19 MLM Tips Guaranteed to Rocket Your Business

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MLM has received a bad rap in the world of business. But people are finally discovering that multilevel marketing is not the bad system many have painted it to be. It is simply a business format and the bad comes when people mismanage their business. It happens in traditional business formats too.

Now that people have discovered that they can start a home based business that does not require a huge monetary investment, MLM has gained a better reputation. Much of that comes from MLM leaders who manage their business properly showing the world that MLM is not bad.

Now that people are jumping on board the MLM business train, I find many are searching for the best ways to build their business. Many leaders offer MLM tips and, but I have something extra special for you today… You see, many of those leaders only give you at the most 10 MLM tips. And some of the tips they provide will only work for certain MLM businesses. The tips I am going to give you will work for any and all MLM businesses.

So follow along with these 19 MLM tips that are guaranteed to rocket your business.

MLM Tips #1: Learn From MLM Mentors

Just as you are reading this blog post, you can learn a lot from MLM mentors. Whether they are in your company or from a different MLM company, you can learn strategies and techniques that will help you rocket your business.

Use their tips and tricks to discover what works best for you. You can find MLM mentors in many places, but you want to make sure they are strong MLM leaders. Before you take them on as a mentor, look at their MLM track record.

If you would like my mentorship, feel free to contact me.

MLM Tips #2: Learn All You Can About Your Products Or Services

You want to know everything possible about the products and/or services the MLM company you are attached with offers. The first step is to use the products and secondly, research the inner workings such as ingredients, how it's made, etc…

When a potential customer or recruit asks a question, you will be able to answer that question accurately. If you don't know the answer, be honest and do what you can to find the answer.

MLM Tips #3: Keep A Positive Mental Attitude

Your attitude can make a world of difference in the success of your MLM business. Believe me, there will be difficult moments but if you keep your attitude positive, you will deal with those rough patches in a competent manner. Plus, others want to work with a positive person, not a negative one.

MLM Tips #4: Use Social Media Properly

I have authored several posts about the various social media sites and how to use them properly.

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Use social media marketing properly

Social media can be a great resource in building your MLM business, but only if used properly. Share the opportunity and you will attract people who want to use the products or build a home based business.

Don't spam on social media. Be sure and search for my various posts on using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to grow your MLM business.

MLM Tips #5: Plan

I firmly believe in having a day planner. Plan each day:

  • How many people to approach
  • Blogs written
  • Social media posts
  • Training with downline members
  • Following up
  • Etc…

Plan your days, weeks and months.

Someone once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

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MLM Tips #6: Blog

Blogging is a great way to show you are an expert in the niche area your MLM business is in. By educating people with blog posts, you can gain followers who can be turned into leads which can then be turned into team members or customers.

I suggest you invest in a domain name and hosting and start blogging. Post 3 to 5 blog posts per week and add a call to action in it. Watch it rocket your MLM business.

MLM Tips #7: Use Your Upline

One of the best methods in recruiting people is to utilize your upline. Especially with warm market leads, you can have an upline member be the “go to” person when explaining the program.

I have heard some people say they don't want to ask their upline members for fear they may be bothering them. Keep in mind that when you recruit someone into your downline, that person is also in your upline's downline.

They should be more than willing to help you.

MLM Tips #8: Help Your Downline

Just as in tip #7, you should be willing to jump in and help your downline members.

When they win, you win!

So be willing to grab the reigns for them at times. Provide your downline members with the training they need to succeed.

MLM Tips #9: Be Ethical

It is simple, but so many people just do not understand how to be ethical. I just means treating people the way you would want to be treated if you were in their position. Don't lie and use the Golden Rule. Don't make claims that your product or service can't meet or could be against the law.

MLM Tips #10: Attend Company Events

It is simply amazing how attending company events can “rocket” your business. They help to motivate you and your energy level rises. People see the enthusiasm and want to have the enthusiastic attitude you have. They will join you… Join your business to have what you have.

Attend as many company events as possible, both small and large. You may be thinking you have already heard what will be said, and maybe you have. But your team members haven't and with you in attendance, they will be more fired up because their leader is in attendance too.

MLM Tips #11: Build A List

I mentioned blogging earlier. Most bloggers have a subscription opportunity where readers can subscribe. You can offer a free e-book or some other item to start building your list.

I suggest you also use an autoresponder that will immediately thank the person for subscribing. You can use that autoresponder to send out periodic emails or newsletters.

Many people will not join your MLM company immediately but through periodic contact, the odds are good they will join as a team member or customer in time.

MLM Tips #12: Determine Your Target Market

With every MLM business, there is a certain set of people who are more susceptible to buy or join than others.mlm market tips You want to base your marketing efforts toward that set of people. They are known as your target market.

You want to determine who your primary target market is so you can start testing various marketing methods to discover what draws your target market's attention best.

MLM Tips #13: Share The Products Or Opportunity Daily

This is a key factor to send your MLM business to outer space. Just share… I am not saying you should pester or bother people. Just look for opportunities to share.

The majority of us talk to many people every day. If you just set a goal of sharing the opportunity or products with say 10 people per day, your business will grow fast!

I am not saying all 10 people will join; even if only 1 person joined, that would be 7 new members per week, 28 per month and 336 per year. That could add up to some monstrous paychecks.

MLM Tips #14: Follow Up

It has been documented that the majority of people will not join a MLM opportunity on first contact. As a MLM leader, it is important that you follow-up with potential recruits or customers. It doesn't mean to bug and harass them, just check in and see how the person is and that you still have the opportunity alive for them.

I suggest in your planning, you should schedule a certain amount of following up actions each week.

MLM Tips #15: Set Reachable Goals

There are MLM leaders who will tell you to set extremely high goals. While I believe in making your goals high, they must be reachable. If week after week, you do not reach your goals, odds are you will get depressed and will probably quit.

I suggest you start with goals that are somewhat easy to reach and raise them each week.

MLM Tips #16: Be Unique

If you really want to rocket your MLM business, you need to find a way to be unique. Just being slightly different from other MLM representatives will draw people to you.

All it takes is being creative. You can do it… Brainstorm with your mentor, family and friends on how you can use a unique approach.

MLM Tips #17: Listen

I have noticed a slew of MLM home based business owners talk their way out of someone joining. The problem is, they don't listen. If we listen instead of talking so much, people will usually share the problems they have. We can be the problem solver.

The fact is: most problems are solved with money. We can show them how to make extra money along with getting their products or services for free.

MLM Tips #18: Learn Marketing

I suggest that you study every possible marketing technique you can find. Learn how to properly use those marketing techniques and use them. Test them and see how they work for you.

There are many books, videos, webinars and more that teach marketing techniques. Find the techniques that work for you and use them to rocket your MLM business.

I suggest you learn:

And keep following this blog as we have explained various marketing strategies and techniques.

MLM Tips #19: Use a Proven System

I can absolutely state this is probably one of the most important MLM tips in this post.

By creating or having or using a proven MLM system, you can easily train yourself and downline. Rather than trying to be everything to everybody, you can now scale quickly and focus on your recruiting efforts, rather than worrying about handholding and babysitting.

It's important to avoid tools and systems that “seem to good to be true.”

There are plenty of crappy products out there that promise easy street, but the truth is it takes work. You need to generate leads, pick up the phone, and call them.


You can excel to amazing heights with your MLM business by following these 19 tips. They have worked for me and they will work for you if followed .

I am curious what you think… Please leave your feedback below. Also, if you have any questions about this subject, you can post those in the area below and I will provide an answer.

Will you also help others by sharing this on social media?

Thank you for visiting today. Now get out there and rocket your MLM business.


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