The 10 Best MLM Books to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Best network marketing books

One of the best, and most cost efficient ways to receive an education is from reading. I believe you probably understand that since you are here reading today's blog post. I hope that it helps you grow in many ways to lift your network marketing business to extreme heights. Another way you can do that is by reading the best MLM books written.

As an avid reader, I have perused great network marketing books, average multilevel marketing books, poor books of all kinds, but today I am going to share my opinion of the 10 best MLM books that have been written to date.

Best network marketing booksI will share the book and author along with a summary on how that MLM book can help you grow your network marketing business.

So starting at #10, let's look at the best MLM books.

Best MLM Books #10: The Secret Code Of Success: 7 Hidden Steps To More Wealth and Happiness by Noah St. John

“You create your life in two ways: by the statements you say to yourself and others, and by the questions you ask yourselves and others.” Noah St. John

Noah St John is a well known mentor and success coach who has authored several books. Personally, I feel this book, The Secret Code of Success is his best.

Noah delves into the fact that so many people are spending outrageous amounts of money trying to find the perfect secret to wealth when the secret is staring at them in the mirror.

Step by step, Noah explains how you can use simple methods to

  • Experience feelings of happiness and love.
  • Eliminate fear and the ways we self sabotage.
  • Improve relationships both small and big.
  • Make more money.
  • Remove stress.
  • Improve productivity.

Published in 2009, this book has 256 pages.

The Secret Code of Success: 7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness

Best MLM Books #9: The Greatest Networker In The World by John Milton Fogg

“Have a goal bigger than you are.” John Milton Fogg

John Milton Fogg is a longtime entrepreneur who loves network marketing. The book, The Greatest Networker In The World that John authored has sold well over 1 million copies and has helped many network marketers grow their business.

In this piece of fiction with a parable undertone, John tells of a network marketer who was near quitting. He then met the greatest networker who explains to the young man the secrets of success in multilevel marketing.

Much of the key was unlearning the stuff he had been taught from other people. Instead to master the art of network marketing by using the talents and abilities already within us since birth.

John also explains the process of training our downline with easy duplication techniques through the words of the greatest networker.

The Greatest Networker in the World was published in 1997 and has 160 pages.

The Greatest Networker in the World

Best MLM Books #8: How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine: The Science of Network Marketing by Randy Gage

“People think that the opposite of success is failure, but it's not. Failure is part of the process of success.” Randy Gage

Randy is the clear definition of a rags to riches story and multilevel marketing is how he did it. How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine does not pull punches or mince words. Randy takes us to the methods that work to achieve huge success in network marketing. He teaches:

  • How to choose the right company for you
  • Developing leaders
  • Building depth and the riches in doing so
  • The best prospecting strategies
  • and a whole lot more

Randy published this 280 page book in 2001. I believe all network marketers should read it. It would be a great gift for your team members.

How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine: The Science of Network Marketing – Fourth Edition

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Best MLM Books #7: Raising a Giant: A Book About Becoming a Leader in Network Marketing by Bob Crisp

“If you run with winners, you will become a winner.” Robert “Bob” Crisp

Raising a Giant was published back in 1998, but Bob has added information and new editions are available.

This book is fantastic as we can see through the lens of Bob as he climbed through the ranks in his MLM company and attained Triple Diamond in a short 4 year period. Many Amway business owners take 20 years before they climb to that level.

Bob tells his tips and tricks and explains how you have the ability of now using the internet that he didn't have. Who better to learn from than a huge MLM success? Bob Crisp is that and more!

There are 220 pages of great information!

Raising a Giant: Leadership in Network Marketing

Best MLM Books #6: Mary Kay, You Can Have it All: Lifetime Wisdom from America's Foremost Woman Entrepreneur by Mary Kay Ash

“Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.” Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash built an enterprise starting with just $5,000 and being a single mother of 3 kids. She blew it up and showed us how to be extremely rich, but still be a great person.

In You Can Have It All, Mary Kay explains about setting priorities and planning. Like I said, who better to learn from than a complete success. Sadly, Mary Kay Ash passed away, but we will always be able to learn from her and this book is a great start.

Always remember the order Mary Kay kept:

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Career

Published in 1995, you get 272 pages of great content to help you grow as an entrepreneur.

Mary Kay: You Can Have It All: Lifetime Wisdom from America's Foremost Woman Entrepreneur

Best MLM Books #5: Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Dream by Dexter Yager

“Any organization rises and falls with its leaders.” Dexter Yager

Dexter and Birdie Yager built a huge Amway business and Dexter shares his secrets in this book, Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Dream.

Much of Dexter's book explains how our words and thoughts can determine success or failure. And as the title leads to, how we handle the comments of people around us.

We must always remember that it is our dream and not their dream.

Published in 1978, it is a short book at around 100 pages but full of great information.

Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Dream

Best MLM Books #4: Magnetic Sponsoring: How To Attract Endless New Leads And Distributors To You Automatically by Mike Dillard

“Every single successful entrepreneur I know has studied and accumulated information on their industry that is the equivalent of a Master`s or PHD.” Mike Dillard

This IS a book that will help you drastically grow your network marketing business if you follow the pathway Mike Dillard gives.

Mike has made millions of dollars in network marketing and with Magnetic Sponsoring, he explains how you can have people contacting you for the opportunity instead of vice versa.

I will tell you there is no other book like this one. I would have to say that if you want to really grow huge in network marketing, you absolutely need to read this book.

Mike Dillard published this book in 2014 and it has 132 pages and is easy and fun reading.

Magnetic Sponsoring: How To Attract Endless New Leads And Distributors To You Automatically

Best MLM Books #3: Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” Jim Rohn

This is another book that I suggest should be mandatory reading for all network marketers. Jim Rohn mentored some of the top MLM company owners and leaders such as Mark Hughes (Herbalife) and Tony Robbins.

Chris Widener has counseled many top business CEOs.

Twelve Pillars is fiction with many lessons within its pages. Jim and Chris take us through the 12 pillars that can lead you and your network marketing business to a high level of success. You will find:

  • The gifts of relationships
  • How to leave a legacy
  • Personal development for high income
  • Time management and meeting goals
  • and much more…

Published in 2005, this book is 127 pages long.

Twelve Pillars

Best MLM Books #2: Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

“Remember, our goal is education and understanding. It’s not to win an argument. Our job is to help blind people see. When someone brings up a negative question or if they offer you an objection, all they are really doing is helping you to identify one of their blind spots.” Eric Worre

Many years ago, Eric Worre was at a convention. He had been “dabbling” in network marketing like many people do and see little results. Suddenly, Eric decide he was going to Go Pro. He did and amazing results followed.

Eric has proven he is a mighty force in network marketing and as an entrepreneur, he offers to teach other entrepreneurs how to have similar success. In Go Pro, Eric teaches

  • How to properly approach prospects
  • Presenting your products
  • Following up
  • Helping your prospects become customers or distributors
  • Team leadership
  • Event promotion
  • and a lot more.

Eric's book was neck and neck for #1. I pretty much flipped a coin, so you may as well say this is a tie for the top MLM book to help you grow your network marketing business.

Go Pro was published in 2013 and is 160 pages long.

Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Best MLM Books #1: Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams! By Mark Yarnell

Before his death, Mark Yarnell was considered one of the Kings of network marketing.

“Do One Thing At A Time; Do It Right; Finish it” Mark Yarnell

That first year of network marketing can be difficult, but Mark made a map for you to gain huge success during that first year. Many call Your First Year In Network Marketing the bible of MLM. Mark explains about:

  • Dealing with rejection

  • Staying focused

  • How to properly manage your downline

  • and a whole lot more.

If you are new in network marketing, I highly recommend this book. If you have been in network marketing for a long time and have not read this book, I suggest you do so.

With this book, you get 304 pages of great writing and network marketing education. It was published in 1998.

Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!

Best MLM Books Honorable Mentions

I would say there are many other great books that can help you grow your network marketing business. You may want to add some of these to your list too:network marketing training books

How to read the best MLM books

I suggest when you are reading these books, you take your time. Take notes, highlight important messages. By doing so, you are more apt to remember the information in them.

I have discovered that planning out at least 1 hour every day to read is a great way to gain personal growth as well as growth in your network marketing business.


I challenge you to start with this list and read to grow your network marketing business. Books are great for the health of your mind and soul. Reading is a great way to learn and it is a fun way to learn.

Last but not least, I have a publication available that can also help you grow your network marketing business. It is a list of scripts I used to recruit top earners and you can use them too.

You can get my Top Earner Recruiting Scripts by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed this list of top MLM growth books. Let us know if you have any other books you would recommend. I sure appreciate you visiting and look forward to your comments below. And, will you please share this so others can discover these great books too.


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