The 5 Keys To Overcome a Negative Network Marketing Mindset

network marketing mindset

The primary road to success in our field all lies in our network marketing mindset. When we look in the mirror, we may be viewing our worst enemy or our best friend. I would say that 90% of success and/or failure is completely dependent upon our network marketing mindset.

So right now I want you to take a deep look inside yourself; when you see or hear the words:

  • Network Marketing
  • MLM
  • Multilevel Marketing
  • or any varieties of those words,

what are your immediate thoughts? Are you suspicious? Are you anxious? Or, are you excited? Maybe you are apathetic…

That should give you a good idea what your network marketing mindset is

If you truly believe you have a positive network marketing mindset, Wonderful! I would simply as you to share this post with your team members and others who may be in an interior battle with their network marketing mindset.

If you constantly war with your inner self when you hear the words I listed above, I suggest you read and ingest this post completely, because I know it can help you change your mindset.

I am going to share 5 keys to overcoming a negative network marketing mindset. By using these, when you hear MLM, network marketing, multilevel marketing, or any varieties, it will be no different than hearing bakery, grocery store, Walmart, etc…

Because after all, it is just

another business format

Why Do So Many People Have Negative Network Marketing Mindsets?

I truly believe that network marketing, MLM and so forth gets a “bad rap.” Much of the negative material is generated through media.

Multilevel marketing has been a business format for a very long time and before the internet, I believe the public response was more positive. And then we had people who joined a network marketing company, did not follow the plan and expected profits to just roll into their laps.

When they didn't make money, they immediately started a blog and posted how that particular network marketing company was a pyramid. But, what they did not tell people is:

every single company and organization is a pyramidmlm mindset

The only way to properly manage any system is through a pyramid structure. Think about it; there is always a top person and then the system flows down to other leaders with a bottom layer of worker bees.

Nearly everything uses a pyramid structure… Even most families have a pyramid structure.

The only time a pyramid structure in business could be deemed bad is if people at the bottom of the pyramid are enslaved and have no chance to make money or advance higher in the pyramid.

Untrained or misinformed network marketing business owners

Another huge reason for a negative network marketing mindset comes from misinformed or untrained MLM business owners. When the person makes impractical promises or tries to prospect using a tactic as if they are hiring employees, it causes a mindset that frowns upon the whole instead of just looking at the one person.

This is where the line: “One bad apple can destroy the bushel” comes from.

So, it is up to all of us to dispel that negative thought pattern and educate people that network marketing is just a business format.

If one supermarket sells rotten beef, people do not stop shopping at all supermarkets.

I hope you understand my point!

Now that I have ranted about the aspects of negative mindsets towards network marketing and MLM, let me give you the keys to overcoming the bad network marketing mindset you may have from time to time.

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Overcome Negative Network Marketing Mindset Key #1: Delete Negative Influences

Every day we are faced with choices. We can choose to:

  • Get up early or sleep late
  • Eat breakfast or just drink coffee
  • Wear our pajamas or nice clothing

Personally, my choices normally consist of the first of the 3 above. Another choice I make daily is to live on the positive side of life. Every where we look, we can find negative; the news is completely full of negative. I would say that any newspaper or news coverage is usually 95% negative with about 5% positive tossed in.

Do I read or watch the news?

Sometimes, and I love the funny comics. But I have learned to find the positive inside even the negative and I make a point of veering away from most negative influences.

While it may be nearly impossible to do, because we all have at least 1 or 2 negative family members or friends of friends, I will say that the #1 key is to get rid of ALL negative influences that are within your control.

I have also learned to change conversations when I am forced to be around a negative person into positives.

Always be aware when negative is present and react with positive!

It works! I challenge you to just put on the positive raincoat and do what I am saying above.

It does work!

Look around your work area. Is there anything that could be deemed negative to your thoughts or actions? Get rid of it!

Believe me, if you start focusing on everything positive, the people around you will follow. It works!

Overcome Negative Network Marketing Mindset Key #2: Daily Affirmations

I love to wake up to daily positive affirmations. Post-it-notes were a GREAT marketing tips

I suggest sticking positive affirmations everywhere, and when you see it, read it aloud 3 times.

It Works!

  • I feel great!
  • It is going to be a magnificent day!
  • I am going to smile all day!
  • I love my life!
  • I will overcome all challenges today!
  • I am confident!

And share positive affirmations with your loved ones

Just like Key #1, when you start sharing positive, it will rub off and you will feel the positive energy running all through your home.

Make daily affirmations a habit instead of an occasional item. If you use them habitually, positive will become the norm in your life and your family's life too.

Overcome Negative Network Marketing Mindset Key #3: Develop A Plan Of Action With Goals

There is an old statement that I do not know for sure who said it first, but it goes, Failing to plan is planning to fail.

If you do not have a plan of action and goals you want to achieve daily, you are setting yourself up for a negative network marketing mindset.

I believe that challenging yourself is important; set your goals high, but reachable. Develop a plan on how you will reach those goals. I suggest making that plan each evening before you put your head on the pillow.

I also suggest that you make your plan into a series of tasks. Hit the hardest tasks first thing and you will feel a great sense of accomplishment as you move into easier tasks, knowing the more difficult stuff is complete.

I have to say it again… It Works! Plan your way into a positive network marketing mindset.

Overcome Negative Network Marketing Mindset Key #4: Be Yourself

While we can all learn from other network marketers and use ideas from them, we must always not change our own basic being. I have often heard network marketers get negative saying they used

  • Bill Britt's
  • Robert Kiyosaki's
  • or even Jason Lee's

exact words and style and it just didn't work.

Of course it didn't work!

Because they tried to be someone they are not. If I tried to copy Mary Kay Ash, I would look silly, because I cannot get my voice that high and I would look goofy with that dress and lipstick.

Okay, I am just trying to lighten the mood!

You can use their ideas and methods, but make it yours. Use your wording. Use your humor. Use your style.

Just be you!

Trust me, the people you are talking with did not want to converse with me, Bill Britt, Robert Kiyosaki or any other network marketing personalities. They want to talk with you. That is why they are there in front of you.

By understanding this you will knock out a large percentage of your negative network marketing mindset.

Overcome Negative Network Marketing Mindset Key #5: Keep Learning

Each day should have some level of educative influence in your life. As a matter of fact, I once heard a statement that I do not know who coined it, but it goes,

“If you do not learn something new today, it is a wasted day.”

There are many network marketing educational resources… You are using one resource right now just in reading this post. I highly recommend you wander all over this website for your network marketing education. There are also many other great network marketing experts you can learn from via books, videos, webinars, etc…

Get a mentor

One of the best educational resources for network marketers is by having one or more mentors. Just having someone you can talk with, learn from and follow is a great method to stay in a positive network marketing mindset.

Be a mentor

Education can also come from being the teacher… the coach… the mentor.

In researching various people who have taught in their lifetime, they will say that they also learn a lot from their students.


There are a plethora of books on network marketing, business and other aspects of multilevel marketing. Now, I will say that not all books are created equal, but I do suggest that you make a goal to read a certain amount of books each year.

Now break that goal down further into so many books per month and a certain amount of chapters each day. Make it a priority to take reading time each day, and you will honestly surprise yourself.

But be choosy about the books you read. If you would like some recommended reading to start with, feel free to contact me and I will supply you with a good list of network marketing, financial and business books you may want to start with.

Overcome Negative Network Marketing Mindset Key Bonus Key: Take Care Of Yourself

I just have to add this bonus key to keep out of a negative mindset. So much of our thought patterns come as a direct result of how we treat our own bodies. You need to treat your body and mind well, or you will be in danger of slipping into a negative frame of mind.

I have several suggestions for doing this:

  • Eat properly. Look at your diet and try to change it to a healthy one. Are you getting enough vegetables and fruits? Do you take supplements to make up for nutrients your body is not receiving from your diet? Your diet plays a huge part in your mindset.
  • Exercise. I am not saying you need to run 10 miles per day, but if you can, do it! But I do suggest planning an exercise schedule and you will notice your body and mind reacting with a positive charge.
  • Sleep. Many entrepreneurs do not get the proper amount of sleep. Take a close look at your sleep patterns. 7 to 8 hours is optimal and you will notice huge differences in your attitudes.
  • Take breaks and vacations. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Go hiking, fishing or camping… just take a break and enjoy life and watch your negative mindset disappear.


I just know if you read and heed these keys, you WILL notice a huge difference in your life and business.

Please tell me how this post helped you!

And, please share it with others who need a “boost” in their positive mentality.

With that, I must give you a huge thanks for visiting today. I am grateful for all of you and I wish you the best and most positive network marketing mindset that you can achieve.

Have a wonderful day!


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