-making side project if it wouldn't interfere with what you are currently doing?”

Or you could try: “This may or may not be for you, but I thought you may be open to working with me on something to make a side income.”

Their response will tell you quickly if they have a positive or negative frame of mind.

Warm Market Prospecting Tip #7: Absolutely Ask For Referrals

Most warm market prospects know someone who would be interested. It only makes good sense to ask them because you don't know unless you ask.

Just say something like, “I understand that this opportunity just isn't for you at this time and that is okay, but I'm looking for sharp people like you who are open to building a business with me on the side.

I'm sure you know a few people who fit that bill don't you?”

You could even offer them some incentive for making the introduction.

Offer them a dinner, free movie passes, finder's fee, whatever it takes. Who they know is extremely powerful and your success in the warm market will be in your ability to tap into it.

Get their name, numbers and emails and be sure and ask your warm market prospect if you can tell them he/she referred them.

Use those tips and watch your downline grow fast

You see, it isn't about pressuring or chasing people. It is about sifting and sorting… It's about educating them and showing them that you are there if they want it, but you are not twisting their arm.

By using these methods, you will now be alienated by your friends and family. They will understand that you are a business person and a respectable one at that.

Determining how to approach your warm market prospect

Let's just call this a bonus tip to go with the 7. It is important that you determine how you will approach each warm market prospect before you do so. We all know that there are various levels within our warm market.

I am going to talk much differently to my cousin who I used to party with than I will my Grandma who is gentle, loving and kind. So before I approach a warm market prospect, I am going to predetermine my approach:

  1. Direct and personal: “Hi Jane. I was wondering if we could get some coffee at (time). I want to show you a business that I know you will be interested in.” This is the direct approach and you are telling the prospect they WILL be interested.
  2. Complimentary: “Hi Jane, want to have grab a coffee and catch up?” After setting up a time to meet you can sit down, buy their coffee, and then use a complimentary line like: “You know, I started a side project online to make a little bit of extra money, naturally I thought of you because you're ambitious, if you ever decide you'd like to know more I'll show you what we're up to. So how's work going?” I like to personally soft invite, and then derail the comment by changing the subject. That way if they really are interested they'll go back to it by asking “wait what'd you say about making money online?” It gives me an idea as to whether or not there's a pain point or desire I can target.
  3. The third person: This is a ploy that is used with those who want to be the first in anything. “Hey Jane, do you know someone who may be interested in partnering with me in a side venture? We're looking for highly motivated sales people and the company that brought me on board provides all the training. If you give me a good referral I can compensate you.” This sparks a feeling of “what, what about me” and often works very well.

You have to believe, but more than that you have to acquire new skills

The key to prospecting in general, whether it is warm market prospecting or cold market prospecting is the word ‘belief.'

  • First, you have to believe in yourself
  • Second, you have to believe in the MLM company you are associated with
  • And lastly, you have to believe in the network marketing industry

When you believe in the profession, your company, and yourself, nothing can stop you. There's a point of contention that you have to believe in your products.

I'll be honest, if this were true then some of the biggest companies out there would have went broke a long time ago. I'm not sure if you've tried products from a variety of companies but I have, and there are a few that taste like Rhino dung. Regardless of that, they do billions in sales per year.

Can you guess why?


Leaders of extremely high caliber joined their company and decided to grow teams and promote their products.

And many of these leaders had the skills to build the deal, regardless of what they were selling.

If you ask almost any big leader (not all, but most) out there whether they could succeed in another company, most would tell you undoubtedly “YES.” In other words, they're confident they could build anything, because they know their own potential with 100% certainty.

I won't name companies here, but their not all sugar and spice. And although all of them claim to have exceptional products, it simply isn't true.

I know where many of them manufacture, I'm connected with logistics companies that ship their goods, I know many of the top folks in the field and I can tell you that our profession isn't all roses.

But one thing's for certain, if you acquire the right skills I totally believe you can crush it in whatever you decide to stand behind, regardless of the reason you do it.

The only thing that will vary will be your motivation and work output, the rest is skill based.

Think about why anyone follows any leader.

It's because of their influence.

And what exactly is that?

It's the mastery of a particular skill that caused them to get exceptional results in the MLM profession using whatever particular lead generation method they chose to master and implement.

That's the difference.

Warm Market Prospecting Summary

Let's briefly go back through the tips I gave you so they become seared into your brain:

  1. Approach your warm market prospects without assuming or predicting an outcome.
  2. Don't talk too much – let the 3rd party tools do the talking.
  3. Go for both customers and business owners. I prefer business builders first but it amounts to identifying the problem your prospect has.
  4. Do not insult or look down upon any prospect who says no.
  5. Discover exactly why the prospect is saying no.
  6. Don't beg, chase, pester or annoy your warm market prospects.
  7. Ask your warm market prospects for referrals.
  8. Determine how to properly approach each warm market prospect.

Warm Market Prospecting Conclusion

I hope this post helps you better understand how to prospect your warm market easier. If you follow the tips, I am sure you will grow your downline extra fast.

While we are at it, I know of an app that can make recruiting ultra easy. It is called Rocket Recruiting. Using this app will make recruiting one of the easiest tasks you have ever done. I highly suggest you check it out here.

Hey, do me a favor and leave a response if this post helped you. If you have any questions, just ask them below too. And, please share this with your team members on social media. They will be glad you did.

Thanks again, and may your MLM business grow by leaps and bounds.


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