5Linx Review – Should You Join This Unique MLM Company?

5linx reviews

Are you familiar with 5Linx? This is a unique multilevel marketing company.

Today, I am going to give you a 5Linx review. By the time you have completed reading this unbiased and comprehensive review, you will be able to make an informed decision if joining 5Linx would be your best opportunity.

As part of this 5Linx review, I will tell you about the history of this MLM company. We will take a look at the leadership at 5Linx. I will also review the various products and services that can be sold by 5Linx independent representatives. You will understand the 5Linx compensation plan. We will review 5Linx top earners, and I will also go through the pros and cons of 5Linx.

5Linx Review – Company History

Three men who all have over 60 years of direct sales and MLM experience partnered together to start 5Linx in Rochester, New York. The year was 2001 and the men were:

  • Craig Jerabeck
  • Jason Guck
  • and Jeb Tyler

The men were in agreement over the five principles that 5Linx would be based on:

  1. Vision
  2. Integrity
  3. Opportunity
  4. Freedom
  5. and Success

This mentality by the founders of 5Linx has led to several awards for the company:

  • The INC 500 list of fastest growing private companies for 4 years
  • The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Top 100 local companies for 4 years
  • INC 5000 honors for 9 years
  • and the Direct Selling Association Top 100

5Linx continues to grow internationally but the company did lose a large part of its revenue when they sold their telecommunications division to Birch Communications in 2015.

Company shake up

Craig Jerabeck left the company and 5Linx sued him for breach of contract saying he snagged 5Linx representatives for othe MLM companies.

2017 arrests5linx founders

To make matters worse, in March of 2017, all 3 founders, Jerabeck, Guck and Tyler were all arrested and charged with wire fraud and conspiracy. It is alleged that the men diverted investor money into their own bank accounts.

They supposedly created fake representatives to make it seem like they were paying out more commissions than was factual.

This news has put many independent 5Linx representatives in an uneasy position.

5Linx Review – Company Leadership

As I explained earlier, Craig Jerabeck was a top leader at 5Linx until he resigned. As CEO, he had issues with the 2 other founders, Jason Guck and Jeb Tyler.

The company named William Faucette Jr, as the new CEO. He was once the Chief of Staff for Rochester, New York Mayor William Johnson Jr. But it seems Mr Faucette recently resigned from 5Linx also. At this point, Farshad Tafazzoli is President of the company.

There is not a lot of information behind the rest of the leadership at 5Linx.

Some of the 5Linx top earners

Let’s put some names behind some of the top earners at 5Linx. I put these here because these people are 5Linx leaders.

  • Stave and Pasha Carter
  • Barry Donalson
  • Sunny and King Pinyin
  • Lisa Nicole Cloud
  • and Tishina Pettiford

We hope that 5Linx rides through the storm it is in right now and all these top earners will continue to strive forward.

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5Linx Review – 5Linx Products and Services

5Linx has a wide range of products and services that independent 5Linx business owners can sell. These products and services are in 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Home
  2. Wellness
  3. and Business

We will look at each category and the products or services offered in each one.

5Linx Home Category

These are products or services used in the home on a daily basis. It includes…

Discount Programs

  • Daily Dimes is a program where you receive pre-clipped coupons along with a pre-paid Mastercard and a free RX discount card.
  • Platinum Discount is a program that gives you special savings at many locations.

Home Security

  • Commercial and residential packages
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • State-of-the-art UL-listed security equipment
  • Up to 20% off homeowner’s or business insurance
  • Cellular, broadband or landline monitoring
  • Lifetime alarm systems replacement parts warranty
  • Self-or Full installation options
  • Movers program with free transfer of service nationwide
  • Monitoring services provided by two fully redundant monitoring facilities provide uninterrupted customer service and support

Residential Energy

Because of energy deregulation, 5Linx teamed up with energy suppliers to offer competitive deals.

Personal Services

  • ID Guard is identity monitoring with $1,000,000 identity theft insurance.
  • Tech 24/7 is technical support for computer, smart phone and other technical issues.
  • Safeguard Services is a complete batch of services like ID Guard, Tech 24/7, Data Vault, etc… all rolled into 1.
  • Safescore is a credit monitoring service that ensures you are safe in relation to credit scores.


  • Internet, Fiber Video & Cable TV gives you a complete package of your entertainment needs.
  • Tee-Vee On Demand gives you the advantage of watching your favorite shows anytime.

5Linx Wellness Category

In the wellness category, 5Linx products and services include…

Healthcare5linx products

5Linx has Telemed and Telemed Family. With Telemed, you have telephone or video access to certified Doctors with no copay. For 24 hours a day 7 days per week, you can get treatment and diagnoses over the phone.

Plus you get a Pharmacy RX card for prescription savings.


  • Hi5 Fuel is an energy shot to help your body and your brain have the stamina you need.
  • Montavida Coffee and Montavida Tea are high quality that will give you the taste and energy to get through a long day.

5Linx Business Category

To help you be profitable in your business, 5Linx added these services…

Digital Marketing

Business Elite and Text Alert. With Business Elite, you get:

  • Text Marketing
  • Get your own keyword with 1,000 messages per month(250 messages per month in Canada)
  • Communicate on-demand to your team or prospects
  • Web conferencing
  • Share your desktop and ideas online with anyone
  • Computer tech support
  • Unlimited support by phone, email, chat or remote access
  • VIP discounts
  • Discounts on travel, shopping, dining, and entertainment from over 350,000 locations
  • Member benefits
  • Office software needs


5Linx also offers commercial security systems.


Similar to the residential, 5Linx offers commercial energy programs to help you save.

Payments and Financing

5Linx also offers payment solutions to allow you an easy payment processing service:

  • Accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express
  • Countertop, mobile and online payment processing
  • Comprehensive fraud protection for every transaction
  • Prompt and efficient processing

And 5Linx has 5Linx payroll to help you manage your payroll:

  • Online/CLOUD-based
  • Tax & Compliance Services
  • Full Service Direct Deposit
  • Tax Payments
  • Paperless Payroll Options
  • Time Off Accrual & Reporting
  • Pay-as-you-go Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Plus many more benefits for your business

As you can see, 5Linx does have a huge range of products and services and they are a unique MLM company.

5Linx Review – The 5Linx Compensation Plan

5Linx has various bonuses and according to many of the independent representatives I have looked at, they love the 5Linx comp plan.

There are several levels you can attain at 5Linx and you make more money as you climb higher…

  1. Qualified IMR
  2. Executive Trainer
  3. Executive Director
  4. National Director
  5. Senior Vice President
  6. Platinum Senior Vice President
  7. Double Platinum Senior Vice President
  8. and Diamond Senior Vice President

While I could try to explain the 5Linx compensation plan, you will understand it even better by downloading this PDF.

5Linx Review – Pros and Cons

So when we look closely, what are the pros and cons of joining 5Linx as an independent business owner?

5Linx Pros

  • Great range of products and services
  • A wonderful compensation plan
  • Been in business a long time
  • Won many business awards

5Linx Cons

  • Current leadership status is on shaky ground with legal issues
  • Some of the products or services have a lot of competition with better pricing

5Linx Review – What Others Have To Say

Here are statements by others both pro and con:


“I decided to start using the Hi5 products because I wanted to see what the hype was about. I found that the products were in line with the goals I had already set out for myself, like burning fat and toning muscle.”


“Not sure where to start. Management is not the best. They will promote a pretty face over intelligence. The co-founders and most management are incompetent. Sometimes a very petty atmosphere, almost like high-school as a lot of young adults are in management. The CEO of the company left and the company was recently bought out. There were approximately 300 employees employed by the company when I worked there, there are less than 100 now. They were evicted out of their office in Henrietta and told everyone that they were relocating. So sad what has happened. They had a lot of great people working there at one point, but the good people have all gone. They're struggling to hold on to a non-existing company now. Makes me sad.”


“The facts are 97% fail in network market period…not just 5linx but in any business venture..people are looking for a company to make them successful and that is not how the industry works.

To be successful the individual needs to have strong reasons for doing the business written down or printed.. and have their top 3 reason on them at all time that is why so many quit in less than six months no reason but to make money real fast.. You need to have an advertising budget to attract people who are looking to make a change in their life.

You need to teach people how to sponsor the right kind of person and disqualify the tire kicker and lottery mentality minded individuals (Those that want something for nothing come in all the time and complain that they are not making $10,000 a month in 30 days and then quit) it will take 4 yours of consistent business building activity to earn that and most wont stick around that long… But those that develop the skill set and mindset and have a long-term plan make the money…

Those that come in and go out in less than for years they will continue down the path of blame..”


“I was told that I was referred by a “Friend” to join this business. After joining and trying some of the products I realized that this is not a good opportunity for anyone who actually has a family to support and requires regular income.

If you don't have the time to be at their Beck and Call continuously, travel to their ongoing meetings out-of-state and have a large list of people who you are willing to constantly annoy this is NOT for you!

I asked them which one of my “Friends” referred me to them and they have never replied.”


While many people have done quite well with their 5Linx business, everything is quite shaky at this MLM company at this time.

If you are considering joining, be careful. You can do so at this link: http://5linx.com/

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